TSL Tribunal

Current Suspensions:

Alex Hevey (Lauderdale) – 3 Weeks. (Available┬áRound 15)
Jack Gleeson (Clarence) – 3 Weeks. (Available Round 15)
Tim Castle (Clarence) – 1 Week. (Available Round 13)
Scott Bennetts (Glenorchy) – 1 Week. (Available Round 14)

  • Alex Hevey (Lauderdale) found guilty of striking Mackenzie Willis (Tigers) after accepting a 3-week ban.
  • Jack Gleeson (Clarence) found guilty of rough conduct against Allan O’Sign (North Launceston) accepted a 2 match ban and had an additional week added due to prior record.
  • Tim Castle (Clarence) found guilty of rough conduct against Ethan Petterwood (North Launceston) and accepted a 1 match ban.
  • Scott Bennetts (Glenorchy) found guilty for striking Harrison Bailey (Clarence) and offered 2 week ban. Accepted an early plea and ban reduced to 1 week.
  • Trent Standen (Clarence) found guilty of tripping Tom Cleary (Glenorchy). Offered 1 match ban reduced to a reprimand, which he accepted.