The Wrap – Round 16

By Joseph Vasquez


Round 16 of the 2022 TSL Season was an intriguing one, with the fixture comprised of matches between Kingborough and North Hobart, Launceston and North Launceston, and Lauderdale and Clarence.

To start the weekend’s TSL proceedings, it was the Tigers hosting the Demons at the Twin Ovals. The first term was a tight one, with the home side having many scoring shots early but wasting many a lot of them.

The missed opportunities meant that North Hobart stayed within striking distance of the hosts, kicking 1.1 in the first quarter to Kingborough’s 1.8. However, the Tigers straightened up in front of goals in the following term to hold a 19-point lead at the half.

Despite continuing to miss opportunities throughout the afternoon, a huge 5.6 to one North Hobart point in the third quarter put a huge buffer between the Tigers and the Dees, a 54-point lead at three-quarter time. North Hobart won the final quarter kicking 4.2 to 2.4, but it was too little too late as the Tigers ran out 11.22.88 to 6.8.44 winners.

Kingborough stars Kieran Lovell (2.1, 11 clearances, 33 disposals), Lachlan Clifford (0.3, six clearances, 27 disposals), Eddie Cole (eight clearances, 24 disposals), and Riley Ashlin (2.1, five clearances, 23 disposals) were dominant against the Demons, and tall timbers Jordan Lane (2.5, 11 marks, 10 hit-outs, 13 disposals) and Jack Tomkinson (2.2, eight clearances, 27 hit-outs, 18 disposals) made their presence felt.

For the Demons, Callen Daly (2.1, 15 disposals) and Nick Jackson (two goals, seven disposals) were strong in front of goal, and the likes of Tyler McGinniss (24 disposals, 11 rebound inside-50s), George McLeod (21 disposals, 10 rebound inside-50s), and Dominic White (one goal, 19 disposals) were strong in a tough defeat.

Next, it was the battle for the north between Launceston and North Launceston at Windsor Park. The Bombers took advantage of a breeze heading towards their goals in the first term and kicked 4.6 to the Blues’ 1.1 to take a 23-point lead.

However, it was now Launceston’s turn to harness the wind, and that they did. The premiers kicked a mammoth 7.6 in the second quarter and held North Launceston scoreless to take a 25-point lead of their own into the half.

Despite the Bombers’ best efforts to close the gap between them and Launceston, they were unable to, managing only 2.1 in the third term as opposed to the latter’s 5.1. The Blues added another 3.3 in the final quarter to win 16.11.107 to North Launceston 7.8.50.

Jackson Thurlow (4.2, 13 disposals) and Jake Hinds (3.2, 17 disposals) were brilliant up forward for Launceston, and the performances of stars like Fletcher Seymour (1.1, seven clearances, 22 disposals), Jobi Harper (2.1, six clearances, 22 disposals), and Jacob Boyd (22 disposals, 11 marks) powered the Blues to a big win.

In the face of a tough defeat, North Launceston’s Brad Cox-Goodyer (one goal, eight clearances, nine marks, 34 disposals), Fletcher Bennett (22 disposals, seven one-percenters), Jack Avent (six clearances, 20 disposals), Alex Lee (0.1, 14 disposals, 54 hit-outs), and Theo Ives (two goals, five marks, six disposals) were defiant against the premiers.


Finally, it was the Eastern Shore rivalry at a muddy SkyBus Oval between Lauderdale and Clarence. The two were neck and neck in the opening term, but the Roos pinched a one-point lead. The following quarter was also a grind, with both sides managing only one major each and Clarence taking their lead to two points.

In the third quarter, Clarence put a handy 14-buffer between them and Lauderdale after keeping the latter goalless and kicking 2.2. The Roos were able to maintain their lead in the final term, kicking another 3.1 to the Bombers 2.2’ to win 9.9.63 to 6.8.44.

Colin Garland (3.1, 10 disposals), Mitchell Rainbird (two goals, 24 disposals), and Keren Howlett (two goals, 18 disposals) were great in front of goal for Clarence, and stars like Keegan Wylie (seven marks, 28 disposals), Baxter Norton (23 disposals), and Sam Green (seven marks, 21 hit-outs, 21 disposals) continued their superb season.

Despite a nail-biting loss that has shaken their top-four chances, Lauderdale key forward Michael Blackburn stood tall with four goals, six marks, and 10 disposals. Additionally, Lauderdale’s Sam Siggins (0.2, 13 clearances, 20 hit-outs, 34 disposals), Edward Stanley (0.1, seven rebound inside-50s, nine marks, 23 disposals), and Bryce Walsh (eight clearances, 21 disposals) held their ground against the Roos.

This Saturday, Glenorchy returns from the bye to host North Hobart at KGV, Lauderdale takes on Launceston at SkyBus Oval, and North Launceston clashes with Clarence at UTAS Stadium.