Round eight teams announced

The teams are in for round eight, with some key names set to return.

Launceston, fresh from the round seven bye, have made a number of changes. Miller Hodge (injury), Alec Wright (VFL) and Michael Musicka (suspension) all come into the Blues’ senior lineup, as do youngsters Tiernan McCormack and Liam Canny.

Jacob Boyd, Aiden O’Connor, Jake Smith, Jake Hinds Josiah Burling are all out of the side, with the latter twp and Mitch Thorp named as emergencies. Sam Caswell, Hugh Williams Snr, Brad Tilbury and Bradley Young return for coach Clint French, Dom White, Tristan Barnett and Will Splann.

North Launceston will see co-captain Alex Lee and young gun Michael Stingel return, however Tasmania Devils Brandon Leary, Heath Ollington, Lachlan Cowan and Mitch Nicholas are back on NAB League Boys duties.

Glenorchy will be without a number of important cogs, including Blake Waight and Matt Dilger. Exciting tall Matthew McInnes headlines the inclusions.

Dylan Fyfe returns for Lauderdale’s clash with the Tigers, with Ned Shaw making way. Will Clifford won’t be available for Kingborough due to Devils’ duties, with Joey Brouwer coming into the side.


TSL Seniors – North Launceston v Glenorchy

Saturday 14 May, 2022, 1pm, UTAS Stadium

North Launceston:

B: D. Chugg, C. Leeflang, C. Nankervis
HB: B. Cox-Goodyer, E. Hubbard, M. Stingel
O. Vandam, C. Skipper, F. Bennett
W. Harper, T. Bennett, W. Manshanden
N. Pearce, T. Ives, I. Newett
R: A. Lee, B. Sulzberger, J. Avent
H. Bayles, J. Rickard, L. Mitchell, J. Aherne

Emg: O. Harper, W. Gibson, A. Potter, J. Kerr

Ins: H. Bayles, A. Lee, C. Skipper, C. Leeflang, M. Stingel, J. Rickard, L. Mitchell

Outs: D. Hay, H. Ollington, L. Cowan, S. Campbell, M. Nicholas, B. Leary, O. Harper



B: D.Brown, L. Roach, I. Manson
HB: W. Brohm, J. Meredith, M. Joseph
C:  R. Dilger, L. Brown, A. Roberts
HF: J. West, M.McInnes, J. Green
F: J. Males, K. Dean, J. Geard
R: C. Thompson, J. Arnold, B. Kamaric
Int: J. Whitford, D. Browning, L. Meredith, T. McGann

Emg: B. Simpson, B. Mccrose

In: M. McInnes, T. McGann, J. Males, L. Meredith, J. Green, K. Dean

Out: C. Meredith, B. Waight, M. Dilger, B. Jenkins, B. Simpson, J. Whitford,


Umpire appointments:

SENIOR FIELD Nathan Geason, Nick Butler, Nic Merritt-Smith SENIOR BOUNDARY Lucas Chamberlain, Brendon Green, Ollie Bennett SENIOR GOAL Mark Aitken, Josiah Gates DEV. FIELD Riley Stevenson, Damon Marsh DEV. BOUNDARY Quinn Elliott, Riley Lee-Heath, Kaiden Chung DEV. GOAL Fletcher Ryan, Andrew Ikin


TSL Seniors – Tigers v Lauderdale

Saturday 14 May, 2022, 2pm, Twin Ovals


B: L. Gadomski, B. Donnelly, M. Collidge
HB:  E. Reardon, C. Sawdy, J. Parker
C: L. Griggs, L. Clifford, Z. Adams
HF:  C. Salter, J. Lane, S. Duigan
F:  T. Carter, M. Gardner, L. Graham
R: J.Tomkinson, E. Cole, K. Lovell
Int: R. Ashlin, G. O’Neill, J. Brouwer, E. Golding

Emg: J. Doran, J. Keogh, R. Zeeman, S. Dickson

Ins: J. Brouwer

Outs: W. Clifford



B: J.Williams, O.Shaw, W.Poland
HB: N.Hooker, J.McGuinness, L.Paton
C: N.Hooker, J.McGuinness, L.Paton
HF: J.Magro, M.Blackburn, B.Walsh
F: S.Siggins, H.Richmond, F.Hooker
R: H.Smith, A.Christensen, S.Tilley
Int: B.Steinbauer, T.Ratcliffe, F.Kenny, E.Stanley

Emg: L.Gallagher, N.Shaw, B.Kingston, J.Sawford

In: D. Fyfe

Out: N. Shaw


Umpire appointments:

SENIOR FIELD Ben Bannister, Brad Percey, Mark Tuckett SENIOR BOUNDARY Liam Geason, David Luttrell, Jacob Mitchell SENIOR GOAL Will Flack, Bryce Guy DEV. FIELD Hamish Johnston, Tim Bessell, Ben Lehner DEV. BOUNDARY Emily Best, Jacob Bevis, Curtis Read DEV. GOAL Max Genders, Ben Williams



TSL Seniors – Launceston v North Hobart

Saturday 14 May, 2022, 2pm, Windsor Park


B: J. Hinds, J. House, J. Wooley
HB: S. Foley, A. Wright, J. Tuthill
C: C. Brown, J. Harper, B. Gillow
HF: B. Taylor, Z. Morris, M. Musicka
F: R. Tyrrell, D. Riley, J. Thurlow
R: T. McCormack, F. Seymour, M. Hodge
Int: B. Palfreyman, K. Chilcott, L. Canny, J. Leake

Emg: J. Hinds, J. Burling, M. Thorp, C. Riethoff

Ins: M. Hodge, A.Wright, M. Musicka, T. McCormack, L. Canny

Outs: J. Hinds, J. Burling, J. Boyd, J. Smith, A. O’Connor


North Hobart:

B: G. Mcleod, H. Williams, J. Dixon
HB: T. McGinniss, L. Payne, B. Walker
C: B. Tilbury, J. Cleaver, C. Stephenson
: C. Kilpatrick, L. Murphy-Dale, T. Liefhebber
F: M. Yates, C. Daley, N. Jackson
R:  R. Edmondson, S. Caswell, J. Sandric
Int: B. Young, A. Norton, J. Pullen, J. Bingham

Emg: T. Millhouse, M. Bidgood, R. Wood, T. Ferguson

Ins: B. Tilbury, H.Williams Snr, S. Caswell, B. Young

Out: C. French, W. Splann, D.White, T. Barnett


Umpire appointments:

SENIOR FIELD Tomas McIntee, Declan Gale, Casey Fellows, SENIOR BOUNDARY Caleb Devine, Jack Marsh, Mitchell Sheehan SENIOR GOAL Will Robertson, Kitean Aitken DEV. FIELD Mathew Scott, Michael Goodyer, Matt Phillips DEV. BOUNDARY Liam Donaghy, Andrew Roberts, Dan Sypkes DEV. GOAL Dylan Scott, Thomas Wilson