The Teams – Round 3

The teams are in for the first game of round three, with Clarence hosting Launceston at Blundstone Arena.

Teams for the two matches being played on Anzac Day will be released on Monday.


TSL Seniors – Clarence v Launceston

Saturday 22 April, 2023, 1:30pm, Blundstone Arena



B: K Wylie, H Fisher, L Howard

HB: L Swinton, W Wall, J Bealey

C: R Borsboom, J Preshaw, M Anderton

HF: N Holmes, K Ryan, B Alomes

F: J Tremayne, C Garland, B Hay

R: S Green, B Norton, M Rainbird

Int: B Aziz, W Busch, O Paprotny, R Tomkins

Emg: J Mazengarb, R Higgins, F Marshall, B Harper


In: W Busch

Out: C Whitelaw



B: C. Atkins, J. Gillow, S. Foley

HB: J. Hinds, A. Schoenmaker, R. Tyrrell

C: S. Cowley, J. Hinds, I. Hyatt

HF: L. Canny, J. Groenewegen, L. Jones

F: B. Wiggins, D. Madden, D. Riley

R: S. Pfieffer, B. Gillow, B. Palfreyman

Int: T. McCormack, J. Cowell, C. McCormack, K. Lunson

Emg: N. Masiya, J. O’Neill, L. Presnell, J. Price


In: S. Pfieffer (debut), J. Cowell (debut)

Out: J. Harper, J. O’Neill


TSL Development League – Clarence v Launceston

Saturday 22 April, 2023, 11am, Blundstone Arena


To be selected from

Clarence: H Hurd, J Barnes, E Wright, A Steele, D Leauma, F Marshall, D Cooney, M Mapley, H Blacker, J Mazengarb, J Triffitt, B Harper, C Warmbrunn, N Ward, R Higgins, N Howard, T Murrell, N Bealey, T Hope, J Mansfield, S Chivers, K Saward, C Bosworth


To be selected from

Launceston: R. Shipp, J. Wheeler, B. Fulton, W. Fox, J. O’Neill, C. Shady, L. Presnell, J. Price, B. Savage, E. O’Sign, C. Bedford, J. O’Sign, B. Atkins, Z. Reynolds, L. Franklin, L. Faulkner, C. Brinkman, O. Atkins, J. Shipp, R. Shields, A. Thomas, N. Masiya