Love your footy? Become a TSL Match Manager!

Do you have a love for footy? TSL Match Management might be for you!

TSL Management is on the look-out for Match Managers for the upcoming 2023 season.

The Match Manager’s Role is crucial to ensuring match day operations run smoothly from start to finish, with this role being the key contact for both clubs and the umpire group on game day.

This is a great way to build your resume within the sporting industry, or just as a way to stay involved in the sport.

To express interest or to find out more, contact AFL Tasmania State Competitions Lead Campbell Flakemore on 0488 999 431 or


A ‘game-day in the life’ of a TSL Match Manager: 

  • Match Manager to arrive 50mins before Development League
  • Meet with the home club team manager and complete the following:
    • Complete the Marsh Insurance online match day checklist (only needs to be complete once before the first game of the day).
    • Ensure the scoreboard is working and make sure timekeepers are on site and ready for the start time.
    • Collect 4 copies of the home team’s teamsheet.
    • Collect 3 match balls and umpire scorecards to take to the umpires change rooms.
    • Before going to the umpires changerooms, meet with the away team’s team manager at their changerooms and collect 4 copies of the away team’s teamsheet. Present them with 1 copy of the home team’s teamsheet.
    • Greet the umpires and present them with the match balls, umpire scorecards and a copy of both teams teamsheet.
    • Present a copy of the away team’s team sheet to the home team’s team manager and make certain everything is in place for the start of the game.
    • Send a photo of both team sheets to TSL Management.




During the game, be available to be contacted by either team manager to assist with any issues that may arise.


Post-Game (commence 10 minutes after the final siren)

  • Liaise with umpire’s post game to confirm any reports or incidents from the game to relay to team managers.
  • Collect all 3 match balls from umpires to return to the home team’s team manager.
  • Meet with away team manager to collect the post game teamsheet with goal scorers and best players. Let them know of any incidents or reports that were noted on the umpire match report.
  • Meet with home team manager: return 3 match balls, let them know of any incidents or reports that were noted on the umpire match report, present the away team’s teamsheet with goal scorers and best players for the home team’s team manager to input match details to PlayHQ.



  • Start Time Game Day: 45mins prior to Development League Match (usually 10:45am)
  • Finish Time Game Day: 20mins post TSL Match (usually 4:45pm)
  • Each Match Manager will be assigned a venue which is used 9 times out of the 21 rounds of the regular season. Match Managers are expected to be available for their club’s home games. If their venue in not being used, Match Managers are more than happy to put their hand up to help at another venue.