TEAMS: Bupa TSL Round 3 + Cripps TSLW Round 2

The teams are in for Round 3 of the BUPA TSL and Round 2 of the Cripps TSLW.

Josh Green makes his long awaited return to the TSL, as one of two ‘Roos inclusions, alongside defender James Holmes. The ‘Roos host their first game at their home away from home, Richmond. A ground Green knows all too well, growing up in the township.

Banks-Smith, Kamaric and Geard are big outs for the Magpies but they get a major inclusion to soften the blow with the Prince, Jaye Bowden back in to play the arch-rival.

Fresh off a break through victory over their fierce rivals, Launceston Coach Mitch Thorp returns to the 22 with Jack Donnellan to miss. The Blues face an unchanged Kingborough.

North Hobart are boosted by the return of crafty forward, Sean Willis and there is wholesale change at Lauderdale.

The Bombers lose Mitch Anderton and Jarrod Westell to injury and welcome back the experience of Alex Hevey and the talented Nick Baker among others. VFL recruits Nathan Oakes and Luke Nelson have taken the place of Jeffrey McDonald and Nicholas Connors, who have both been removed from Lauderdale Football Club’s list.


Round 3 – 25/07/2020
Richmond Oval 1:30pm

B: J. Bealey, J. Bailey, D. Howlett
HB: B. Jones, Z. Buechner, K. Wylie
C: S. Banks, E. Jackson, K. Howlett
HF: L. Swinton , N. Holmes, J. Webberley
F: J. Green, S. Green, J. Preshaw
R: R. Bailey, O. Davis, J. Harper
Int: H. Burgess, J. Holmes, O. Preshaw, C. Riley
Emg: T. Hanslow, S. Lewis-Johnson, B. Smith, W. Wall

In: J. Green, J. Holmes
Out: O. Paprotny, T. Hanslow

B: J. Arnold, Z. Evans-fenton, N. Blowfield
HB: D. Brown, J. Bowden, Z. Webster
C: J. Webb, S. Rundle, J. Whitford
HF: R. Dilger, A. Grace, A. Roberts
F: C. Daly, D. Coppleman, M. Joseph
R: J. Deegan, M. Rainbird, R. Oakley
Int: M. Dilger, C. Meredith, C. Thompson, B. Williams
Emg: T. Cleary, I. Manson, B. Rowbottom, B. Simpson

In: M. Rainbird, C. Thompson, J. Bowden, C. Meredith
Out: B. Patterson, B. Kamaric, R. Banks-Smith, J. Geard

Round 3 – 25/07/2020
Twin Ovals – 1:30pm

B: J. Drew, B. McCulloch, N. Duggan
HB: L. Gadomski, M. Davies, E. Reardon
C: L. Griggs, W. Campbell, S. Rice
HF: J. Bilson, C. Sawdy, L. Watt
F: S. Duigan, T. Carter, L. Graham
R: M. Gardner, L. Clifford, K. Lovell
Int: O. Burrows-Cheng, B. Donnelly, B. Gordon, G. O’Neill
Emg: Z. Adams, R. Ashlin, A. Bessell, T. Keep

B: J. Boyd, J. House, J. Tuthill
HB: C. Brown, J. Smith, R. Tyrrell
C: J. Dakin, J. Harper, M. Hodge
HF: J. Blackberry, M. Thorp, A. Wright
F: J. Hinds, D. Riley, M. Musicka
R: T. Auckland, F. Seymour, B. Palfreyman
Int: G. Holt, T. Miller, B. Pearce, B. Taylor
Emg: T. Bristow, I. Chugg, J. Donnellan, S. Williams

In: M. Thorp
Out: J. Donnellan

Round 3 – 25/07/2020
North Hobart Oval – 2:00pm

North Hobart
B: C. Kilpatrick, B. Walker, J. Sandric
HB: S. Collins, H. Williams, N. McCulloch
C: J. Charlton, B. Norton, P. Walker
HF: S. Caswell, J. Steele, J. Fisher
F: A. Norton, N. Hardy, S. Willis
R: H. Allan, M. Fisher, T. Cunliffe
Int: J. Menzie, W. Peppin, T. Reeves, M. Yates
Emg: H. Ireland, G. Mcleod, F. Poke, D. White

In: S. Willis
Out: N. Lee

B: W. Francis, W. Poland, R. McManus
HB: P. Bellchambers, N. Baker, J. McGuinness
C: R. Sutton, A. Kalcovski, J. Williams
HF: S. Burge, T. Martin, A. Hevey
F: J. Dance, T. Havea, B. Walsh
R: H. Smith, N. Franklin, S. Siggins
Int: L. Arnold, L. Nelson, N. Oakes, H. Richmond
Emg: L. Gallagher, B. Kingston, N. Raglione, B. Steinbauer

In: N. Oakes, L. Arnold, N. Baker, A. Hevey, L. Nelson, H. Richmond
Out: N. Connors, M. Anderton, J. McDonald, J. Westell, N. Raglione, L. Gallagher


Round 2 – 25/07/2020
Richmond Oval – 3:45pm

Clarence Football Club
B: R. Archer, A. Prokopiec,
HB: N. Bresnehan, C. Edmand, B. Scott
C: G. Mitchell, L. Marmion, J. Williams
HF: A. Edmand , M. Harper, N. Garlo
F: T. Bortignon, K. Johnson,
R: G. Alomes, M. Wise, K. Teders
Int: A. Hardner, J. Limbrick, B. Oates, N. Pearce
Emg: A. Harper, B. McDonald

Glenorchy Football Club
B: B. Barwick, E. Barwick,
HB: H. Barwick, A. Clark, T. Ford
C: R. Clifton, Z. Crawford, L. Haines
HF: P. King, M. Shaw, M. Sutcliffe
F: K. Maass, S. Skinner,
R: H. Ryan, J. Webster, M. Mitchell
Int: S. Flack, C. Knowles, A. Raspin, M. Wright
Emg: J. Tate Turvey

Round 2 – 25/07/2020
Twin Ovals – 4:00pm

Tigers Football Club
B: B. Bell, R. Shinkfield,
HB: G. Abel, P. Odwogo , S. Botterill-James
C: L. Ellis, H. Baldwin, M. Polley
HF: E. Lamb, G. Millar,
F: K. Johns, P. Flakemore, S. Rival-Quinn
R: M. Absolom, B. Phillips, M. Middleton Miller
Int: M. Barr, A. Burrows-Cheng, R. Odwogo

Launceston Football Club
B: G. Burgess, M. Sinclair,
HB: M. Hillier, B. Brown, H. Whyte
C: S. Beeton, A. Dickson, B. White
HF: D. Bannister, C. Cameron, K. Hill
F: P. Barnett, G. Hill,
R: C. Taylor, J. Guy, M. King
Int: M. Binns, L. Deruyter-barnett, C. McManus, D. Taylor
Emg: M. Clark, M. Smith



Round 3 – 25/07/2020

Richmond Oval – 11:15am

To be selected from:
J. Barwick, L. Borsboom, A. Butterworth, A. Continenza, D. Gardner, J. Gridley,
T. Hanslow, J. Holmes, T. Hugo, A. Jackman, S. Lewis-Johnson, C. Lovell,
T. Marshall, C. Nield, T. Penwright, D. Pulford, K. Saward, B. Smith,
R. Stocks, S. Storic, N. Thornbury, J. Tilley, J. Tremayne, W. Wall,
C. Warmbrunn, C. Whitelaw, R. Wright, J. Young

To be selected from:
W. Atkin, R. Best, A. Brennan, B. Carr, T. Cleary, E. Conway,
L. Crennan, S. Deverell, R. Gavan, J. Green, C. Hills, D. Joseph,
Z. Kelly, I. Manson, C. Mcknight, L. Nicholson, B. Oates, J. Roberts,
B. Rowbottom, J. Saavedra, B. Simpson, J. Tapp, C. Thompson, T. Turner,
J. Webster


Round 3 – 25/07/2020

Twin Ovals – 11:15am



To be selected from:
Z. Adams, R. Ashlin, J. Banks – Balding, A. Bessell, E. Burrows-Cheng, M. Collidge,
J. Doran, J. Gadomski, B. Graham, T. Keep, P. Kelly, M. Lister,
J. Lister, J. Pearce, J. Pride, B. Rees, P. Reihana, A. Webster,
T. Wright

To be selected from:
T. Bristow, J. Burling, L. Canny, I. Chugg, J. Colgrave, A. Davies,
J. Donnellan, S. Foley, B. Gillow, H. Griffiths, W. Harper, J. Hinds,
J. James, M. Larby, H. Leedham, T. Lucas, J. Maloney, D. Mclean,
T. McShane, Z. Morris, C. Riethoff, C. Walker-Russell, A. Wilkinson, S. Williams



Round 3 – 25/07/2020

North Hobart Oval – 11:30am


North Hobart
To be selected from:
H. Barron, J. Barwick, M. Bidgood, N. Butler, T. Clark, J. Cleaver,
W. Collins, H. Ireland, A. Keeling, F. Lapham, N. Lee, T. Liefhebber,
J. McCulloch, T. McGinniss, G. Mcleod, T. Millhouse, A. Moore, R. Morgan,
L. Payne, F. Poke, K. Ryan, P. Savage, N. Spiden, W. Splann,
J. Willmott, T. Willmott, S. Wright, B. Young

To be selected from:
L. Arnold, C. Carr, P. Fehoko, S. Foster, L. Freeman, L. Gallagher,
W. Gergel, K. Glinada, B. Kingston, B. Lamprell, C. Laoumtzis, J. Lewis,
J. Perkins, S. Perkins, T. Pyke, F. Rackett, N. Raglione, T. Ratcliffe,
H. Richmond, D. Searle, T. Steele, B. Steinbauer, S. Tilley, B. Tonks,
L. Wright