Glenorchy superstar Sarah Skinner is the 2020 Cripps TSL Women’s (TSLW) Best & Fairest, blitzing the competition with an average of more than two votes a game.

The talented goalkicking forward had a dominant individual season, polling 19 votes in 8 games to win the medal in a landslide result.

Clarence Vice-Captain Nicole Bresnehan finished second on 13 votes, followed by Launceston gun Daria Bannister on 10 votes.

Skinner has been a regular performer in the Cripps TSLW, one of just two players to be named in the Team of the Year in every season of the competition. She split her time between midfield and forward in 2020, found plenty of the ball and was accurate in front of the sticks. Her season was devastatingly dominant, collecting votes in all but one of her outings, polling five threes and two twos.

Skinner also won the competition’s leading goalkicking award, booting 18 goals to pip Clarence’s Jessie Williams on 17 majors.

Please find attached full vote count.

Round 8
Launceston 3.4.22 Glenorchy 5.2.32
3. Sarah Skinner (Glenorchy)
2. Zoie Crawford (Glenorchy)
1. Jemma Webster (Glenorchy)

Round 9
Glenorchy 11.16.82 Tigers 1.0.6
3. Sarah Skinner (Glenorchy)
2. Priscilla Odwogo (Tigers)
1. Elise Barwick (Glenorchy)

Clarence 6.4.40 North Launceston 3.1.19
3. Mel Wise (Clarence)
2. Maggie Cuthbertson (North Launceston)
1. Amy Prokopiec (Clarence)

Round 10
Tigers 0.1.1 Clarence 13.6.84
3. Jessie Williams (Clarence)
2. Amy Edmand (Clarence)
1. Jacinta Limbrick (Clarence)

Round 11
Clarence 2.3.15 Launceston 3.7.25
3. Dearne Taylor (Launceston)
2. Nicole Bresnehan (Clarence)
1. Daria Bannister (Launceston)

Tigers 1.1.7 North Launceston 6.4.40
3. Bonnie Farrell (North Launceston)
2. Zoe Bourne (North Launceston)
1. Priscilla Odwogo (Tigers)

Round 12
North Launceston 0.2.2 Glenorchy 8.17.65
3. Laura Negri (Glenorchy)
2. Sarah Skinner (Glenorchy)
1. Ella Maurer (North Launceston)

19. Sarah Skinner (Glenorchy)
13. Nicole Bresnehan (Clarence)
10. Daria Bannister (Launceston)
7. Maggie Cuthbertson (North Launceston)
6. Jessie Williams (Clarence)
6. Priscilla Odwogo (Tigers)
6. Mia King (Launceston)

After each match, the three field umpires award a 3, 2 and 1 point vote to the players they regarded the best, second best and third best on ground respectively. A player becomes ineligible for the Medal if she is suspended for a reportable offence during the season.
The votes are tallied at the end of the home and away rounds to determine the year’s TSLW Best & Fairest Medalist.

Year Player Club Votes
2019 Daria Bannister Launceston 27
2018 Maddison Smith Clarence 14
2017 Thomasa Corrie Glenorchy 16