Approval must be sought  to capture vision within any venue in which a TSL match is being played.

> AFL Tasmania acts in the interests of its broadcast rights holders and/or potential broadcast rights holders in protecting their exclusivity with regard to TSL match vision.
> AFL Tasmania retains copyright in all vision taken with any venue in which a TSL match is being played.
> It also retains the right to refuse camera crew access to any venue in which a TSL match is being played to any non-rights holder in order to ensure the appropriate use of TSL vision.
> No non-rights camera crew may be present in any venue in which a TSL match is being played without the prior consent of AFL Tasmania.  This requirement applies irrespective of the intended use of the vision and is applicable to vision shot anywhere with the venue.
> Under no circumstances may actual TSL match vision be captured by any operator other than the TSL’s official broadcaster or official match day footage operator.

Applications for filming approval should be made in writing to AFL Tasmania, PO Box 405 Rosny Park TAS 7018 or to

IdeasBanq and BionStream are the official match day footage operator and streaming partner. Other News Outlets have been granted permission to capture footage for their news services.

Solstice Digital is AFL Tasmania photographer partner.