TSL Tribunal Update – 4 October, 2022

1. Mitch Thorp (Launceston)was charged for serious misconduct.

Thorp (Launceston) was charged for serious misconduct in that he initially waited at the gate of the Kingborough team leaving the playing surface and then subsequently approached Player Tyler Carter (Kingborough) and engaged in a verbal exchange as the players walked off the ground at half time. 

 The Match Review Officer assessed the details of the incident, including speaking with numerous witnesses and referred Thorp to the Tribunal for serious misconduct. 

UPDATE – Tuesday 4 October: 

This matter was heard by the Tribunal on Tuesday 27 September, with evidence presented by all relevant parties. 

Following an adjournment, the Tribunal reconvened on Tuesday 4 October, and considering all of the evidence presented, was not satisfied that serious misconduct had occurred. The Tribunal, did, however, find Thorp guilty of misconduct, and downgraded the charge accordingly as per Section 25.4 (b) (ii) of the AFL’s National Community Football Policy Handbook. 

As a result, the Tribunal sanctioned Thorp with a one match suspension. As this incident occurred in a Grand Final, as per the competition rules, a 100% Grand Final loading was applied, increasing the penalty to two matches. 

In August, Thorp was given a two-match suspension for a separate incident, with this sanction suspended under the condition that there was no further breach of any National Community Football policy for 12 months. 

Given Thorp was found guilty of a breach of the National Community Football policy it will trigger the existing suspended sentence, resulting in Thorp serving a four-match suspension in total at the commencement of the 2023 season. 

Launceston Football Club has until 5pm tomorrow (Wednesday 5 October 2022) to lodge an appeal if the club wishes to do so.