The Teams – Round 4

North Launceston and Clarence have named their teams for Saturday’s huge clash at UTAS Stadium.

Exciting forward Ollie Preshaw and the hard-nosed Brendan Hay return for the Roos, who will be without Mitch Anderton and Luke Swinton.  2023 Team of the Year defender Fletcher Bennett, experienced tall Connor Young and youngster Max Roney all come in for the Northern Bombers.

Teams for Sunday’s matches will be announced tomorrow (Friday 28 April).



TSL Seniors – North Launceston v Clarence

Saturday 29 April, 2023, 2pm, UTAS Stadium

North Launceston:

B: D. Chugg, C. Leeflang, E. Hubbard

HB: L. Mitchell, B. Mitchell, B. Sulzberger

C: W. Manshanden, B. Cox-Goodyer, M. Roney

HF: H. Bayles, J. Aherne, O. Mansell

F: B. Leary, T. Ives, N. Pearce

R: A.Lee, B. Simpson, J. Avent

Int: H. Griffiths, D. Pitt, C. Young, F. Bennett

Emg: J. Kerr, I. Newett, S. Simpson, D Hay


In: M. Roney, C. Young, F. Bennett

Out: J. Kerr, J. Rickard, D. Hay




B: K Wylie, H Fisher, L Howard

HB: J Tremayne, W Wall, J Bealey

C: R Borsboom, J Preshaw, O Paprotny

HF: N Holmes, O Preshaw, B Alomes

FF: R Tomkins, C Garland, R Higgins

R: S Green, B Norton, M Rainbird

Int: B Aziz, W Busch, K Ryan, B Hay

Emg: J Mazengarb, D Cooney, F Marshall, B Harper


In: O Preshaw, B Hay

Out: L Swinton, M Anderton


Umpire Appointments:

Senior Field: Chris K, Nathan Geason, Nic Merritt-Smith

Senior Boundary: Caleb Brewer, Patrick Lord, Dom Schiliro

Senior Goal: Will Robertson, Kitean Harman

Dev League Field: Hamish Johnston, Mick Goodyer, James Dietrich

Dev League: Boundary: Quinn Elliott, Noah Jackson, Eden Walker

Dev League Goal: Beau Pratt, Mark Holmes


TSL Development League – North Launceston v Clarence

Saturday 29 April, 2023, 1130am, UTAS Stadium


North Launceston

To be selected from: J. Kerr, W. Gibson, C. Artis, B. Rickard, I. Newett, A. Bourne, A. Jones, S. Simpson, A. Tubb, D. Hay, J. French, L. French, R. Berne, A. Schilling, L. Sullivan, L. Shea, L. Berwick, R. McHenry, Z. Martin, E. Mansell, L. Wells, D. Summers



To be selected from: D Leauma,  J Barnes, N Bealey, H Hurd, E Wright, C Lovell, D Cooney, R Cowie, M Mapley, B Harper, F Marshall , J Mazengarb, J Triffitt, S Chivers, N Ward, N Howard, T Murrell, K Saward,  A Steele, L Kreune, J Mansfield, H Blacker, C Warmbrunn, C Bosworth L Davey T Hope,