TEAMS – TSL Round 6 & TSLW Round 5

Teams are in for another bumper round.

Glenorchy come in unchanged off the bye but have named Sam Rundle and Ben Kamaric as emergencies in the case the pair is ready to roll from injury.

Their opponents North Hobart welcome in two youngsters to replace the injured Jayden Charlton and Angus Norton.

Tom Bennett has served his time in Development League and will return to the senior setup for North Launceston. Four goals and a best on ground performance sees him take the place of William Edmunds. On the other side of the ledger, Lachlan Clifford will miss a large chunk of time for the Tigers and is replaced by Nathan Duggan, who returns to the senior side.

The experienced Tim Bristow will miss for Launceston, with crafty forward Grant Holt to take his spot. While Clarence have four changes as they face the tall task of the ladder leaders, losing Skipper Brady Jones and two promising youngsters in Oliver Davis and Noah Holmes.




Round 6 – 15/08/2020

1:00pm – KGV



B: J. Arnold, T. Cleary, N. Blowfield

HB: C. Meredith, D. Joseph, Z. Webster

C: R.  Best, J.  Geard, J.  Webb

HF: R. Dilger, J. Bowden, A. Roberts

F: M. Joseph, B. Williams, C. Thompson

R: J. Deegan, M. Rainbird, C. Daly

Int: D. Brown, D. Coppleman, R. Oakley, B. Simpson

Emg: E. Conway, M. Dilger, B. Kamaric, S. Rundle


North Hobart

B: H. Williams, B. Walker, H. Williams

HB: S. Collins, C. Kilpatrick, B. Norton

C: W.  Peppin, J.  Sandric, P.  Walker

HF: J. Menzie, N. Hardy, T. Reeves

F: J. Fisher, J. Steele, M. Fisher

R: H. Allan, T. Cunliffe, N. McCulloch

Int: S. Caswell, T. McGinniss, G. Mcleod, M. Yates

Emg: J. Cleaver, H. Ireland, F. Poke, S. Willis


In: G. Mcleod, T. McGinniss

Out: A. Norton, J. Charlton




Round 6 – 15/08/2020

1:40pm – UTAS Stadium

North Launceston

B: J. Avent, C. Nankervis, B. van Buuren

HB: F. Bennett, J. Callow, J. Foon

C: L.  Davies, B.  Cox-Goodyer, S.  Egger

HF: B. Lowe, T. Donnelly, D. Withers

F: J. Rushton, B. McCulloch, T. Whitford

R: A. Lee, J. Ponting, M. Walsh

Int: T. Bennett, J. Laskey, A. Richter-Salter, O. Sanders

Emg: L. Cocker, J. Curran, W. Edmunds, B. Simpson


In: T. Bennett

Out: W. Edmunds




B: B. Donnelly, B. McCulloch, S. Rice

HB: L. Gadomski, M. Davies, E. Reardon

C: B.  Gordon, L.  Watt, L.  Griggs

HF: O. Burrows-Cheng, C. Sawdy, S. Duigan

F: E. Burrows-Cheng, T. Carter, L. Graham

R: M. Gardner, W. Campbell, K. Lovell

Int: Z. Adams, J. Bilson, N. Duggan, G. O’Neill

Emg: J. Banks – Balding, M. Collidge, J. Lister, J. Pearce


In: N. Duggan

Out: L. Clifford




Round 6 – 15/08/2020

2:00pm – Windsor Park


B: J. Tuthill, B. Pearce, R. Tyrrell

HB: C. Brown, J. House, J. Smith

C: J.  Boyd, J.  Harper, M.  Hodge

HF: J. Dakin, M. Thorp, J. Hinds

F: G. Holt, A. Wright, D. Riley

R: T. Auckland, J. Blackberry, B. Palfreyman

Int: J. Donnellan, T. Miller, F. Seymour, B. Taylor

Emg: I. Chugg, J. Gillow, H. Leedham, S. Williams


In: G. Holt

Out: T. Bristow



B: J. Holmes, Z. Buechner, K. Wylie

HB: S. Banks, J. Bailey, J. Harper

C: B.  Smith, E.  Jackson, J.  Webberley

HF: D. Gardner, O. Preshaw, K. Howlett

F: J. Green, S. Green, C. Nield

R: R. Bailey, H. Burgess, C. Riley

Int: J. Barwick, D. Howlett, J. Preshaw, L. Swinton

Emg: T. Hanslow, S. Lewis-Johnson, O. Paprotny, W. Wall


In: B. Smith, L. Swinton, D. Gardner, C. Nield

Out: B. Jones, J. Bealey, O. Davis, N. Holmes





Round 5 – 15/08/2020

9:30am – Windsor Park

Launceston Football Club

B: A. Halaby, K. Hill, , H. Whyte

HB: A. Hoiberg-Cox, M. Sinclair,

C: M.  Hillier, D.  Bannister, M.  Radford

HF: M. Binns, B. Brown, M. Clark

F: A. Dickson, C. Cameron,

R: C. Taylor, J. Guy, M. King

Int: S. Beeton, C. McManus, M. Smith, D. Taylor

Emg: A. Green, B. White


Clarence Football Club

B: L. Marmion, R. Archer,

HB: B. Oates, K. Johnson, M. Wise

C: N.  Garlo, C.  Kenny, N.  Pearce

HF: J. Limbrick, M. Harper, A. Prokopiec

F: J. Williams, C. Edmand,

R: G. Alomes, B. Scott, N. Bresnehan

Int: T. Bortignon, A. Edmand , A. Hardner, K. Teders

Emg: E. Blair, A. Harper





Round 5 – 15/08/2020

3:45pm – UTAS Stadium

North Launceston Football Club

B: R. Slater, G. Bilich,

HB: J. Clifford, G. Dalco, B. Farrell

C: J.  Blair, M.  Cuthbertson, E.  Maurer

HF: Z. Bourne, E. McKinnell, H. Breward

F: C. Hooper, E. Barrenger,

R: S. Townsend, K. Sheehan, S. Farrow

Int: R. Kettle, S. Radford, I. Viney, M. Wilkinson


Tigers Football Club

B: B. Bell, R. Shinkfield,

HB: P. Odwogo, M. Purdon, K. Skabo

C: L.  Ellis, H.  Baldwin,

HF: R. Odwogo, G. Millar, P. Parsons

F: K. Johns, P. Flakemore, S. Rival-Quinn

R: M. Absolom, B. Phillips, M. Middleton Miller

Int: R. Coyle



Round 6 – 15/08/2020

10:45am – KGV


To be selected from:
W. Atkin, D. Brown, J. Webster, L. Nicholson, C. Hills, C. Burgess,
T. Turner, B. Rowbottom, B. Simpson, Z. Kelly, D. Browning, J. Saavedra,
B. Oates, B. Carr, J. Green, J. Tapp, A. Brennan, K. Dean,
R. Gavan, J. Poulson, S. Rundle, D. Coppleman, S. Deverell, B. Kamaric,
E. Conway, T. Duggan, M. Dilger, J. Roberts, R. Oakley, I. Manson

North Hobart

To be selected from:
W. Hodgman, R. Morgan, S. Wright, S. Willis, J. Pullen, K. Ryan,
T. Clark, N. Butler, W. Cole, N. Lee, D. White, J. Cleaver,
A. Palmer, F. Poke, P. Savage, A. Norton, F. Lapham, W. Collins,
H. Ireland, T. Willmott, T. Millhouse, J. Barwick, J. McCulloch, C. Leek,
M. Bidgood, B. Tilbury, P. Fisher, A. Keeling, T. Liefhebber, H. Barron


Round 6 – 15/08/2020

11:30am – UTAS Stadium

North Launceston

To be selected from:
J. Curran, R. Whitney, R. Sanders, B. Sulzberger, A. Bourne, M. Cossins,
A. Potter, J. Kerr, C. Evans, O. Chugg, T. Foon, W. Haley,
J. Williams, D. Chugg, A. Jefferies, C. Lowe, L. Cocker, N. Parkin,
B. Simpson, L. Ryan, S. Reitsema, C. Young, K. Lanham, Z. Burt,
N. Pearce, J. Carlson, J. Mazengarb, W. Edmunds


To be selected from:
B. Graham, J. Banks – Balding, M. Reynolds, P. Reihana, W. Clifford, T. Wright,
A. Webster, J. Downie, M. Lister, M. Collidge, J. Gadomski, B. Rees,
P. Kelly, J. Doran, J. Pearce, J. Pride, J. Lister, J. Keogh, N. Rumney, L. Sulzberger, L. Cooke, A. Bessell, R. Ashlin, C. Bryant, A. Graham


Round 6 – 15/08/2020

11:30am – Windsor Park


To be selected from:
J. Gillow, J. Bosveld, T. Miller, C. Riethoff, A. Williams, J. James,
I. Chugg, J. Maloney, H. Leedham, B. Gillow, M. Larby, T. McShane,
C. Jones, S. Williams, D. Mclean, H. Griffiths, I. Hyatt, A. Davies,
J. Hinds, L. Canny, W. Harper, F. Seymour, T. Clark, S. Foley,
Z. Camplin, J. Donnellan, B. Taylor, T. Lucas, C. Walker-Russell


To be selected from:
A. Jackman, R. Wright, A. Continenza, T. McCallum, J. Veneable, A. Butterworth,
C. Whitelaw, J. Tremayne, R. Stocks, K. Saward, J. Tilley, W. Wall,
T. Penwright, J. Young, P. Howlett, J. Silver, D. Pulford, T. Marshall,
C. Warmbrunn, S. Lewis-Johnson, N. Thornbury, T. Hanslow, C. Lovell, T. Hugo,
O. Paprotny, S. Storic