Devils return to headline round seven teams

The Tasmania Devils’ NAB League Boys bye will see a raft of star youngsters return to the TSL in round seven.

North Launceston will field a new-look outfit when it visits the Tigers, with Devils contingent Lachlan Cowan, Ethan Hubbard, Mitch Nicholas, Heath Ollington, Seth Campbell and Brandon Leary – who was named in the 2021 TSL Team of the Year all returning.

In a blow, the Northern Bombers will be without star ruckman Alex Lee, placing additional responsibility on the young shoulders of promising youngster Theo Ives.

Kingborough has made one change, welcoming Devil Will Clifford back into its defensive unit.

Versatile utility Tom McCallum, son-of-a-gun small forward Jack Callinan, key forward Cam Owen and speedster Bryce Alomes all return from Devils duties for Clarence’s meeting with the Demons at North Hobart Oval.

The Demons will also welcome back key forward Will Splann. Josch Bingham, Matthew Yates and Johnathan Pullen all come into the side with key figures Sam Caswell and Hugh Williams to miss alongside Matthew Campbell and Riley Wood.

Lauderdale remains unchanged for its meeting with Glenorchy at KGV, a match that will also see former skipper Bryce Walsh reach the 200-game milestone.

Glenorchy welcome Devils duo Luke Nicholson and Braidy Simpson back into the fold, while experienced duo Matthew Joseph and Matthew Dilger have also been named to return.


TSL Seniors – Glenorchy v Lauderdale
Saturday 7 May, 2022, 11:30am, KGV

B: C Meredith, W. Brohm, B. Waight
HB: I. Manson, D. Brown, J. Arnold
C: L. Roach, B. Kamaric, A. Roberts
HF: J. Meredith, M. Dilger, B. Jenkins
F: J. Geard, M. Joseph, L. Brown
R: C. Thompson, L. Nicholson, B. Simpson
Int: R Dilger, D. Browning, J. Whitford, J. West

Emg: J. Males, J. Green, T. McGann, M. McInnes

In: L. Nicholson, M. Dilger, B. Simpson, M. Joseph
Out: J. Males, B. Mcrose, J. Green, L. Meredith

B: J.Williams, O.Shaw, N.Hooker
HB: L.Paton, W.Poland, J.McGuinness
C: R.Sutton, B.Walsh, S.Tilley
HF: N.Franklin, M.Blackburn, J.Magro
F: H.Richmond, S.Siggins, F.Hooker
R: H.Smith, L.Marlin, A.Christensen
Int: B.Steinbauer, T.Ratcliffe, N.Shaw, E.Stanley

Emg: F.Kenny, L.Gallagher, B.Kingston, J.Sawford

No changes

Umpire appts
Senior Field: T. McIntee, C. Fellows, A. Cornish
Senior Boundary: J. Bevis, L. Chamberlain, R. Lee- Heath
Senior Goal: J. Gates, T. Wood
Dev League Field: T. Bessell, D. Marsh, B. Lehner
Dev League: Boundary: O. Blackburn, L. Geason, L. Skelly
Dev League Goal: F. Ryan, M. White

TSL Seniors – Kingborough v North Launceston
Saturday 7 May, 2022, 2pm, Twin Ovals

B: L. Gadomski, B. Donnelly, M. Collidge
HB: E. Reardon, C. Sawdy, W. Clifford
C: L. Griggs, L. Clifford, Z. Adams
HF: C. Salter, J. Lane, S. Duigan
F: M. Gardner, T. Carter, L. Graham
R: J.Tomkinson, E. Cole, K. Lovell
Int: R. Ashlin, G. O’Neill, J. Parker, E. Golding

Emg: J. Doran, J. Keogh, J. Brouwer, N. de Weys

Ins: W. Clifford
Outs: J. Doran

North Launceston:
B: F. Bennett, O. Van Dam, E. Hubbard
HB: B. Cox-Goodyer, C. Nankervis, L. Cowan
C: M. Nicholas, H. Ollington, D. Hay
HF: W. Manshanden, W. Harper. B. Sulzberger
F: B. Leary, T. Bennett, N. Pearce
R: T. Ives, J. Avent, S. Campbell
Int: O. Harper, D. Chugg, J. Aherne, I. Newett

Emg: H. Bayles, A. Potter, J. Rickard, C. Skipper

Ins: E. Hubbard, L. Cowan, M. Nicholas, H. Ollington, B. Leary, S. Campbell, O. Harper
Outs: A. Lee, H. Bayles, A. Potter, H. Griffiths, J. Rickard, L. Mitchell, C. Skipper

Umpire appts:
Senior Field: B. Bannister, N. Geason, M. Tuckett
Senior Boundary: C. Devine, A. Roberts, D. Luttrell
Senior Goal: W. Flack, B. Guy
Dev League Field: M. Phillips, M. Scott, N. Merritt-Smith
Dev League: Boundary: J. Bricknell, J. Marsh, C. Read
Dev League Goal: D. Scott, A. Ikin

TSL Seniors – North Hobart v Clarence
Saturday 7 May, 2022, 2pm, North Hobart Oval

North Hobart:
B: J. Dixon, B. Walker, M. Yates
HB: C. Stephenson, L. Payne, G. McLeod
C: T. McGinniss, C. Daly, J. Cleaver
HF: T. Liefhebber, N. Jackson, T. Barnett
F: W. Splann, C. French, L. Murphy-Dale
R: R. Edmondson, C. Kilpatrick, J. Sandric
Int: J. Bingham, J. Pullen, A. Norton, D. White

Emg: B. Tilbury, T. Milhouse, M. Bidgood, F. Poke

Ins: J. Bingham, W. Splann, J. Pullen, M. Yates
Out: M.Campbell, R. Wood, H. Williams Snr, S. Caswell

B: H. Fisher, K. Wylie, J. Bealey
HB: O. Paprotny, T. McCallum, L. Swinton
C: L. Borsboom, J. Harper, B. Alomes
HF: K. Ryan, O. Preshaw, J. Holmes
F: J. Barkwick, C. Garland, J. Callinan
R: S. Green, B. Norton, J. Preshaw
Int: C. Owen, C. Lovell, L. Howard, K. Howlett

Emg: W. Wall, T. Hope, H. Burgess, B. Hay

In: T. McCallum, J. Callinan, C. Owen, B. Alomes
Out: M. Rainbird, T. Hope, B.Hay, J. Doran

Umpire appts
Senior Field: Chris. K, D. Gale, B. Percey
Senior Boundary: O. Bennett, B. Green, D. Schiliro
Senior Goal: W. Robertson, K. Aitken
Dev League Field: C. Berechree, H. Johnston, R. Stevenson
Dev League: Boundary: E. Best, L. Donaghy, J. Mitchell
Dev League Goal: B. Williams, M. Aitken