BUPA TSL Weekly Wrap: Round 8

North Launceston emerged as the Premiership favourite, Glenorchy drew closer to the top four, Lauderdale started to gel as a team and Launceston annihilated the Tigers.

Hamish Spence runs through each game and previews this week’s clashes.


Northern Bombers prevail in top of the table Northern Debry

North Launceston emerged as the team to beat on Wednesday, after downing Launceston by 18 points at UTAS Stadium.

The Northern Bombers made it five on the trot off a four day break and avenged their loss to the Blues from earlier in the year, leaving as 8.4 (52) to 5.4 (34) winners.

The Blues were never out of the contest, but couldn’t keep pace with North Launceston after quarter-time.


It was an exciting start to the game with four goals kicked in the first five minutes, with two apiece going to either side.

The teams only kicked one more goal each for the quarter, with the Northern Bombers having more inside 50 entries, but not letting it show on the scoreboard.


Skipper Jobi Harper put the Blues in front with a quick snap to open the second quarter, but it wasn’t a sign of things to come.

North Launceston kicked five unanswered goals across the next two quarters to effectively seal the game.

A strong tackle and classy finish from coach Taylor Whitford gave the Northern Bombers the lead back and two red time goals granted them a 13-point buffer at half-time.


After a tight struggle between two of the best midfields in the league for the majority of the third, North Launceston struck in quick succession.

Tom Donnelly was left alone in the goal square and skipper Bradley Cox-Goodyer nailed a running banana to further his side’s lead.


The final quarter continued to be a grind, with Jack Donnellan’s running goal the only major for the term (breaking Launceston’s drought since early in the second quarter).


The only concern for North Launceston was Bart McCulloch missing the second half with a groin injury.


Jay Foon (20 disposals and three rebound 50s) thrived as the loose man off half-back, while Jackson Callow (19 disposals and nine marks/five contested) starred in a new role at centre half-back.

Josh Ponting (25 disposals and four clearances), Cox-Goodyer (23 disposals, 10 clearances and one goal) and Whitford (16 disposals, 10 clearances and one goal) drove the Northern Bombers’ engine room.


Harper (26 disposals and 10 clearances) was the Blues’ best, while Miller Hodge and Ryan Tyrrell competed hard down back.


North Launceston: 3.1, 6.2, 8.3, 8.4 (52)

Launceston: 3.0, 4.1, 4.1, 5.4 (34)


North Launceston:

Goal Kickers: T. Donnelly (2), J. Laskey (2), T. Whitford, T. Bennett, J. Rushton, B. Cox-Goodyer

Best Players: J. Foon, J. Callow, J. Laskey, J. Rushton, O. Sanders, D. Withers



Goal Kickers: J. Harper, J. Dakin, D. Riley, J. Donnellan, J. Hinds

Best Players: J. Harper, M. Hodge, G. Holt, I. Chugg, R. Tyrrell, B. Palfreyman

‘Pies swoop on arch-rival ‘Roos

Glenorchy got revenge on Saturday, after beating Clarence by 29 points at KGV on Saturday

The ‘Pies only kicked one goal in their last encounter with the ‘Roos, but had no such problems this time, running out as 12.9 (81) to 7.10 (52) winners.

The ‘Roos looked up for the fight with a strong second quarter, but fell behind later in the term and couldn’t recover.


After a tight start to the game, a snap from Callen Daly opened the ‘Pies account.

Glenorchy went on to kick three of the remaining four goals for the quarter, with the ball bobbling around their forward half for the majority of the term.


Clarence responded after quarter-time, they got on top in the middle and kicked three goals in a row to take the lead.

But after the ‘Roos dominated the majority of the term, Glenorchy took control in the latter stages with four goals, with two more going to Daly.

They were efficient going inside 50 and Clarence only responded with one goal in the middle of this blitz, giving the Pies’ a 15-point lead at half-time.


Glenorchy continued this form into the second half, kicking four of the last six goals of the game.

They were more assured with ball in hand and got on top around the contest.

Clarence threatened a comeback at the start of the last with two goals, but Glenorchy had all the answers once again with two goals of their own to close out the game.


Ben Kamaric (35 disposals, eight clearances and one goal) dominated in the middle, while Mitch Rainbird (19 disposals, five clearances and two goals) was also strong.

Jaye Bowden (22 disposals, 10 marks and two goals) made his presence felt over the ground.

Daniel Joseph (24 disposals) and Josh Arnold (21 disposals) continued their strong form down back.


Coach Jeromey Webberley (23 disposals and four clearances) and Captain Brady Jones (19 disposals and six clearances) led from the front, while Keegan Wylie (18 disposals and six rebound 50s) competed hard down back.


Glenorchy: 4.2, 8.3, 10.6, 12.9 (81)

Clarence: 1.2, 5.6, 5.6, 7.10 (52)



Goal Kickers: C. Daly (3), J. Geard (2), M. Rainbird (2), J. Bowden (2), B. Kamaric, C. Thompson, M. Joseph

Best Players: R. Banks-Smith, M. Rainbird, J. Bowden, M. Joseph, B. Kamaric, D. Joseph



Goal Kickers: S. Green (2), C. Nield (2), N. Holmes, K. Howlett, O. Davis

Best Players: J. Webberley, E. Jackson, O. Davis, B. Smith, K. Wylie, B. Jones


Improved Southern Bombers too good for ‘Dees

Lauderdale showed some of their three-time runner-up best on Saturday, after defeating North Hobart by 53 points at Skybus Oval.

The Southern Bombers were the better team from the first bounce, prevailing as 12.10 (82) to 4.5 (29) winners.

The ‘Dees weren’t up for the challenge and suffered their fourth loss in a row.


It was a bright start for North Hobart, as Julian Dobosz marked his return to the club with the first goal of the game.

But from there Lauderdale got on top, even though the contest was an arm-wrestle in the middle.

Lauderdale kicked three of the next four goals for the term, with Adrian Kalcovski kicking all three of them.


Lauderdale continued their ascendency in the second term, controlling the ball and taking advantage of their opportunities going forward.

Luke Nelson and skipper Bryce Walsh struck in the first five minutes to extend the home sides’ lead.

North Hobart tried to play more attacking footy, but it only netted them one of the last three goals for the half.

Their issues were only exacerbated by the loss of key defender Bailey Walker late in the term, with Lauderdale holding a 34-point lead at half-time.


The Southern Bombers resumed their form after the main break, their midfield truly came to the fore and controlled the contest.

Nelson was the main beneficiary with three goals in the third.


There was only one goal kicked in the final quarter, with defender Will Poland finding his way forward.


Nelson (four goals) has become the source of goals Lauderdale was crying out for, with 11 goals in his last three games, while Kalcovski (three forwards) has been a threat up forward all season.

Sam Siggins (22 disposals and four clearances), Phil Bellchambers (20 disposals and six clearances) and Rhys Sutton (19 disposals and five inside 50s) all starred in the middle.


Callum Kilpatrick (19 disposals) tried all game, young Sam Collins (14 disposals and five rebound 50s) had one of his best games for the year and Michael Fisher played an effective defensive forward role on Josh McGuinness.


Lauderdale: 4.1, 8.5, 11.7, 12.10 (82)

North Hobart: 2.0, 3.1, 4.2, 4.5 (29)



Goal Kickers: L. Nelson (4), A. Kalcovski (3), P. Bellchambers, H. Richmond, T. Martin, W. Poland, B. Walsh

Best Players: R. Sutton, N. Baker, L. Nelson, B. Walsh, S. Siggins, A. Kalcovski


North Hobart:

Goal Kickers: J. Dobosz (2), B. Norton, C. Kilpatrick

Best Players: P. Walker, C. Kilpatrick, M. Fisher, T. Reeves, J. Dobosz, S. Collins


Ruthless Blues give Tigers a nasty taste of Déjà vu

Launceston reclaimed top spot on the ladder on Sunday, after demolishing the Tigers by 94 points at a windy Windsor Park.

Despite playing off a four-day break, the Blues were the team with all the run and energy, leaving as 17.12 (114) to 2.6 (18) winners.

Sunday’s drubbing bore some uncomfortable similarities to Round 3 for the Tigers, when they were also held to just two goals and loss by over 80 points to Launceston.


The Blues set the tone in the opening term, as they piled on five goals while keeping the Tigers scoreless.

Launceston’s class of Dylan Riley, Jay Blackberry and Mitch Thorp all hit the scoreboard, as Kingborough had no answers down back or through the middle.


Despite the Tigers kicking with the wind in the second term, Grant Holt was the lone goal kicker late in the quarter.

Kingborough had more looks inside 50 but Launceston’s backline held firm, giving them a 38-point lead at half-time.


Launceston exploded after the main-break, kicking eight goals in the third quarter with the wind now blowing at their end of the ground.

Riley was the chief destroyer with five goals for the term, with Blackberry and Thorp also adding to their existing tallies.

In amongst all this chaos, Tyler Carter managed to get the Tigers first goal of the game.


Even though the game was a fait accompli, the Blues still won the final quarter while kicking against the wind with three goals to one.


After kicking just one goal in his last two games, the Hudson Medal leader, Dylan Riley, returned to his destructive best with eight goals.

Blackberry (26 disposals, seven clearances and three goals) and Fletcher Seymour (26 disposals and seven clearances) dominated in the middle.


Elijah Reardon and Jarryd Drew competed hard down back, while Kieran Lovell (20 disposals and seven clearances) fought through in the midfield.


Launceston: 5.4, 6.5, 14.8, 17.12 (114)

Tigers: 0.0, 0.3, 1.4, 2.6 (18)



Goal Kickers: D. Riley (8), J. Blackberry (3), M. Thorp (3), G. Holt, A. Wright, J. Dakin

Best Players: J. Blackberry, D. Riley, F. Seymour, J. House, I. Chugg, M. Thorp



Goal Kickers: T. Carter (2)

Best Players: E. Reardon, B. Donnelly, L. Watt, L. Griggs, J. Drew


Up Next: Round 9

Clarence vs Lauderdale, 1:30pm Saturday 05/09/2020, Richmond Oval

A massive finals shaping clash between Clarence and Lauderdale, as third and fourth go at it.

The ‘Roos have been in good form over the last month, but will be looking to get back on the winners list after losing to Glenorchy.

The Southern Bombers got the job done easily against Clarence earlier in the year, but will face a tougher challenge this time around.


North Hobart vs North Launceston, 2:00pm Saturday 05/09/2020, North Hobart Oval

Two teams representing the Northern suburbs will lock heads on Saturday, after Round 1’s encounter was decided by just 10 points.

The Northern Bombers have recaptured some of their premiership-winning best form and it will be hard to break their five-game winning streak.

After looking like a finals team earlier in the year, the ‘Dees have lost their last four games in a row and need to get moving if they want to stay in touch with the top four.


Launceston vs Glenorchy, 2:00pm Saturday 05/09/2020, Windsor Park

Another finals defining match as Launceston look to stay on top, while Glenorchy tries to break into the top four.

The Blues dominated the Tigers to snap a two-game losing streak on Sunday and will now look to re-establish themselves as the team to beat.

The ‘Pies have been smashed around the stoppages in their last two encounters with Launceston, they will need to fix up this area of their game if they want to continue their improved form.

The Tigers have the bye




BUPA TSL Weekly Wrap: Round 7

Lauderdale broke a three-game losing streak, North Launceston sent another message to the rest of the competition Clarence furthered their top-four chances.

Hamish Spence runs through each game and previews this week’s clashes.

Fast-starting Southern Bombers tame Tigers

Lauderdale snapped a three-game losing streak on Saturday, after beating the Tigers by 33 points at Twin Ovals.

The Southern Bombers also fixed their recent scoring issues, after kicking six goals or less in their last three games, they kicked nine goals in the first quarter to set-up a 15.7 (97) to 9.12 (66).

Kingborough outscored Lauderdale after quarter-time, but couldn’t recover the massive deficit they conceded in the first term.

Lauderdale were on from the first bounce, piling on six goals before the Tigers even registered a score.

They dominated the majority of the term with the ball rarely leaving their forward 50, effectively putting the game to bed by quarter-time.

Luke Nelson was the main beneficiary with three goals, but the Tigers managed to kick two goals to ensure they didn’t go scoreless.

The Tigers regrouped after quarter-time and won the second quarter, keeping the Southern Bombers to just one behind.

The Tigers managed three goals for the term, with Tyler Carter kicking two of them, and got on top in the middle.

Lauderdale still led by 21 points at half-time, but the Tigers were now back in the game.

After the first half was a game of two quarters, the match became an even contest in the second half.

Lauderdale were on top to the start the third term and eventually profited through Tyler Martin and Harry Richmond’s third to stretch their lead.

But the Tigers responded with the final two goals of the quarter to give themselves a slight sniff.

Edward Burrows-Cheng furthered these hopes with a goal in the opening minutes of the last.

But two of the next three goals going Lauderdale’s way and the heavy rain made the tough task insurmountable.

Utility Sam Siggins (29 disposals and eight clearances) plied his trade as a midfielder and was prolific.

Skipper Bryce Walsh (24 disposals, six clearances and one goal) wasn’t far behind him (despite missing most of the second half) and Phil Bellchambers (17 disposals and six clearances) celebrated his 150th in style.

Former Gold Coast Sun Mackenzie Willis (23 disposals and six clearances) was a welcome sight for Tigers fans in his first game back.

Kieran Lovell (28 disposals and nine clearances) continued his lofty standards and Tyler Carter (four goals) was the leading goalkicker on the ground.

Tigers: 2.0, 5.5, 7.7, 9.12 (66)

Lauderdale: 9.1, 9.2, 12.7, 15.7 (97)


Goal Kickers: T. Carter (4), E. Burrows-Cheng (2), W. Campbell, S. Duigan, J. Bilson

Best Players: M. Willis, T. Carter, J. Drew, S. Duigan, Z. Adams, K. Lovell


Goal Kickers: L. Nelson (3), H. Richmond (3), R. Sutton (2), N. Raglione (2), T. Martin (2), B. Walsh, J. McGuinness, A. Kalcovski

Best Players: S. Siggins, B. Walsh, P. Bellchambers, L. Nelson, H. Richmond, H. Smith

Clinical Northern Bombers a class above ‘Pies

North Launceston made it four on the trot on Saturday, after a strong 52-point win over Glenorchy at a windy KGV.

A dominant performance after quarter-time set up the Northern Bombers 11.9 (75) to 3.5 (23) victory.

The ‘Pies kept North Launceston scoreless in the first term, but only kicked two goals after quarter-time.

Glenorchy had the advantage of kicking with the wind in the first quarter and played the term in their forward half, but only managed one goal through Matthew Joesph in a fairly defensive and scrappy contest.

North Launceston had the wind blowing at their end of the ground in the second quarter and used it to pile on four goals, despite the game being fairly even in general play.

Third-gamer Baynen Lowe continued his good form with two goals as the Northern Bombers opened up a 16-point lead at half-time.

North Launceston stretched away after the main break, with a seven-goal to two second half.

Sherrin Egger had his hands all over his namesake, booting four goals in the second half (three in the third term).

Jay Foon continued a classy performance playing further up the ground with his second goal for the day.

Rain bucketing down in the final quarter only further sealed Glenorchy’s fate, but it didn’t dampen North Launceston’s skills as they kicked the only two goals of the term.

Corey Nankervis completed the near-impossible by shutting down Jaye Bowden. Bowden came into the game having kicked seven goals in his last two games, but Nankervis kept Glenorchy’s spearhead goalless.

Defender Jay Foon (21 disposals, six inside 50s and two goals) thrived in his midfield role and Josh Ponting (33 disposals and 10 clearances) was classy as always.

Josh Arnold (29 disposals and eight rebounds 50) was the ‘Pies most prolific ball-winner, Mitch Rainbird (19 disposals and five inside 50s) was good through the middle and Tom Cleary made sure Bart McCulloch’s goal was his one-touch for the game.

Glenorchy: 1.3, 1.4, 3.4, 3.5 (23)

North Launceston: 0.0, 4.2, 9.3, 11.9 (75)


Goal Kickers: M. Joseph (2), C. Daly

Best Players: T. Cleary, C. Daly, J. Arnold, J. Webb, M. Rainbird, S. Rundle

North Launceston:

Goal Kickers: S. Egger (4), B. Lowe (2), J. Foon (2), B. McCulloch, O. Sanders, J. Laskey

Best Players: C. Nankervis, B. Lowe, J. Foon, J. Ponting, J. Laskey, S. Egger

‘Roos jump ‘Dees with strong second half

Clarence hopped to third on the ladder on Saturday, after beating North Hobart by 28 points at North Hobart Oval.

The ‘Roos stretched away with a dominant second half to secure a 9.15 (69) to 6.5 (41) victory.

The ‘Dees kicked five unanswered goals across the first and second term, but were outclassed after half-time.

Clarence seemed to have all the momentum when they kicked the first two goals of the game, but the rest of the first quarter belonged to the ‘Dees.

Young Jy Menzie ignited the home side with a running shot from outside 50 and followed up with a classy snap from the pocket, with North Hobart finding another two goals to end the term.

Jacob Steele’s second made it five in a row for the ‘Dees to start the second quarter.

But Clarence started to get the ascendency, and after some missed shots on goal, kicked three goals to round out the term.

An Ethan Jackson buzzer-beater put the ‘Roos up by just four points at the main break.

The ‘Roos dominated after half-time as they controlled the ball through the middle of the ground.

Their inaccuracy in front of goal, three goals and 10 behinds in the second half, was the only thing that stopped the margin from being bigger.

Keron Howlett kicked two second-half goals, while Ollie Preshaw provided the highlight of the match with a great screamer.

Ethan Jackson (19 disposals, five clearances and two goals) led Clarence through the middle, Keron Howlett (15 disposals, six marks and two goals) was a threat on the wing and Keegan Wylie was a controlling force down back.

Skipper Nathan McCulloch (26 disposals and five rebounds 50) and Baxter Norton (29 disposals and seven clearances) fought all day for North Hobart.

North Hobart: 4.1, 5.1, 5.5, 6.5 (41)

Clarence: 2.1, 5.5, 6.11, 9.15 (69)

North Hobart

Goal Kickers: J. Steele (2), J. Menzie 2, P. Walker, N. Hardy

Best Players: T. McGinniss, P. Walker, S. Willis


Goal Kickers: E. Jackson (2), C. Nield (2), K. Howlett (2), J. Webberley, N. Holmes, J. Harper

Best Players: K. Wylie, J. Harper, B. Jones, S. Banks, S. Green, K. Howlett

Up Next: Round 8

North Launceston vs Launceston, 7:00pm Wednesday 26/08/2020, UTAS Stadium

A blockbuster top of the table clash kicks off Round 8, as these crosstown rivals go at it.

Percentage is the only thing separating these teams between first and second, with the Northern Bombers looking to knock the Blues off their perch.

North Launceston are on a roll, winning their last four games in a row since losing to Launceston in Round 2, but face a four-day turnaround for this match.

Launceston have had over a week to stew on their one-point loss to Clarence and will be looking to return to the winners list against their arch-rival.

Lauderdale vs North Hobart, 2:00pm Saturday 29/08/2020, Skybus Oval

Another finals defining match-up between fourth and fifth on the ladder, as Lauderdale and North Hobart look to secure their place in the top-four.

Lauderdale snapped a three-game losing over the weekend and moved back into the top-four, they will now look to avenge their upset loss to the ‘Dees from earlier in the year.

North Hobart are now the ones on the end of a three-game losing streak after a great start to the season. They need to break it soon if they want to stay in touch.

Glenorchy vs Clarence, 2:30pm Saturday 29/08/2020, KGV

Another classic rivalry will be revived this round, as Glenorchy and Clarence lock heads on Saturday.

Glenorchy’s finals chances aren’t just on the line, but their pride as well, after being smashed by the ‘Roos earlier in the year.

Clarence are the story of the competition at the moment, they are third on the ladder and in the frame for a finals berth. They kept the ‘Pies to just one goal in Round 3 and will try to do something similar this week.

Launceston vs Tigers, 2:00pm Sunday 30/08/2020, Winsdor Park

A clash between the top and bottom teams on the ladder, as the Tigers look to cause a major upset.

The Blues delivered an 82-point bludgeoning against the Tigers earlier in the year, but now face the prospect of a four-day turnaround.

Kingborough are on the bottom of the ladder with just one win for the season, this match is simply must-win for them.

North Launceston has a bye over the weekend