Harper leads 2022 TSL Team of the Year with plenty of new faces

The 2022 Tasmanian State League (TSL) Team of the Year has been selected, with 10 players named in the Team of the Year for the first time.

All seven TSL clubs were asked to nominate players they believed worthy of Team of the Year consideration. An assembled TSL panel then selected the best 22 of the 2022 season.

The selection panel picked the team and positions as if the team were to play a game.

The TSL Coach of the Year was voted on by the seven TSL coaches, who all submitted their votes to TSL management, with Launceston coach Mitch Thorp taking the spoils.

Launceston skipper Jobi Harper, selected in the side for a sixth time, was chosen to lead the side, with North Launceston’s Brad Cox-Goodyer (in his eighth TOTY appearance), named vice-captain.



BP: Fletcher Bennett – North Launceston (15 games, first time Team of the Year)

A breakout season for the North Launceston defender, Fletcher Bennett is emerging as the complete package – able to shut down opposition forwards, and generate attack of his own. Ranked elite for disposals, marks, intercept marks, rebound 50s, 1%ers and spoils.

Key stat averages: 22.4 Disposals (Elite), 5.5 Marks (Elite), 2.4 Intercept Marks (Elite), 5.1 Rebound 50s (Elite), 6.1 1%ers (Elite), 4.5 Spoils (Elite), 89.5 Premier Data Ranking Points


FB: Ben Donnelly – Kingborough (18 games, first time TOTY)

A consistent, no-fuss full back, Donnelly continues to develop as one of the competition’s premier defenders. Given the opposition’s best tall forward week-in, week-out, stats will never fully highlight his impact, with Donnelly’s team-first attitude application to his craft making him a worthy Team of the Year selection.

Key stat averages: 2.1 Rebound 50s, 1 Intercept Mark, 3.2 Spoils, 3 Tackles, 44.3 Premier Data Ranking Points


BP:  Keegan Wylie – Clarence (17 games, first time TOTY)

After injury hampered the earlier stages of his career, Wylie has flourished in 2022 to emerge as one of the competition’s most impactful defenders. Rarely beaten by his direct opponent, Wylie is an offensive weapon, rated elite for rebound 50s, kicks and marks. Generates devastating drive out of the back half to cut opponents to ribbons.

Key stat averages: 23.1 Disposals, (Elite), 5.3 Marks (Elite), 2.29 Intercept Marks (Elite), 7.2 Rebound 50s (Elite), 99.24 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)


HBF:  Tyler McGinniss – North Hobart (17 games, first time TOTY)

One of the competition’s best young stars, McGinniss has been a shining light in a challenging campaign for the Demons. A versatile player with plenty of tricks, McGinniss’ composure in defence and capacity to take the game on makes him a destructive weapon. Ranked in the competition’s top four for rebound 50s.

Key stat averages: 22.1 Disposals (Elite), 4.8 Marks, 6.3 Rebound 50s (Elite), 91.6 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)


CHB: Alec Wright – Launceston (16 games, second time TOTY)

One of the best intercept marks in the competition, Wright has backed up a superb 2021 campaign with arguably an even better one in 2022. Averaging 2.8 intercept marks per game, Wright is the architect of many Launceston attacking forays from the back half.

Key stat averages: 19.5 Disposals, 1 Contested Mark (Elite), 2.8 Intercept Marks (Elite), 4.2 Rebound 50s (Elite), 86.7 Premier Data Ranking Points


HBF:  Brad Cox-Goodyer (VC) – North Launceston (16 games, 28 goals, eighth time TOTY)

Still one of the competition’s very best, BCG played a few different roles throughout the season, including extended periods across half-back. The North Launceston coach has led his baby Bombers with aplomb, providing a steady head and devastating skills in whatever role he’s tasked himself with.

Key stat averages: 28.6 Disposals (Elite), 4.8 Tackles (Elite), 6.3 Clearances (Elite), 1.7 Goals (Elite), 134.4 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)



W: Jack Avent – North Launceston (16 games, 12 goals, second time TOTY)

During North Launceston’s dominant premiership years, Jack Avent was an unsung hero, often playing negating, team-first roles. In 2022, Avent has thrived as arguably the side’s most important prime mover to average 27 disposals, seven tackles and seven clearances. Avent was a lock for this season’s Team of the Year.

Key stat averages: 26.7 Disposals (Elite), 7.1 Tackles (Elite), 7 Clearances (Elite), 119.1 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)


C:  Fletcher Seymour – Launceston (17 games, 7 goals, second time TOTY)

In 2022 Fletcher Seymour has become one of the most prolific ball winners in the TSL, averaging just over 28 disposals a game to be ranked fourth overall. Almost all of Seymour’s key stats have gone from good in in 2021 to elite this year, with the midfleld bull averaging 11 contested possessions, seven clearances, and five tackles per game. Seymour is part of an elite group of midfielders who move the ball forward with purpose as part of the Blues’ dynamic game style.

Key stat averages: 28 Disposals (Elite), 4.5 Tackles (Elite), 6.7 Clearances (Elite), 111.6 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)


W: Baxter Norton – Clarence (18 games, 5 goals, first time TOTY)

After a standout debut season for the ‘Roos in 2021, Norton has added to his game in 2022 as a member of the leadership group. With the ability to provide class on the outside and grunt on the inside, Norton’s numbers are elite for clearances, inside 50s and tackles. There’s no doubting that Norton has now solidified his spot as one of the Roos’ most eye-catching and well-rounded figures.

Key stat averages: 23.2 Disposals (Elite), 5.1 Tackles (Elite), 5.5 Clearances (Elite), 95.7 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)



HFF: Jackson Thurlow – Launceston (16 games, 47 goals, first time TOTY)

One of the recruits of the year, Jackson Thurlow has joined the Blues and made an immediate impact. A key role player that provides the Blues with yet another avenue to goal. Finished fourth overall on the Hudson Medal leaderboard with 46, the former AFL player has made himself an integral part of an already stacked premiership list.

Key stat averages: 7.6 Marks (Elite), 2.9 Goals (Elite), 92.6 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)


CHF: Jordan Lane – Kingborough (18 games, 43 goals, first time TOTY)

Since making his return to the yellow and black this year, Jordan Lane has systematically changed the structure of their forward half. Not only has he secured 43 goals this season, but his presence has also freed up the likes of Carter, Tomkinson and Gardner to make the Kingborough forward line one of the toughest tasks for opposition defensive units. Showed his coolness under pressure with a clutch after the siren goal to defeat North Launceston.

Key stat averages: 12.7 Disposals, 7.6 Marks (Elite), 2.4 Goals (Elite), 81.2 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)


HFF: Brodie Palfreyman – Launceston (18 games, 16 goals, first time TOTY)

A key part of the Blues intimidating midfield for a number of years, Palfreyman has taken his game to another level to finish second in the Cripps Player of the Year and is one of the front runners to take home the Alastair Lynch Medal. Palfreyman is the key link in the Blues middle to forward connection, ranked top five in the TSL for inside 50s.

Key stat averages: 22.6 Disposals (Elite), 5 Marks, 5.6 Tackles, 5.2 Clearances (Elite), 103.7 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)


FP: Sam Siggins – Lauderdale (18 games, 45 goals, fifth time TOTY)

Voted by the media as the Cripps Player of the Year by a long margin, Siggins was the easiest lock for the Team of the Year. Equally at home in the midfield or in the ruck, Siggins’ 45 goals in 2022 make him a necessity up forward. Running at almost 12 contested possessions a game, Siggins is a defender’s nightmare.

Key stat averages: 25.9 Disposals (Elite), 5 Marks (Elite), 2.5 Goals (Elite), 7.7 Clearances (Elite), 127.8 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)


FF: Colin Garland – Clarence (17 games, 59 goals, first time TOTY)

It’d be criminal to not include the leading goalkicker in the Team of the Year. Garland bagged 59 majors in 2022, running at an average of 3.5 goals a game. Garland was particularly unstoppable at the end of the season, bagging 10 goals in round 18 against North Hobart and 13 in the Roos’ final game of the home and away season.

Key stat averages: 12.4 Disposals, 5.8 Marks (Elite), 3.5 Goals (Elite), 88.9 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)


FP: Jake Hinds – Launceston (15 games, 58 goals, third time TOTY)

Only missing out on Hudson Medal by one major to Colin Garland, Jake Hinds has solidified his spot as Launceston’s most dangerous forward. Hinds booted five or more goals on four occasions this year, including a clinical display of 10 against Glenorchy in round 14.

Key stat averages: 16.5 Disposals, 2.2 Goals (Elite), 95.1 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)



RU: Alex Lee – North Launceston (17 games, 4 goals, third time TOTY)

The biggest presence on any ground he enters in more ways than one, Lee has been the most impressive ruckman of 2022. Averaging 48 hit-outs per game this year, Lee’s impact has not only been felt through his tapwork, he has also been instrumental in in the Northern Bombers midfield craft, averaging seven clearances a game himself.

Key stat averages: 15.1 Disposals, 48.1 Hit Outs (Elite), 3.1 marks, 3 Tackles, 8 Clearances (Elite), 115.1 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)


RR: Jobi Harper (C) – Launceston (13 games, 6 goals, sixth time TOTY)

It is impossible to ignore the Launceston midfield general when compiling a list such as this. Harper is ranked second overall in the TSL for score involvements and has racked up 22 goal assists in 2022.  Ranked elite in almost every category, Harper’s experience and leadership make him not only a lock for this team, but also as the side’s captain.

Key stat averages: 25.7 Disposals (Elite), 8 Clearances (Elite), 1.5 Goals (Elite), 118.5 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)


RO: Kieran Lovell – Kingborough  (15 games, 5 goals, third time TOTY)

Lovell made his highly-anticipated return to Tigerland this season and didn’t disappoint. The dynamic midfielder hit the ground running, putting on a clinic of best-on-ground performances throughout the season. Lovell is ranked #1 for both disposals and clearances with 31 and nine respectively. Despite missing the final few games of the Tigers’ home-and-away season, the flashy midfielder was always going to make this team given his fine form.

Key stat averages: 30.9 Disposals (Elite), 8.7 Clearances (Elite), 1.1 Goals, 121 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)



INT: Eddie Cole – Kingborough (18 games, 6 goals, second time TOTY)

It’s a testament to the quality of the 2022 Team of the Year starting side that a player of Cole’s quality is on the bench. Cole had a sensational campaign, with his intensity and high-pressure game style making him an integral member of Kingborough’s midfield. Cole is ranked #1 across the league for both hard ball gets and tackles.

Key stat averages: 23.5 Disposals (Elite), 7.6 Tackles (Elite), 6 Clearances (Elite) 99.9 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)


INT: Josh McGuinness – Lauderdale (18 games, 7 goals, sixth time TOTY)

The Lauderdale captain has been solid as a rock down back for the Southern Bombers this year. Leading his Southern Bombers through both their highlights and low points this year. Ultimately driving them towards the upcoming finals campaign. McGuinness’ solid form down back saw him average 22 disposals, 6 marks, and 6 rebound 50s in 2022.

Key stat averages: 21.9 Disposals (Elite), 5.6 Marks (Elite), 92 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)


INT: Sam Green – Clarence (18 games, 7 goals, first time TOTY)

Sam Green has a been a revelation for the Roos in 2022. His impact in the ruck and his defensive craft has, in part, driven them towards another finals campaign. A large presence around the ball, Sam Green’s numbers show just how impactful his 2022 year has been. 22 disposals (eight contested), five marks and 22 hit-outs per game.

Key stat averages: 21.6 Disposals (Elite), 8.3 Marks (Elite), 5.2 Clearances (Elite), 21.5 Hit Outs (Elite), 115.8 Premier Data Ranking Points (Elite)


INT: Ben Kamaric – Glenorchy (18 games, 12 goals third time TOTY)

During a less than ideal season for the Magpies, Ben Kamaric managed to put together another superb season. Glenorchy’s best player throughout the year and the only Magpie to make the Team of the Year, Kamaric finished with an average of 26 disposals, 7 tackles, and clearances at the end of the home and away season. Dynamic both around the ball and as a forward.

Key stat averages: 26.1 Disposals (Elite), 6.6 Tackles (Elite), 6.6 Clearances (Elite), 113.5 Ranking Points (Elite)



As always, plenty of selection headaches were had, with a number of players incredibly unlucky to miss.

The competition’s midfield depth made on-ball spots difficult to finalise, with Kingborough and Clarence skippers Lachlan Clifford and Jarrod Harper and North Hobart ball magnet Sam Caswell stiff to miss. North Launceston co-captain Ben Simpson played some scintillating football throughout the year, but due to missing so much football, he wasn’t able to break into the team.

Tigers wingman Zach Adams had another strong season following his breakout 2021 campaign, while Clarence’s Keegan Ryan and Lauderdale’s Lennon Marlin also delivered seasons worthy of strong consideration.

Kingborough talls Jack Tomkinson and Tyler Carter can consider themselves unlucky after playing key roles in the Tigers’ strong season, but with so much height in the selected side, the pair were just squeezed out. Alex Lee was selected as the side’s starting ruckman, with versatile ruck Sam Green and Lauderdale utility Sam Siggins also selected to add depth to the ruck stocks and versatility around the ground.

Smaller forwards Lachie Dale (North Hobart), Brendan Taylor (Launceston) and Luke Graham (Kingborough) were also seriously considered.

North Launceston’s defensive marshal Corey Nankervis was unlucky to miss out after another consistent season, as were Lauderdale’s Will Poland, Launceston trio Josh Woolley, Jack Tuthill and Jacob Boyd and Glenorchy’s Josh Arnold and Blake Waight. Clarence small defender James Bealey was also strongly considered after an underrated campaign.