TEAMS: Bupa TSL Round 4 + Cripps TSLW Round 3

The teams are in for a do or die Round 4.

Kingborough Tigers host Glenorchy in ‘The war of the winless’, both clubs arrive at Round 4 desperate for a result. The Tigers and Magpies are both without a victory in 2020 and will be eager to bounce back after both teams suffered 70+ point losses, last week.

The Magpies welcome in two very helpful inclusions to aid their cause, in 2018 RACTI Player of the Year Daniel Joseph and premiership defender, Tom Cleary. In a bitter blow, the ‘Pies lose the services of reigning Hudson medalist, Aiden Grace, who sustained a significant ankle injury in the loss to the ‘Roos. The Tigers have resisted swinging the axe with Zac Adams in for Nathan Duggan, the only change.

North Launceston bounce out of the bye to take on a confident Clarence, entering fresh off a 78 point thumping of arch-rivals, Glenorchy. The Bombers have made a trio of changes, with crafty half forward William Edmunds to miss, as well as smooth mover, Liam Davies. Speedy small forward Jack Rushton and premiership midfielder Ben Simpson are among the inclusions. Clarence enter the encounter unchanged.

Ladder leading Launceston have looked irresistible in recent weeks and only get stronger for this weekend’s meeting with Lauderdale. Star midfielder Tim Bristow is fit and ready to go after tuning up in recent weeks through the Cripps Development League. He takes the place of small forward Grant Holt.

Lauderdale will be raring to go after suffering a shock defeat at the hands of North Hobart. Josh Williams and Alex Hevey have come out of the Bombers 22, while Nick Raglione has been recalled.


SELECTED SIDES FOR Bupa Tasmanian State League (TSL)




Twin Ovals – 1:30pm

Kingborough Tigers

B: J. Drew, B. McCulloch, S. Rice

HB: L. Gadomski, M. Davies, E. Reardon

C: Z.  Adams, W.  Campbell, L.  Griggs

HF: G. O’Neill, C. Sawdy, L. Watt

F: S. Duigan, T. Carter, L. Graham

R: M. Gardner, L. Clifford, K. Lovell

Int: J. Bilson, O. Burrows-Cheng, B. Donnelly, B. Gordon

Emg: R. Ashlin, A. Bessell, E. Burrows-Cheng, N. Duggan

In: Z. Adams

Out: N. Duggan


B: N. Blowfield , T. Cleary, Z. Webster

HB: J. Arnold, C. Meredith, D. Joseph

C: J.  Bowden, S.  Rundle, J.  Webb

HF: R. Dilger, B. Williams, B. Simpson

F: M. Dilger, M. Joseph, C. Thompson

R: J. Deegan, M. Rainbird, C. Daly

Int: D. Brown, D. Coppleman, Z. Evans-fenton, R. Oakley

Emg: R. Best, J. Geard, R. Mott, A. Roberts

In: D. Joseph, T. Cleary

Out: A. Grace, J. Whitford



NORTH LAUNCESTON v. CLARENCE  Round 4 – 01/08/2020

UTAS Stadium – 2:00pm


North Launceston

B: J. Avent, C. Nankervis, B. van Buuren

HB: J. Foon, C. Young, A. Richter-Salter

C: B.  Simpson, B.  Cox-Goodyer, M.  Walsh

HF: S. Egger, J. Callow, J. Rushton

F: Z. Burt, T. Bennett, T. Donnelly

R: A. Lee, J. Ponting, T. Whitford

Int: F. Bennett, J. Laskey, O. Sanders, D. Withers

Emg: L. Cocker, L. Davies, B. Lowe, B. McCulloch

In: J. Rushton, J. Laskey, B. Simpson

Out: L. Davies, W. Edmunds, L. Cocker



B: J. Bealey, J. Bailey, J. Holmes

HB: B. Jones, Z. Buechner, K. Wylie

C: S.  Banks, E.  Jackson, K.  Howlett

HF: L. Swinton , S. Green, J. Webberley

F: J. Green, N. Holmes, C. Riley

R: R. Bailey, O. Davis, J. Harper

Int: H. Burgess, D. Howlett, J. Preshaw, O. Preshaw

Emg: J. Barwick, D. Gardner, B. Smith, J. Young



LAUNCESTON v. LAUDERDALE  Round 4 – 01/08/2020

Windsor Park – 2:00pm


B: B. Pearce, J. Smith, J. Tuthill

HB: J. Boyd, J. House, R. Tyrrell

C: C.  Brown, J.  Blackberry, J.  Dakin

HF: J. Hinds, M. Thorp, B. Taylor

F: M. Musicka, D. Riley, A. Wright

R: T. Auckland, J. Harper, B. Palfreyman

Int: T. Bristow, J. Donnellan, M. Hodge, T. Miller

Emg: I. Chugg, G. Holt, F. Seymour, S. Williams

In: T. Bristow

Out: G. Holt



B: B. Kingston, W. Poland, N. Raglione

HB: W. Francis, J. McGuinness, R. McManus

C: L.  Nelson, B.  Walsh, R.  Sutton

HF: N. Baker, T. Martin, A. Kalcovski

F: P. Bellchambers, T. Havea, N. Oakes

R: H. Smith, S. Siggins, N. Franklin

Int: L. Arnold, S. Burge, J. Dance, H. Richmond

Emg: C. Laoumtzis, T. Ratcliffe, J. Westell, J. Williams


In: N. Raglione, B. Kingston

Out: A. Hevey, J. Williams


SELECTED SIDES FOR Tasmanian State League Women’s 




Round 3 – 01/08/2020

Twin Ovals – 4:00pm

Tigers Football Club

B: B. Bell, R. Shinkfield, M. Polley

HB: S. Botterill-James, P. Odwogo ,

C: L.  Ellis, H.  Baldwin, M. Barr

HF: E. Lamb, G. Millar,

F: K. Johns, , S. Rival-Quinn, G. Abel

R: M. Absolom, B. Phillips, M. Middleton Miller

Int: A. Burrows-Cheng, R. Odwogo, M. Purdon


Glenorchy Football Club

B: T. Ford, L. Haines,

HB: E. Barwick, S. Flack, K. Maass

C: M.  Shaw, M.  Mitchell, M.  Sutcliffe

HF: A. Clark, H. Ryan, P. King

F: H. Barwick, S. Skinner,

R: Z. Crawford, J. Webster, B. Barwick

Int: R. Clifton, C. Ford, C. Knowles, M. Wright

Emg: A. Raspin, J. Tate Turvey



Round 3 – 01/08/2020

UTAS Stadium – 4:30pm

North Launceston Football Club

B: R. Slater, G. Bilich,

HB: J. Clifford, G. Dalco, B. Farrell

C: J.  Blair, M.  Cuthbertson, E.  Maurer

HF: Z. Bourne, E. McKinnell, H. Breward

F: C. Hooper, E. Barrenger,

R: S. Townsend, K. Sheehan, S. Farrow

Int: R. Kettle, S. Radford, I. Viney, M. Wilkinson


Clarence Football Club

B: A. Prokopiec, R. Archer,

HB: N. Bresnehan, C. Edmand, B. Scott

C: G.  Mitchell, L.  Marmion, J.  Williams

HF: A. Edmand , M. Harper, N. Garlo

F: T. Bortignon, C. Kenny,

R: G. Alomes, M. Wise, K. Teders

Int: A. Hardner, J. Limbrick, B. Oates, N. Pearce

Emg: A. Harper, E. Blair


Cripps Development League Teams



Round 4 – 01/08/2020


To be selected from:
N. Duggan, J. Banks – Balding, M. Reynolds, P. Reihana, A. Bessell, A. Webster,
R. Ashlin, M. Lister, M. Collidge, B. Rees, T. Keep, E. Burrows-Cheng,
J. Doran, J. Pearce, J. Pride, J. Lister, J. Keogh, B. Graham, W. Clifford, T. Wright, J. Downie, S. Dickson, J. Gadomski, P. Kelly, A. Graham


To be selected from:
W. Atkin, D. Brown, J. Webster, L. Nicholson, C. Hills, T. Turner,
B. Rowbottom, R. Best, Z. Kelly, J. Saavedra, B. Oates, B. Carr,
J. Green, J. Tapp, Z. Evans-fenton, A. Brennan, K. Dean, R. Gavan,
J. Geard, J. Poulson, J. Whitford, D. Coppleman, S. Deverell, A. Roberts,
E. Conway, T. Duggan, J. Roberts, R. Oakley, I. Manson


Round 4 – 01/08/2020

North Launceston

To be selected from:
L. Davies, B. Lowe, R. Whitney, R. Sanders, M. Stingel, B. Sulzberger,
A. Bourne, M. Cossins, A. Potter, J. Smith, J. Kerr, O. Chugg,
T. Foon, W. Haley, J. Williams, D. Chugg, A. Jefferies, C. Lowe,
B. McCulloch, L. Cocker, N. Parkin, L. Ryan, S. Reitsema, N. Pearce,
L. Young, J. Carlson, J. Mazengarb, J. Curran



To be selected from:
A. Jackman, R. Wright, A. Continenza, J. Veneable, A. Butterworth, B. Smith,
D. Gardner, C. Whitelaw, J. Tremayne, R. Hapka, R. Stocks, K. Saward,
J. Tilley, J. Gridley, T. Penwright, J. Young, J. Silver, D. Pulford,
T. Marshall, J. Barwick, C. Warmbrunn, S. Lewis-Johnson, N. Thornbury, L. Borsboom,
T. Hanslow, C. Lovell, T. Hugo, S. Storic

In: R. Hapka, J. Veneable, D. Pulford, C. Warmbrunn


LAUNCESTON v. LAUDERDALE Round 4 – 01/08/2020


To be selected from:
J. Gillow, Z. Morris, J. James, I. Chugg, J. Maloney, H. Leedham,
B. Gillow, T. McShane, S. Williams, H. Griffiths, J. Colgrave, G. Holt,
J. Hinds, A. Wilkinson, W. Harper, S. Foley, T. Lucas, C. Walker-Russell, C. Riethoff, S. Sherriff, M. Larby, D. Mclean, A. Davies, L. Canny


To be selected from:
B. Lamprell, P. Fehoko, S. Tilley, J. Lehman, L. Gallagher, K. Glinada,
B. Kingston, B. Steinbauer, S. Clayton, L. Wright, L. Arnold, W. Gergel,
F. Rackett, J. Perkins, J. Lewis, T. Pyke, D. Searle, S. Williams,
H. Richmond, B. McGuinness, B. Tonks, N. Raglione, S. Perkins, S. Foster,
T. Ratcliffe, T. Steele, L. Freeman, C. Laoumtzis