Selection news – Round 13

The teams are in for a big round 13.

North Launceston will be without 2021 Richardson Medalist Michael Stingel for its clash with Kingborough at UTAS Stadium. Other forced changes for the Northern Bombers are Oscar Van Dam and Ethan Hubbard, who will both be on Devils duties. Kingborough go in unchanged.


Lauderdale is poised to welcome former skipper Bryce Walsh back into the side, as well as Nick Hooker and Fynn Rackett. Allen Christensen is out of the side after being concussed early in last week’s win over North Hobart. Fletcher Hooker (Devils) and Ned Shaw (managed) will also miss.

The Southern Bombers will host the Magpies at SkyBus Oval, with Glenorchy coming into the side without Devils-bound Braidy Simpson and Will Brohm. Jay Webster and Baxter Lewis both come into the senior side following Glenorchy’s Development League win last weekend.


Wade Wall and Ryan Borsboom return for Clarence’s match with the Demons ar North Hobart Oval, with Mitch Rainbird Trent Hope both leaving the side. Dom White, Leo Blair and former Clarence player Jordan Roberts headline the inclusions for North Hobart, with Clint French’s side set to miss key defender Bailey Walker and improved small back Riley Wood.


TSL Seniors – North Launceston v Kingborough

Saturday 18 June, 2022, 2pm, UTAS Stadium


North Launceston:

B: D.Chugg, T. Ives, C. Nankervis

HB: D. Hay, F. Bennett, O. Mansell

C: J. Avent, B. Cox-Goodyer, H. Bayles

HF: B. Sulzberger, T. Bennett, W. Harper

F: W. Manshanden, C. Leeflang, N. Pearce

R: A. Lee, C. Skipper, L. Mitchell

Int: I. Newett, J. Aherne, J. Rickard, J. Kerr

Emg: W. Gibson, H. Griffiths, A. Bourne, B. Mitchell


Ins:  C. Skipper, O. Mansell, D. Hay, J. Rickard

Outs: M. Stingel, O. Vandam, E. Hubbard, H. Griffiths



B: L. Gadomski, B. Donnelly, J. Parker

HB: E. Reardon, C. Sawdy, B. Rees

C: Z. Adams, L. Clifford, C. Salter

HF: S. Duigan, J. Lane, G. O’Neill

F: L. Graham, T. Carter, J. Tomkinson

R: M. Gardner, K. Lovell, E. Cole

Int: M. Collidge, R. Ashlin, N. Clifford, E. Golding

Emg: L. Griggs, J. Doran, J. Keogh, J. Brouwer


Ins: nil

Outs: nil


Umpire appointments:

Senior Field:  Tomas McIntee, Declan Gale, Casey Fellows

Senior Boundary: Ollie Bennett, Liam Geason, Dom Schiliro

Senior Goal: Bryce Guy, Will Robertson

Dev League Field:  Michael Goodyer, James Dietrich, Riley Krushka

Dev League Boundary: Caleb Brewer, Quinn Elliott, Will Jago

Dev League Goal: Josiah Gates, Timothy Wood


TSL Seniors – North Hobart v Clarence

Saturday 18 June, 2022, 2pm, North Hobart Oval


North Hobart:

B: C. Stephenson, M. Campbell, J. Hilder

HB: A. Norton, C. Kilpatrick, L. Payne

C: T. McGinniss, S. Caswell, L. Murphy-Dale

HF: T. Liefhebber, L. Quirk, L. Blair

F: C. Daly, N. Jackson, G. McLeod

R: R. Edmondson, J. Roberts, J. Sandric

Int: W. Groom, T. Ferguson, D. White, J. Cleaver

Emg: T. Millhouse, M. Bidgood, F. Poke, M. Yates


Ins: J. Roberts, D. White, T. Ferguson, W. Groom, L. Blair

Outs: B. Walker, T. Millhouse, M. Yates, R. Wood, Z. Barrow



B: J. Bealey, H. Fisher, L. Howard

HB: O. Paprotny, K. Wylie, L. Swinton

C: L. Borsboom, J. Harper, K. Howlett

HF: J. Holmes, C. Garland, O. Preshaw

F: J. Barwick, K. Ryan, B. Hay

R: S. Green, B. Norton, J. Preshaw

Int: W. Wall, H. Burgess, J. Tremayne, R. Borsboom

Emg: D. Howlett, C. Lovell, K. Saward, J. Doran


Ins: W. Wall, R. Borsboom

Outs: T. Hope, M. Rainbird


Umpire appointments

Senior Field: Mark Tuckett, Nick Butler, Adrian Cornish

Senior Boundary: Jacob Bevis, Curtis Read, Andrew Roberts

Senior Goal: Xanthea McCarthy, Max Genders

Dev League Field: Riley Stevenson, Ryan Guy, Damon Marsh

Dev League: Boundary: Emily Best, Jacob Mitchell

Dev League Goal: Fletcher Ryan, Ben Williams


TSL Seniors – Lauderdale v Glenorchy

Saturday 18 June, 2022, 2pm, SkyBus Oval



B: J.Williams, O.Shaw, N.Hooker

HB: J.McGuinness, W.Poland, E.Stanley

C: L.Paton, R.Sutton, L.Marlin

HF:  H.Richmond, M.Blackburn, J.Magro

F:  B.Walsh, T.Martin, N.Franklin

R:  H.Smith, S.Siggins, S.Tilley

INT: B.Steinbauer, F.Kenny,W.Broomhall, F.Rackett

EMG: T.Ratcliffe, A.Continenza, J.Sawford, D.Fyfe


Ins: B.Walsh, N.Hooker, F.Rackett

Outs: A.Christensen, N.Shaw, F.Hooker



B: L. Roach, C. Meredith, I. Manson

HB: D. Brown, J. Arnold, A. Roberts

C: J. Webster, B. Kamaric, J. Whitford

HF: T. McGann, B. Waight, N. Blowfield

F: M. McInnes, M. Joseph, R. Oakley

R: L. Brown, J. Geard, C Thompson

INT: L. Nicholson, R. Dilger, B. Jenkins, B. Lewis

EMG: B. Simpson, J. Males, J. Green

: J. Webster, B. Lewis 

Outs: W. Brohm, B. Simpson


Umpire appointments:

Senior Field: Ben Bannister, Caleb Berechree, Brad Percey

Senior Boundary: Lucas Chamberlain, David Luttrell, Jack Marsh

Senior Goal: Kitean Aitken, Brayden White

Dev League Field: Tim Bessell, Ben Lehner, Mathew Scott

Dev League: Boundary: Jed Bricknell, Liam Donaghy, Lucas Skelly

Dev League Goal: Lucinda Edwards, Mark Aitken