BUPA TSL Weekly Wrap: Round 9 and Round 10 so far

Launceston buried the ‘Pies, Clarence prevailed in the Eastern Shore Derby, North Launceston continued their irresistible form and Kingbrough scratched and clawed in a comeback win.

Hamish Spence runs through each game and previews this week’s clashes.


Hardened Blues demolish cold ‘Pies

Launceston put in one of their best performances of the season on Saturday, after crushing Glenorchy by 97 points at Windsor Park.

The Blues went on an unanswered 11 goal-run after quarter-time that lasted until early in the final term, setting up a 17.16 (118) to 3.3 (21) victory.

The ‘Pies were already on the back foot before the ball was even bounced, with stars’ Jaye Bowden and Ben Kamaric late outs.


Launceston started the day ominously, they dominated through the middle and inside their forward 50, their inaccuracy (eight behinds) was the only thing keeping the margin from being higher.

The Blues kicked the first three goals of the game, before Ethan Conway gave the ‘Pies a late reprieve to seemingly keep some hope alive.


But the contest turned into a massacre after quarter-time, Launceston continued to stay on the top in the middle, with their skipper Jobi Harper leading from the front with another monstrous performance.

They started converting their opportunities, with their class of Dylan Riley, coach Mitch Thorp and Jay Blackberry all hitting the scoreboard.

The Blues piled on 10 goals across the next two quarters, while holding Glenorchy to just two behinds.


The ‘Pies finally managed to find the big sticks again in the last term, but it was of little reassurance as the Blues still won the quarter and almost made the final margin a three-figure deficit.


Harper (38 disposals, 10 clearances, 12 inside 50s and three goals) blew up that stats sheet again and reminded everyone why he’s been the league’s best player this year.

Fletcher Seymour (26 disposals, seven clearances, seven inside 50s and two goals) was also prolific, while Dylan Riley (16 disposals, 10 marks/three contested and three goals) was the Blues’ most dangerous forward.


Josh Arnold (31 disposals and nine rebound 50s), Daniel Joseph (23 disposals) and Tom Cleary (17 disposals and five marks/three contested) all battled manfully down back under tough circumstances.


Launceston: 3.8, 8.9, 13.14, 17.16 (118)

Glenorchy: 1.0, 1.2, 1.2, 3.3 (21)



Goal Kickers: J. Harper (3), D. Riley (2), M. Thorp (2), F. Seymour (2), J. Blackberry (2), J. Hinds (2), A. Wright, I. Hyatt, J. Donnellan, M. Musicka

Best Players: J. Harper, J. Boyd, M. Hodge, F. Seymour, J. Dakin, G. Holt



Goal Kickers: M. Joseph, C. Daly, E. Conway

Best Players: D. Joseph, J. Arnold, S. Rundle, T. Cleary, R. Best, C. Daly


‘Young ‘Roos jump Southern Bombers

The ‘Roos firmed as a top four team on Saturday, after beating Lauderdale by 20 points at Richmond Oval.

The ‘Roos were the better team all game with their work through the middle and pressure, prevailing as 11.14 (80) to 9.6 (60) winners.

Many favoured the Southern Bombers heading into the clash due to their experience and recent improved form, but they didn’t match Clarence’s want for the contest and were kept in it largely because of the ‘Roos inaccuracy.


Clarence burst out of the gates with ascendency in the midfield, with their young stars Darcy Gardner and Oliver Davis leading the way.

They kicked three of the four goals for the quarter, their inaccurate six behinds being the only downside.


The second term was an even contest with two goals and one behind scored by both sides.

Clarence were still the better and cleaner team in general play, carrying their same 24-point buffer from quarter-time into half-time, while Lauderdale were lucky that they weren’t down by more.


The ‘Roos continued their control over the game after the main break with the first three goals of the second half, big Noah Holmes’ snap from the boundary the highlight.

But Lauderdale managed to kick two of the last three goals for the term to keep themselves alive.


The Southern Bombers carried some of this momentum until the final quarter, by kicking four goals and winning the term, but it wasn’t enough.

Josh Green popped up with two goals in response, following one with a cheeky shush to the Lauderdale faithful to signify that the game was over.


Coach Jeromey Webberley’s experience (23 disposals, five clearances and nine inside 50s) was on full display, while Gardner (19 disposals and six inside 50s) and Davis (17 disposals and six clearances) powered a young midfield core.

Samuel Banks (21 disposals) marshalled the team from down back.


Josh McGuinness (30 disposals, five clearances and nine rebound 50s) played to his usual high standards off half-back, while skipper Bryce Walsh (22 disposals, five inside 50s and two goals) and utility Sam Siggins (29 disposals and five clearances) were prevalent.


Clarence: 3.6, 5.7, 9.12, 11.14 (80)

Lauderdale: 1.0, 3.1, 5.2, 9.6 (60)



Goal Kickers: J. Green (3), J. Holmes (2), D. Gardner (2), K. Wylie, R. Bailey, N. Holmes, L. Swinton

Best Players: D. Gardner, R. Bailey, S. Banks, O. Davis, J. Holmes, J. Green



Goal Kickers: B. Walsh (2), L. Nelson (2), A. Kalcovski (2), T. Havea (2), N. Oakes

Best Players: J. McGuinness, O. Shaw, N. Oakes


Firing Northern Bombers leave ‘Dees in their wake

North Launceston continued their six-game winning streak on Saturday, after dismissing North Hobart by 56 points in front of a packed North Hobart Oval.

The Northern Bombers led all day and never looked threatened, leaving as 11.20 (86) to 4.6 (30) winners.

The ‘Dees were a class below the reigning premiers, their backline and North Launceston’s inaccuracy were the only things that kept the margin from being larger.


North Launceston’s experience showed early on, they had complete control in the middle of the ground and pressured the young ‘Dees up forward.

They kicked three of the first four goals to open up a handy buffer at quarter-time.


The Northern Bombers had the run of play for the majority of the second term, they kicked three goals in a row and continued their strong start from the first quarter.

But a quick two-goal burst from Julian Dobosz late in the term cut the margin back to 22 points, making things look slightly better for the ‘Dees at half-time.


But North Launceston but their foot to the throat in the second half, holding North Hobart to just one more goal for the rest of the game.

Alex Lee continued his domination in the ruck, with skipper Bradley Cox-Goodyer and Josh Ponting profiting at ground level.

The only mark against them was their five goals to 12 behinds in the second half, that stopped the game from getting even uglier for the ‘Dees.


Lee (13 disposals, 40 hit outs and six clearances) showed why he’s a premier ruck of the competition, with Cox-Goodyer (22 disposals, nine clearances and eight inside 50s) and Ponting (20 disposals and five clearances) taking full advantage.

Young Oliver Sanders (15 disposals and two goals) had one of his best games for the club and was a threat up forward.


Sam Collins (25 disposals, five marks and 11 rebound 50s) had his best game for the year, he shut down fellow draft hopeful Jackson Callow and led the game in disposals (despite playing as a key defender).

Hugh N J Williams (17 disposals, eight marks/three contested and six rebounds 50) also stopped the margin from being any worse, while Jake Sandric (22 disposals and four clearances) was the ‘Dees best midfielder.


North Hobart: 1.1, 3.4, 4.5, 4.6 (30)

North Launceston: 3.6, 6.8, 9.14, 11.20 (86)


North Hobart:

Goal Kickers: J. Dobosz (2), C. Kilpatrick, H. Williams

Best Players: H. Williams, S. Collins, J. Sandric, W. Peppin, T. McGinniss


North Launceston:

Goal Kickers: O. Sanders (2), D. Withers (2), W. Edmunds, M. Walsh, J. Callow, S. Egger, J. Foon, T. Bennett, T. Whitford

Best Players: O. Sanders, A. Lee, D. Withers, J. Rushton, J. Ponting, T. Bennett


Surging Tigers rundown ‘Dees under lights

Kingbrough scored their second win of the season on Wednesday night, after a four-point come from behind victory over North Hobart at North Hobart Oval.

The Tigers trailed by 24 points at half-time, but kicked five unanswered goals in the second half to leave as 9.5 (59) to 8.6 (54) winners.

The ‘Dees were in the box seat after a strong eight-goal first half, but ran out of steam after the main break.


Kingbrough got off to a hot start with the first two goals of the game, but North Hobart settled in the latter half of the term with three of the next four goals.

It was a free-flowing shoot out-with seven individual goalkickers for the quarter, with Calum Kilpatrick’s drive and Julian Dobosz’s prevalence and crumbing snap on goal causing early headaches for the Tigers.


The ‘Dees continued their momentum from the first quarter, kicking four more goals in the second term, while keeping the Tigers to just one.

Dobosz pulled off another incredible party trick for a man his size, while the Tigers lacked any flare or unpredictability, leaving the ‘Dees with what looked like a strong four-goal buffer at half-time.


But the Tigers responded after the main break and got back into the game by kicking three straight goals in the term, the highlight being Marcus Davies’ handoff to Lochie Griggs on 50.

They dominated the territory battle and came out with a clear intent to take the game on, while the ‘Dees started to run out of legs on the short turnaround.


Kingbrough cut the margin to just one-point early in the last, when Marcus Gardner went forward and took a big clunk in the square.

Ollie Burrows-Cheng was taken high a few minutes later and made no mistakes, putting the Tigers in front for the first time since the first quarter.

The game hung on a knifes edge in the final stages of the game, but the ‘Dees couldn’t find another goal to take back the lead.


Jayden Charlton (20 disposals and eight clearances) was strong through the middle, Kilpatrick (17 disposals, three clearances and one goal) provided plenty of drive and Sam Collins (17 disposals and six marks) was strong down back.


Will Campbell (15 disposals, seven clearances, eight inside 50s and two goals) powered the Tigers comeback, Griggs (15 disposals, seven marks and two goals) performed across all four quarters and Mackenzie Willis (18 disposals, four clearances and three inside 50s) has been a welcome sight back for Kingbrough fans.


North Hobart: 4.1, 8.2, 8.4, 8.6 (54)

Kingbrough: 3.0, 4.2, 7.3, 9.5 (59)



North Hobart: J. Dobosz (2), N. McCulloch, C. Kilpatrick, T. Cunliffe, S. Caswell, J. Menzie, S. Willis

Tigers: W. Campbell (2), L. Griggs (2), E. Burrows-Cheng, M. Gardner, O. Burrows-Cheng, L. Graham, T. Carter

Up Next: The rest of Round 10


Clarence vs North Launceston, 1:30pm Saturday 12/09/2020, Richmond Oval

A match with major finals implications, as first and fourth on the ladder meet.

North Launceston have looked unstoppable on their journey to a fourth consecutive flag, but Clarence can announce themselves as a serious contender if they can knock off the Northern Bombers.

Their last encounter was decided by just 10 points, with the ‘Roos looking to take the extra step this time around.


Lauderdale vs Launceston, 2:00pm Saturday 12/09/2020, Skybus Oval

A massive top four clash between second and third on the ladder.

Launceston have created a three-game buffer over Lauderdale, with the Southern Bombers needing to win if they want to try and host a home final.

Lauderdale will be looking to claim a big scalp to re-establish themselves, while Launceston will try to continue their recent strong form.


Glenorchy vs Kingbrough, 1:00pm Sunday 13/09/2020, KGV

These two sides lock heads to finish off the round, after their last match was decided by just two points.

Glenorchy needs to bank some wins to make a move on the top four and make amends for last week’s thrashing.

While the Tigers will need to front up of a four-day turnaround, but they’ll have plenty of confidence after their win on Wednesday.


North Hobart has the bye over the weekend