TSL 22 Under 22 Team announced

The TSL’s best young guns have been recognised with the release of the competition’s first ‘22 Under 22’ side.  

TSL Management selected the team as if it was to play a game, with players eligible if they were under the age of 22 by the time of the 2022 TSL Grand Final and had not been in the Tasmania Devils’ NAB League program throughout the 2022 NAB League Boys season.  

North Launceston ball magnet Ben Simpson has been named captain of the side. Despite missing large parts of the season to injury, Simpson’s best football in 2022 was scintillating, leading the competition for disposals, contested disposals and clearances per game. Clarence’s Sam Green has been appointed as vice captain. 

Clarence stunned many in 2022 with plenty of new names, and this was represented in this side with seven ‘Roos being selected.  

Every club has players in the 22, however some serious selection dilemmas were had.  

Lauderdale defender Taine Sookee took some big scalps in 2022 across his five games and looks to be one of the competition’s best young backs, while 16-year-old Blue James Leake is also stiff to miss given he will be playing a key role right here on TSL Grand Final Day. Oscar Paprotny is another defender who had a serious case to be made after a terrific campaign but couldn’t quite squeeze into the side.  

North Launceston pair Theo Ives and Will Manshanden both had breakout campaigns, while Kingborough hard nut George O’Neill and Clarence speedster Lachlan Borsboom were also seriously considered. 



BP: James Bealey – Clarence (21 yo, 20 games) 

A leader at the ‘Pouch’, Bealey has developed into one of the competition’s premier small/medium defenders. Tasked with big jobs week-in, week-out, Bealey is a no-frills operator who gives it all for his team. Turns 22 in December.  

Key stat averages: 11.5 Disposals, 76% Disposal Efficiency (Elite), 3.6 Tackles, 4 1%ers, 53 Premier Data Ranking Points 


FB: Baker Smith – Clarence (19 yo, 9 games) 

The versatile prospect returned to the TSL in round 14 after a stint in the VFL and hasn’t missed a beat, slotting seamlessly into Clarence’s back six. A terrific athlete with ‘Go Go Gadget Arms’, Smith is a nightmare matchup for any key forward. Ranked third, seventh and ninth in the competition for intercept marks, contested marks and marks per game respectively.  

Key stat averages: 11.3 Disposals, 5.8 Marks (Elite), 1.8 Contested Marks (Elite), 6.1 1%ers (Elite), 2.9 Intercept Marks (Elite), 65.3 PDRP 


BP: Oscar Shaw – Lauderdale (21 yo, 20 games) 

Described by coach Dan Willing as a ‘potential future captain’, Shaw is an emerging leader and one of the competition’s most reliable defenders. Ranked fifth in the competition for intercept marks per game and seventh for spoils, Shaw is equally adept on a small or tall opponent. 

Key stat averages: 9.4 Disposals, 76% Disposal Efficiency (Elite), 5.2 Marks (Elite), 1.1 Contested Marks (Elite), 4.8 1%ers (Elite), 2.8 Intercept Marks (Elite), 54 PDRP 


HBF: George McLeod – North Hobart (21 yo, 17 games) 

Ranked in the competition’s top five for rebound 50s and kicks. Capable of taking the game on and being the architect of attacking forays off half back. 

Key stat averages: 24.9 Disposals (Elite), 6.5 Rebound 50s (Elite), 4.6 Marks, 2.6 Inside 50s, 2.8 Tackles, 2.5 Clearances, 90.1 PDRP (Elite) 


CHB: Tyler McGinniss – North Hobart (21 yo, 17 games) 

Named in the 2022 TSL Team of the Year, McGinniss is a versatile player with plenty of tricks. McGinniss’ composure in defence and capacity to take the game on makes him a destructive weapon. Ranked in the competition’s top four for rebound 50s and is ranked 11th for spoils with three per game.  

Key stat averages: 22.1 Disposals (Elite), 4.8 Marks, 1.7 Intercept Marks (Elite), 6.3 Rebound 50s (Elite), 5.1 1%ers (Elite), 91.6 PDRP (Elite) 


HBF: Blake Waight – Glenorchy (21 yo, 17 games, 7 goals) 

One of the success stories of the year, Waight has been a shining light at KGV in a challenging season. Making the step up from Old Scholars football, Waight has impressed all with his marking capacity. Ranked third in the comp for marks per game, fourth for intercept marks and in the top 20 for spoils, rebound 50s, contested marks and kicks.   

Key stat averages: 21.5 Disposals (Elite), 6.6 Marks (Elite), 1.2 Contested Marks (Elite), 4.2 Rebound 50s (Elite), 2.9 Intercept Marks (Elite), 87.9 PDRP 



W: Zach Adams – Kingborough (21 yo, 20 games, 4 goals) 

One of the competition’s premier wingers, Adams’ ability to cover the ground generates much of Kingborough’s attack and drive, while his marking ability overhead gives his defenders great support. You could comfortably mount an argument that Adams is among the Tigers’ most important players.  

Key stat averages: 19.4 Disposals, 5.8 Marks (Elite), 1 Contested Mark (Elite), 2 Intercept Marks (Elite), 3.8 Inside 50s (Elite), 2 Clearances, 86.4 PDRP 


C: Keegan Ryan – Clarence (18 yo, 20 games, 5 goals) 

Made the move to Clarence in 2022 and has got better and better as the year progressed. Able to play on the inside or outside of the contest, Ryan is a big-framed mid and the perfect foil for his more experienced Clarence teammates. In the competition’s top 20 for tackles and inside 50s.  

Key stat averages: 17.8 Disposals, 6 Contested Disposals, 4.8 Marks, 3.9 Inside 50s (Elite), 4.9 Tackles (Elite), 2.7 Clearances, 77 PDRP 


W: Michael Stingel – North Launceston (19 yo, 9 games) 

The 2021 Richardson Medallist missed some footy through injury in 2022 but still did enough to showcase his immense talent. Ranked in the competition’s top 10 for handballs, groundball gets, loose ball gets and 1%ers. A clean user of the football with terrific footy smarts, a fully fit Michael Stingel will keep opposition coaches sleepless in 2023.  

Key stat averages: 21.8 Disposals (Elite), 4.2 Marks, 8.2 Contested Disposals (Elite), 4 Clearances (Elite), 5.7 1%ers (Elite), 9 Groundball gets (Elite), 87.9 PDRP 



HFF: Jacques Barwick – Clarence (20 yo, 20 games, 23 goals) 

One of the competition’s premier wingers, Adams’ ability to cover the ground generates much of Kingborough’s attack and drive, while his marking ability overhead gives his defenders great support. You could comfortably mount an argument that Adams is among the Tigers’ most important players.  

Key stat averages: 11 Disposals, 3.4 Marks, 2 Tackles, 2.9 Contested Disposals, 3 Inside 50s, 3.8 Inside 50s, 1.1 Goals (Elite), 3 Score Involvements, 48.1 PDRP 


CHF: Jordan Lane – Kingborough (20 yo,  20 games, 45 goals) 

Since making his return to the yellow and black this year, Jordan Lane has systematically changed the structure of the Tigers’ forward half. The Richardson Medallist and Team of the Year rep has snagged 45 goals this season while impressing with his vice-like marking hands. Showed his coolness under pressure with a clutch after the siren goal to defeat North Launceston. 

Key stat averages: 12.8 Disposals, 7.3 Marks (Elite), 4 Contested Marks (Elite), 3.7 Marks Inside 50 (Elite), 2.3 Goals (Elite), 4.1 Score Involvements (Elite), 81.3 PDRP 


HFF: Blade Sulzberger – North Launceston (18 yo, 17 games, 8 goals) 

Sulzberger relished his first full season of senior footy, emerging as one of his side’s key weapons. Speedy, a good decision-maker and very consistent, the Northern Bombers have a ripper in Sulzberger. 

Key stat averages: 16.5 Disposals, 68% Disposal Efficiency 3.9 Marks, 5.4 Contested Disposals, 3.2 Clearances, 5.8 Tackles (Elite), 2.2 Inside 50s, 71.9 PDRP 


FP: Ollie Preshaw – Clarence (20 yo, 20 games, 25 goals) 

An exciting forward prospect for the ‘Roos, Preshaw has demonstrated his ability to clunk the football in the air and hit the scoreboard in 2022. Kicked two or more goals on six occasions, including a haul of six against North Launceston at UTAS Stadium.  

Key stat averages: 8.9 Disposals, 4.3 Marks, 1.4 Contested Marks (Elite), 2.2 Marks Inside 50 (Elite), 1.3 Goals (Elite), 3.1 Score Involvements, 49.9 PDRP 


FF: Zach Morris – Launceston (19 yo, 19 games, 28 goals) 

Incredibly versatile with the ability to play at either end, Morris has enjoyed a strong year for the Blues. A strong marker with an imposing presence, Morris has all of the tricks to make opposing defenders weak at the knees. Kicked two or more goals on six occasions, including one bag of seven and another of five.  

Key stat averages: 14.1 Disposals, 70% Disposal Efficiency 5.1 Marks (Elite), 1.6 Contested Marks (Elite), 1.6 Marks Inside 50 (Elite), 2.8 Tackles, 4.9 Score Involvements (Elite), 1.5 Goals (Elite), 73.1 PDRP 


FP: Sam Tilley – Lauderdale (19 yo, 17 games, 11 goals) 

A crafty operator with a knack for kicking a miraculous goal. Although ranked ‘elite’ in just one category by Premier Data, Tilley is ‘above average’ in almost every facet, speaking to his well-rounded game. Finished the year particularly well with 16 or more disposals in six of his last nine games.  

Key stat averages: 15.2 Disposals, 4.4 Contested Disposals, 2.3 Clearances, 3.3 Inside 50s, 3.9 Tackles, 4.1 1%ers, 5.8 Loose Ball Gets (Elite), 68.8 PDRP 



RU: Sam Green – Clarence (21 yo, 20 games, 7 goals) 

Arguably the breakout player of 2022, Green has stepped up to be considered among the competition’s very elite. A Team of the Year berth and a top 10 Alastair Lynch Medal finish were earned through his remarkable work-rate, with Green almost always popping up in the right spot to take a big mark or be part of a big contest for his ‘Roos. Although somewhat undersized for a ruck, Green’s athleticism and competitiveness make him one of the competition’s most effective players.  

Key stat averages: 21.3 Disposals (Elite), 5.2 Marks (Elite), 7.8 Contested Disposals (Elite), 5.2 Marks (Elite), 2.1 Intercept Marks (Elite), 4.8 Clearances (Elite), 21 Hit Outs (Elite), 4.9 Hit Outs to Adv. (Elite), 5 Score Involvements (Elite), 113.6 PDRP 


RR: Ben Simpson – North Launceston (21 yo, 8 games, 1 goal) 

Cruelled by injury for much of 2022, the North Launceston co-captain and multiple-time premiership player looked to have taken his game to another level this year when on the park. Rated ‘elite’ in almost every key statistical category for a midfielder, Simpson led the entire competition for disposals, contested disposals and clearances per game.  

Key stat averages: 32.1 Disposals (Elite), 12.1 Contested Disposals (Elite), 5.4 Marks (Elite), 10.1 Clearances (Elite), 5.8 Inside 50s (Elite), 5.3 Tackles (Elite), 4.6 Score Involvements (Elite), 122.8 PDRP (Elite) 


RO: Jack Preshaw – Clarence (21 yo, 20 games, 8 goals) 

The older cousin of Ollie, Jack Preshaw is a crucial part of Peter Ryan’s Clarence outfit and enjoyed another strong season. As tenacious as they come, Preshaw thrives at the contest, with this ‘elite’ rating for both clearances and tackles underlining this. Ranked sixth in the competition for effective tackles.  

Key stat averages: 19.9 Disposals, 6.3 Contested Disposals, 4.3 Clearances (Elite), 3.1 Inside 50s, 6 Tackles (Elite), 83.1 PDRP  



INT: Jack Tuthill – Launceston (20 yo, 19 games) 

A staple of Launceston’s defensive structure, Tuthill is as reliable as they come and is very rarely beaten. His marking ability remains a highlight of his game, ranked 10th in the comp for intercept marks. Tuthill is only just eligible for this team, turning 22 in a couple of weeks’ time.

Key stat averages: 13.5 Disposals, 75% Disposal Efficiency (Elite), 2.2 Intercept Marks (Elite), 3.6 Marks, 1.4 Rebound 50s, 3.6 1%ers, 58 PDRP 


INT: Riley Ashlin – Kingborough (19 yo, 20 games, 6 goals) 

The ever-impressive Ashlin didn’t miss a game in 2022 and has emerged as one of the Tigers’ more important players. Teammates like Kieran Lovell and Eddie Cole take much of the limelight, but Ashlin has become an integral cog in the Tigers’ midfield rotation. Ranked in the competition’s top 20 for hard ball gets, tackles, clearances and contested disposals. 

Key stat averages: 18.3 Disposals, 3.2 Marks, 7.9 Contested Disposals (Elite), 5.2 Clearances (Elite), 5 Tackles (Elite), 2.9 Inside 50s, 77.6 PDRP 


INT: Bailey Gillow – Launceston (20 yo, 19 games, 6 goals) 

A speedy midfielder who has become a vital part of the Grand Finalist’s midfield setup. Finished the year in strong form with 22 disposals in the both the Blues’ round 20 and Qualifying Final wins over Kingborough. Turned 20 just this week.  

Key stat averages: 12.4 Disposals, 70% Disposal Efficiency, 1.9 Clearances, 3.8 Tackles, 4.4 1%ers, 58.9 PDRP 


INT: Callum Thompson – Glenorchy (18 yo, 18 games, 3 goals) 

The tenacious youngster thrives in the clinches and has relished the chance to be a midfield leader for the ‘Pies in 2022. In the competition’s top 10 for hard ball gets, tackles and is 12th for contested disposals. As tough as they come, Thompson has a big future ahead.  

Key stat averages: 18.1 Disposals, 8.4 Contested Disposals (Elite), 4.5 Clearances (Elite), 2.4 Inside 50s, 5.7 Tackles (Elite), 3.6 Hard Ball Gets (Elite) 68.8 PDRP