TSL pre-season survey: Kingborough the team to beat, Siggins set for more history

The TSL clubs have had their say ahead of the 2024 season, with another strong campaign from the reigning premiers and a familiar face in the Lynch Medal among their predictions.

Representatives from each club attended last week’s TSL Season Launch and filled out a survey with their predictions for the upcoming season. These representatives were not able to vote for their own club or players. The full results of the survey are listed below.

After breaking through for their first TSL flag last year, Kingborough are expected to be the team to beat once again in 2024. They received 73% of the votes as the team most likely to play in this year’s grand final, with Lauderdale (18%) and Clarence (9%) the other two sides to feature.

Lauderdale are viewed as the biggest threat to rise up the ladder, sitting alongside Kingborough as the sides most likely to make the finals. They both received votes from 82% of participants, with Clarence (64%) and North Launceston (64%) rounding out a clear-cut top four.

Southern Bombers star Sam Siggins also received plenty of love, with opponents tipping him to take home a fourth Alastair Lynch Medal as the league’s best and fairest. Remarkably, he also received votes from his peers as the league’s best midfielder, ruck, and forward.

In those votes, though, it was last year’s grand finalists that led the way. Ben Donnelly was a runaway leader as the TSL’s best defender, with teammate Kieran Lovell voted as the top midfielder and closely followed by captain Lachie Clifford. North Launceston stalwart Brad Cox-Goodyer earned the nod as the best forward, with fellow Northern Bomber Alex Lee the leading ruck.

Full survey results

Which other club is most likely to make the grand final?

Kingborough: 73%

Lauderdale: 18%

Clarence: 9%


Which three other clubs will make the finals?

Kingborough: 82%

Lauderdale: 82%

Clarence: 64%

North Launceston: 64%


Which player from another club will win the Lynch Medal?

Sam Siggins, Lauderdale: 64%

Andrew Phillips, Lauderdale: 27%

Nic Baker, Kingborough: 9%


Which player from another club will win the Hudson Medal?

Jack Tomkinson, Kingborough: 36%

Brad Cox-Goodyer, North Launceston: 27%

Bryce Alomes, Clarence: 9%

Brandon Leary, North Launceston: 9%

Sam Siggins, Lauderdale: 9%

James Zeitzen, Kingborough: 9%


Who is the best defender from another club?

Ben Donnelly, Kingborough: 70%

Fletcher Bennett, North Launceston: 20%

Keegan Wylie, Clarence: 10%


Who is the best midfielder from another club?

Kieran Lovell, Kingborough: 45%

Lachie Clifford, Kingborough: 27%

Jack Avent,, North Launceston: 9%

Brodie Palfreyman, Launceston: 9%

Sam Siggins, Lauderdale: 9%


Who is the best ruck from another club?

Alex Lee, North Launceston: 45%

Jack Tomkinson, Kingborough: 27%

Sam Siggins, Lauderdale: 18%

Andrew Phillips, Lauderdale: 9%


Who is the best forward from another club?

Brad Cox-Goodyer, North Launceston: 45%

Sam Siggins, Lauderdale: 18%

Brandon Leary, North Launceston: 18%

Dylan Riley, Launceston: 9%

Liam Jones, Launceston: 9%