Teams named for Anzac Day clash

IC: The Border Mail (James Wiltshere)

The teams are in for Monday’s Anzac Day blockbuster between North Hobart and Lauderdale at North Hobart Oval.

North Hobart welcomes Matthew Campbell and Luke Quirk into the side, but will be without injured duo Bradley Young and Hugh Williams Jnr.

Campbell kicked four in the Demons’ round three win over Glenorchy, before kicking another four in the Development League last weekend. Quirk, like Lachlan Dale is a recruit from Myrtleford in Victoria’s Ovens & Murray League, with the two set to play their first game together in the red and blue on Anzac Day.

Lauderdale have made three changes, with Fletcher Hooker, Tyler Martin and Luke Paton coming into the side for Ned Shaw, Fergus Kenny and Fynn Rackett.

North Hobart hosts Anzac Day football for a second year in a row, and will again play for the Anzac Memorial Trophy. The player who best embodies the Anzac


TSL Seniors – North Hobart v Lauderdale

Monday 25th April 2022, 3pm, North Hobart Oval

North Hobart:

B: C. Daly, L. Murphy- Dale, C. Kilpatrick
HB: C. Stephenson, M. Campbell, T. Barnett
C: C. French, R. Edmondson, J. Cleaver
: S. Caswell, J. Dixon, D. White
J. Sandric, G. Mcleod, B. Walker
R: T. McGinniss, H. Williams, N. Jackson
L. Payne, L. Quirk, T. Liefhebber, R. Wood
Emg: J. Pullen,, A. Norton, F. Poke

Ins – M. Campbell, L. Quirk
Outs – B. Young, H. Williams Jnr



B: W.Poland, O.Shaw, N.Hooker
HB: J.Williams, J.McGuinness , L.Marlin
C: R.Sutton, B.Walsh, L.Paton
HF: J.Magro, H.Richmond, T.Martin
F: N.Franklin, M.Blackburn, S.Siggins
R: H.Smith, A.Christensen  S.Tilley
Int: E.Stanley, T.Ratcliffe, B.Steinbauer, F.Hooker
Emg: F.Rackett, N.Shaw, F.Kenny, L.Gallagher

In- T.Martin, L.Paton, F.Hooker
Out- N.Shaw, F.Rackett, F.Kenny


Umpire appts:

Senior Field: N. Butler, N. Merritt-Smith, Chris.K

Senior Boundary: B. Green, L. Chamberlain, L. Geason

Senior Goal: B. Guy, K. Aitken

Dev League Field: M. Scott, M. Tuckett, M. Phillips

Dev League: Boundary: O. Blackburn, L. Donaghy, A. Roberts

Dev League Goal: J. Gates, W. Flack