The Teams – Round 1

After a long pre-season the TSL is finally upon us, with a Good Friday footy feast set to get the new year underway.

The teams are in for round one, with some new and returning faces headlining selection news.


Former St. Kilda forward Spencer White will be making his TSL debut for North Hobart when his Demons tackle the Tigers, while former Tasmania Devils captain Nic Baker and ex-Glenorchy and Cygnet player James Webb will slot into the grand finalists’ round one outfit.


North Launceston will be eager to celebrate club stalwart Jack Avent’s 200th game in style, with Avent’s premiership teammate Connor Young coming back into the fold to give Brad Cox-Goodyer’s side some additional experience and height.

There’s fresh faces aplenty for Launceston, with a raft of players with strong Development League experience set to take the step up, headlined by 2022 Eade Medallist Samuel Foley and 2022 Development League premiership captain Liam Canny. 2022 Tasmania Devils best and fairest Liam Jones also looms as an exciting full-time addition to the reigning premiers.


Reigning Hudson Medallist Colin Garland, who had announced his retirement following last year’s Preliminary Final, is set to make a sensational return, named at half forward for Clarence’s Speak UP! Stay ChatTY Cup clash with Lauderdale. The ‘Roos will also be bolstered by the return of ex Tasmania Devil Noah Holmes, as well as former Devil, Lauderdale and Sorell player Mitch Anderton. Captain Jarrod Harper will miss through injury.

Phil Bellchambers, meanwhile, returns to Lauderdale after a season in Victoria.


TSL Seniors – North Hobart v Kingborough

Friday 7 April, 2023, 2:30pm, North Hobart Oval 

North Hobart:

B: B. Young, M. Campbell, H. McLeod

HB: D. Monks, R. Edmondson, J. Sandric

C: D. White, T. McGinniss, T. Liefhebber

HF: S. Wright, N. Jackson, C. Daly

F: C. Stephenson, J. McCulloch, F. Poke

R: C. Meadows, J. Bingham, A. Norton

Int: Z. Barrow, J. Barwick, J. Cleaver, S. White

Emg: B. Tilbury, L. Payne, J. Hilder



B: L. Gadomski, B. Donnelly, W. Clifford

HB: E. Reardon, M. Bastick, N. Baker

C: J. Webb, L. Clifford, L. Griggs

HF: J. Williams, M. Collidge, G. O’Neill

F: W. Campbell, M. Gardner, J. Zeitzen

R: J. Tomkinson, K. Lovell, E. Cole

Int: E. Golding, M. Buckland, J. Green, A. Brereton

Emg: R. Scotland, R. Zeeman, S. Dickson, H. Brereton



TSL Seniors – Lauderdale v Clarence

Friday 7 April, 2023, 2:30pm, SkyBus Oval


B: J. Gridley, T. Sookee, J. Williams

HB: J. McGuinness, T. Martin, E. Stanley

C: B. Steinbauer, J. Perkins, T. Ratcliffe

HF: P. Bellchambers, T. Francis, , J. Sawford

F: A. Christensen, M. Blackburn, W. Broomhall

R: H. Smith, S. Siggins, R. Sutton

Int: L. Paton, A. Continenza, N. Franklin, F. Rackett

Emg: T. Winter, S. Foster, L. Gallagher, J. Fehlberg



B: C. Whitelaw, H. Fisher, L. Howard

HB: L. Swinton, K. Wylie, J. Bealey

C: O. Paprotny, M. Rainbird, M. Anderton

HF: C. Garland, T. Hanslow, B. Alomes

F: B. Hay, N. Holmes, R. Tomkins

R: S. Green, B. Norton, J. Preshaw

Int: W. Wall, K. Ryan, J. Tremayne, J. Mazengarb

Emg: R. Cowie, B. Aziz



TSL Seniors – North Launceston v Launceston

Friday 7 April, 2023, 7pm, UTAS Stadium

North Launceston:

B: D. Chugg, C. Leeflang, J. Kerr

HB: B. Mitchell, J. Aherne, E. Hubbard

C: H. Bayles, B. Cox- Goodyer, F. Bennett

HF: B. Leary, C. Young, B. Sulzberger

F: O. Mansell, T. Ives, N. Pearce

R: A. Lee, J. Avent, B. Simpson

Int: L. Mitchell, H. Griffiths, I. Newett, D. Hay

Emg: D. Pitt, J. Rickard, A. Schilling



B: J. Hinds, B. Wiggins, S. Foley

HB: A. Schoenmaker, J. Gillow, R. Tyrrell

C: S. Cowley, J. Harper, B. Gillow

HF: L. Canny, J. Groenewegan, J. Hinds

F: L. Jones, D. Riley, I. Hyatt

R: T. McCormack, C. Atkins, B. Palfreyman

Int: D. Madden, J. O’Neill, C. McCormack, K. Lunson

Emg: J. Cowell, J. Price, L. Faulkner, C. Brinckman


TSL DL – North Hobart v Tigers

Friday 7 April, 2023, 12pm, North Hobart Oval



North Hobart:

To be selected from: H. Williams, B. Tilbury, B. Walker, C. Leek, T. Millhouse, L. Payne, J. Hilder, T. Ferguson, J. Pullen, M. Yates, C. Downham, M. Cowburn, H. Wood, J. Berwick, A. Keeling, H. Caswell, R. Wood, R. Ferguson, L. Jones, A. Marathis, J. Worsley




TSL DL – Lauderdale v Clarence

Friday 7 April, 2023, 12pm, SkyBus Oval 


To be selected from: B. Smith, J. Fehlberg, T. Curran, M. Skelly, N. Mead, J. Devine, T. Studley, J. Arnold, T. Winter, S. Foster, A. Wiggins, Z. Ackroyd, Z. Wheeler, L. Gallagher, O. Warmbrunn, X. Connor, A. Dinnessen, D. Easther, C. Treasure, L. Arnold, O. Kelly


 TSL DL – North Launceston v Launceston

Friday 7 April, 2023, 4pm, UTAS Stadium

North Launceston

To be selected from: O. Harper, D. Pitt, C. Artis, C. Chugg, B. Rickard, A. Bourne, A. Jones, S. Simpson, J. Rickard, A. Tubb, J. French, L. French, R. Berne, A. Schilling, L. Sullivan, L. Shea, R. McHenry, Z. Martin, E. Mansell, L. Wells, H. Summers, T. Heazlewood



To be selected from: R. Shipp, J. Cowell, J. Wheeler, B. Fulton, W. Fox, C. Shady, L. Presnell, J. Price, B. Savage, F. Harper, E. O’Sign, C. Bedford, A. Luttrell, C. Williams, J. O’Sign, B. Atkins, Z. Reynolds, L. Franklin, L. Faulkner, C. Brinckman, O. Atkins, J. Shipp