Stat Leaders So Far

By Simon Andrews

With finals on the horizon, it’s time to take a look at the individual stat leaders for season 2022 so far.

Read on to see the three by-average leaders in some of the key statistical categories of the game, thanks to Premier Data. (Players who have played six games or more were considered).



#1 – Jordan Lane – Kingborough (7.3)

#2 – William Poland- Lauderdale (6.4)

#3 – Jake Hinds – Launceston (6.2)


Kingborough’s big forward Jordan Lane sits head and shoulders above the rest in terms of marks this season, averaging 7.3 a game. The new recruit has added some much-needed height to the Tigers’ marking contests, with 3.8 of his grabs being contested. William Poland has been a rock for Lauderdale in defence, and is also ranked second in the competition for intercept marks, averaging four a game. It’s no surprise that Jake Hinds is in the top echelon of markers this season, averaging 6.2 a game, many of which being received inside fifty. He owes his top position on the goalkicking charts in large part to this marking form.



#1 – Edward Cole – Kingborough (7.4)

#2 – Samuel Caswell – North Hobart (7)

#3 – Joshua Cleaver – North Hobart (6.7)


The tackling Tiger King Eddie Cole remains on top for tackles in 2022, with Cole’s pressure remaining a highlight of his game and key aspect of the Tigers’ midfield dominance. Cole’s pressure is elite, as he is also ranked #1 for hard ball gets. A shining light in the Demons’ 2022 campaign has been the hard-nosed Samuel Caswell. Despite sitting second to Cole, Caswell takes the bragging rights in regard to effective tackles, averaging 5.7 compared to Cole’s 4.5.


Hard Ball Gets

#1 – Edward Cole (4.9)

#2 – Kieran Lovell (4)

#3 – Samuel Caswell (4)


Yet again, Eddie Cole stands above all else for a key metric in 2022. His average of 4.9 hard ball gets per game will make coach Trent Baumeler thrilled to have him on his side. Baumeler can also rest easy with the fact that the Tigers hold both first and second spots for hard ball gets, with Kieran Lovell averaging four a game. Yet again Samuel Caswell’s pressure comes to the forefront, holding his own again in the top three, also averaging 4 per game.



#1 – Kieran Lovell – Kingborough (9)

#2 – Jobi Harper – Launceston (8.7)

#3 – Ben Kamaric – Glenorchy (8) 

The ongoing mantra of TSL coaches is that every game can be won or lost in the middle of the ground, making the art of the clearance one of the most important aspects of modern footy. Returning Tigers’ star Kieran Lovell hard ball gets may be assisting his overall rank for this metric, averaging nine clearances a game. However, the Blues dynamic captain Jobi Harper is not far behind averaging 8.7 per game in 2022. Glenorchy ball magnet Ben Kamaric has also been explosive, averaging eight per game.



#1 – Ben Kamaric – Glenorchy (30.4)

#2 – Kieran Lovell – Kingborough (30.3)

#3 – Fletcher Seymour – Launceston (29.6)


Finally, it’s time for the most talked-about stat in the modern game, disposals. Although racking up disposals is not necessarily the marker of a great performance, it does highlight who is taking charge while on the field. Despite a trying season, the #1 ranked player for average disposals this year is Glenorchy’s Ben Kamaric. Kamaric leads his young side from the front each and every week. Kieran Lovell features once again, meaning he probably emerges at this point of the season as the competition’s key stat king. Lovell is ranked in the competition’s top five for hard ball gets, clearances and inside 50, while also sitting only .1 of a disposal per game behind Kamaric. Lovell is also the competition’s number one contested disposal player with 11.5 per game.

Blues bull Fletcher Seymour is also putting together an almighty campaign, averaging 29.6 disposals per game.