Big names to feature in opening round

The 2022 TSL season has finally arrived, and some big names are set to start with a bang.

Former Geelong Cat and Sydney Swan Jackson Thurlow has been named to make his return to Windsor Park when the reigning premiers take on North Hobart. Thurlow further bolsters an already stacked midfield with familiar names like Harper, Palfreyman, Hodge and Hinds again set to feature.

North Hobart will be without high profile recruit Callen Daly, but will have a number of new names, including full back Ryan Edmondson and exciting tall Cohen Stephenson.

Fellow ex-AFL player Kieran Lovell will be thrust back into Kingborough’s midfield when his Tigers take on the Southern Bombers at SkyBus Oval, in a game that will also feature another returning Tiger Jordan Lane, who returns after a stint with Cygnet in the SFL. Former Brisbane Lions Academy player Jack Tomkinson will also don the yellow and black for the first time.

Former Clarence and Lindisfarne sharpshooter Michael Blackburn will make his Lauderdale debut, while former state midfielder Dylan Fyfe will make his anticipated return to ‘the Tip’ after playing with Southport in Queensland. Lennon Marlin has also been named to make his club debut.

North Launceston welcome Will Harper into the lineup for the first time, as well as a bevy of exciting youngsters, including Lachlan Cowan, Heath Ollington and Declan Hay. This will also be the first game the Northern Bombers enter under the co-captaincy of Alex Lee and Ben Simpson.

Glenorchy’s first game back under Aaron Cornelius will see the Magpies field a young side, headlined by young guns Callum Thompson and Luke Nicholson and experienced heads Ben Kamaric and John Geard.


TSL Seniors – North Launceston v Glenorchy

Saturday 26 March, 2022, 1pm, UTAS Stadium

 North Launceston:

B: O. Van Dam, C. Nankervis, J. Avent
HB: L. Cowan, A. Potter, B. Leary
H. Ollington, B. Cox-Goodyer, D. Hay
H. Bayles, W. Harper, H. Farrelly
N. Pearce, T. Bennett, H. Griffiths
A. Lee, B. Simpson, M. Stingel
T. Ives, D. Chugg, B. Sulzberger, E. Hubbard

Emg: C. Leeflang, W. Gibson, B. Rickard, M. Nicholas 


B: J. Meredith, C. Meredith, D. Brown
HB: B. Waight, N. Blowfield, I. Manson
C: J. Whitford, J. Geard, W. Atkin
HF: A. Roberts, M. Dilger, M. Joseph
F: R. Oakley, T. Spotswood L. Roach
R: K. Dean, C. Thompson, B. Kamaric
Int: W. Brohm, L. Nicholson, B. Jenkins, C. Hills

Emg: B. McCross, J. Webster, F. Salter, R. Dilger

Umpire appointments:

Senior Field: Tom McIntee, Declan Gale, Damon Marsh
Senior Boundary: Dom Schiliro, Mitchell Sheehan, Jaren Walsh
Senior Goal: Kitean Aitken, Max Genders
Dev League Field: Riley Stevenson, Matt Phillips, Andrew Hingston
Dev League: Boundary: Toby Bellchambers, Nicholas Coleman
Dev League Goal: Mark Aitken, Kaleb Lee


TSL Seniors – Lauderdale v Kingborough

Saturday 26 March, 2022, 2pm, Skybus Oval


B: J. Williams, W. Poland, T. Ratcliffe
HB: N. Hooker, L. Marlin, J. McGuinness
C: W. Francis, N. Franklin, R. Sutton
HF: B. Walsh, H. Richmond, L. Paton
F: F. Hooker, E. Stanley, M. Blackburn
R: H. Smith, S. Siggins, D. Fyfe
Int: F. Kenny, A. Continenza, W. Broomhall, F. Rackett

Emg: S. Foster, L. Gallagher, B. Kingston, F. Read


B: W. Clifford, B. Donnelly, L. Gadomski
HB: E. Reardon, C. Sawdy, B. McCulloch
L. Griggs, L. Clifford, Z. Adams
HF: W. Campbell, J. Lane, C. Salter
T. Carter, M. Gardner, L. Graham
J. Tomkinson, E. Cole, K. Lovell
S. Duigan, M. Collidge, G. O’Neill, R. Ashlin

Emg: J. Doran, N. de Weys, J. Parker, J. Brouwer

Umpire appointments:

Senior Field: Nick Butler, Nathan Geason, Ben Bannister
Senior Boundary: Ollie Bennett, Brendon Green, David Luttrell
Senior Goal: Will Flack, Xanthea McCarthy
Dev League Field: Toby Moore, Mathew Scott
Dev League: Boundary: Liam Geason, Jack Marsh
Dev League Goal: Josh Glover, Dylan Scott


TSL Seniors – Launceston v North Hobart

Saturday 26 March, 2022, 2pm, Windsor Park


B: J. Woolley, J. House, J. Hinds
HB: J. Tuthill, A. Wright, J. Boyd
J. Smith, J. Harper, C. Brown
J. Blackberry, J. Burling, J. Hinds
C. McKercher, Z. Morris, B. Taylor
T. McCormack, J. Thurlow, M. Hodge
R. Tyrrell, I. Hyatt, B. Palfreyman, B. Gillow

Emg: J. Groenewegen, L. Jones, S. Foley, L. Canny

North Hobart:

B: J. Dixon, R. Edmondson, S. Banks-Smith
HB: H. Williams, T. McGinniss, G. McLeod
C. Kilpatrick, J. Sandric, H. Williams
: F. Poke, C. Stephenson, D. White
J. Bingham, B. Walker, J. McCulloch
N. Jackson, A. Norton, T. Barnett
T. Liefhebber, L. Payne, B. Young, M. Campbell

Emg: M. Bidgood, L. Elphinstone

Umpire appointments:

Senior Field: Casey Fellows, Nic Merritt-Smith, Brad Percey
Senior Boundary:
Jacob Bevis, Lucas Chamberlain, Dan Sypkes
Senior Goal:
Kayden Wynwood, Tim Woods
Dev League Field:
Mick Goodyer, Riley Krushka, Michael Lyndon
Dev League: Boundary:
Kaiden Chung, Nick Jordan, Adam Robinson
Dev League Goal:
Thomas Wilson, Josiah Gates


TSL Development League North Launceston v Glenorchy

Saturday 26 March, 2022, 10:30am, UTAS Stadium

North Launceston

To be selected from:

O. Harper, C. Leeflang, W. Gibson, C. Chugg, J. Mazengarb, B. Rickard, C. Evans, A. Bourne, J. Kerr, J. Rickard, M. Nicholas, J. Aherne, L. Bryan, R. Berne, C. Skipper, C. Plummer, I. Newett, S. Simpson, A. Jones, W. Manshanden, N. Wade, B. Pyke, J. French, L. French, E. Mansell


To be selected from:

A. Atkin, D. Browning, I. Conrad, J. Howlett, J. Johnson, W. Jones, B. Laycock, L. Ling, J. Males, L. Matcham, L. Meredith, C. Nicholls, J. Tapp, J. Taylor, J. West, B. Patterson, J. Rolls, J. Taylor, J. Conley, M. McInnes, C. Ling, B. Howard


TSL Development League – Lauderdale v Kingborough

Saturday 26 March, 2022, 11:30am, Skybus Oval


To be selected from:

J. Devine, T. Studley, S. Foster, T. Rackett, B. Steinbauer, L. Gallagher, C. Blaschke, Z. Hurst, D. Easther, M. Skelly, J. Startup, N. Shaw, T. Curran, R. Delany, A. Hurst, B. Smith, O. Kelly, J. Fahey, N. Mead


To be selected from:
J. Doran, N. Clifford, J. Keogh, L. Sulzberger, N. de Weys, K. Blackett, A. Brereton, S. Dickson, J. Harrison, J. Parker, F. de Kievit, N. Kuepper, T. Roberts, A. Sward, J. Morgan, E. Golding, K. de Hoog, R. Zeeman, J. Brouwer, J. Nasome, O. Campbell, F. Shepherd, J. Morgan


TSL Development League – Launceston v North Hobart

Saturday 26 March, 2022, 11:30am, Windsor Park


To be selected from:

L. Canny, J. Maloney, C. Warren, C. Riethoff, J. Gillow, K. Lunson, J. Price, J. Leake, B. Wiggins, B. Fellows, C. McCormack, J. Cowell, S. Cowley, J. Wheeler, D. Madden, L. Jones, T. Beaumont, S. Foley

North Hobart

To be selected from:

J. Barwick, B. Tilbury, W. Cole. C. Leek, J. Hilder, L. Rowlands, J. Pullen, M. Bidgood, M. Campbell, B. Young, M. Yates, J. Nicholson, L. Blair, R. Wood, L. Elphinstone, A. Marathis, J. Bradshaw, T. Ferguson, W. Groom, L. Langoulant, L. Goss