TEAMS: Round 2

The Teams are in for Round 2 and we get our first look at the Tigers in 2020.

The boys from Twin ovals welcome back on-baller Will Campbell from long term injury. The Tigers have also sprung change with the electric Elijah Reardon shifted into a defensive role. The Demons welcome in a young tall in Tyler McGinnis to boost their key position stocks, as the modern rivalry renews.

Michael Musicka returns to TSL football and the Blues for the big cross-town derby against North Launceston and big man Tim Auckland replaces Hamish Leedham. Their opponent have a bumper inclusion with gun half back Arion Richter-Salter but lose experienced key forward, Bart McCulloch.

Lauderdale welcome in the leadership of Bryce Walsh, after the inside midfielder was a late withdrawal last weekend. His inclusion is coupled with one young gun in and one young gun out for the Bombers, with the helmeted Mitch Anderton replacing Nick Baker.

Glenorchy will have to wait longer for some of their superstars to return to the fold, no Jaye Bowden for the second straight week as young Goodsell takes the spot of Rhys Mott, who departs for Ulverstone.



Round 2 – 18/07/2020 – 2:00pm at Windsor Park


B: J. Boyd, J. House, J. Tuthill

HB: C. Brown, J. Smith, R. Tyrrell

C: M.  Musicka, J.  Harper, B.  Palfreyman

HF: J. Hinds, M. Thorp, T. Miller

F: G. Holt, D. Riley, A. Wright

R: T. Auckland, F. Seymour, J. Blackberry

Int: J. Dakin, J. Donnellan, M. Hodge, B. Taylor

Emg: T. Bristow, I. Chugg, H. Leedham, B. Pearce


In: M. Musicka, J. Tuthill, T. Auckland

Out: I. Chugg, H. Leedham, B. Pearce


North Launceston

B: J. Avent, C. Nankervis, B. van Buuren

HB: J. Foon, C. Young, A. Richter-Salter

C: L.  Davies, B.  Cox-Goodyer, M.  Walsh

HF: W. Edmunds, J. Callow, S. Egger

F: Z. Burt, T. Bennett, T. Donnelly

R: A. Lee, J. Ponting, T. Whitford

Int: F. Bennett, L. Cocker, O. Sanders, D. Withers

Emg: M. Cossins, J. Curran, B. McCulloch, J. Rushton


In: A. Richter-Salter, D. Withers, T. Donnelly

Out: B. Simpson, M. Cossins, B. McCulloch



Round 2 – 18/07/2020 – 2:00pm at Twin Ovals

Kingborough Tigers

B: J. Drew, B. McCulloch, N. Duggan

HB: L. Gadomski, M. Davies, E. Reardon

C: L.  Griggs, W.  Campbell, S.  Rice

HF: J. Bilson, C. Sawdy, L. Watt

F: S. Duigan, T. Carter, L. Graham

R: M. Gardner, K. Lovell, L. Clifford

Int: O. Burrows-Cheng, B. Donnelly, B. Gordon, G. O’Neill

Emg: R. Ashlin, E. Burrows-Cheng, J. Doran, B. Rees


North Hobart

B: S. Collins, B. Walker, H. Williams

HB: B. Norton, H. Williams, M. Yates

C: C.  Kilpatrick, J.  Sandric, P.  Walker

HF: T. McGinniss, J. Steele, S. Willis

F: M. Fisher, J. Fisher, T. Reeves

R: H. Allan, T. Cunliffe, N. McCulloch

Int: S. Caswell, J. Charlton, J. Menzie, W. Peppin

Emg: N. Hardy, N. Lee, A. Norton, D. White


In: T. McGinniss

Out: N. Lee



Round 2 – 18/07/2020 – 2:00pm at Skybus Oval


B: W. Francis, W. Poland, N. Raglione

HB: P. Bellchambers, J. McGuinness, N. Connors

C: R.  Sutton, A.  Kalcovski, J.  Williams

HF: J. Dance, T. Martin, R. McManus

F: T. Havea, J. Westell, A. Hevey

R: H. Smith, N. Franklin, B. Walsh

Int: M. Anderton, S. Burge, J. McDonald, S. Siggins

Emg: L. Arnold, L. Gallagher, B. Kingston, H. Richmond


In: B. Walsh, M. Anderton

Out: N. Baker, L. Gallagher



B: J. Arnold, B. Williams, D. Brown

HB: B. Patterson, C. Goodsell, Z. Webster

C: R.  Banks-Smith, J.  Geard, N.  Blowfield

HF: C. Daly, A. Grace, A. Roberts

F: R. Dilger, M. Joseph, M. Dilger

R: J. Deegan, M. Rainbird, B. Kamaric

Int: D. Coppleman, S. Rundle, J. Webb, J. Whitford

Emg: J. Bowden, Z. Evans-fenton, R. Oakley, B. Rowbottom


In: C. Goodsell

Out: R. Mott


Cripps TSLW Teams

Round 1 – 18/07/2020

Launceston Football Club
B: B. White, B. Brown,
HB: K. Hill, M. Sinclair, H. Whyte
C: C. McManus, M. King, M. Smith
HF: A. Dickson, M. Binns, M. Radford
F: A. Jackson, G. Hill,
R: C. Taylor, D. Bannister, J. Guy
Int: S. Beeton, M. Clark, A. Halaby, M. Hillier
Emg: P. Barnett, G. Burgess

North Launceston Football Club
B: R. Slater, G. Dalco,
HB: J. Blair, S. Radford, J. Clifford
C: M. Cuthbertson, K. Sheehan, E. Maurer
HF: Z. Bourne, E. McKinnell, K. Hennessy
F: B. Farrell, M. Wilkinson,
R: S. Townsend, H. Breward, R. Kettle
Int: E. Barrenger, K. Broad, S. Farrow, E. Perkins

Teams for Cripps Development League


Round 2 – 18/07/2020 – 11:45am at Windsor Park

To be selected from:
J. Gillow, C. Riethoff, Z. Morris, J. James, I. Chugg, J. Maloney,
B. Gillow, M. Larby, K. Chilcott, J. Dakin, T. McShane, S. Williams,
D. Mclean, H. Griffiths, T. Bristow, J. Colgrave, A. Davies, J. Hinds,
L. Canny, A. Wilkinson, W. Harper, J. Burling, S. Foley, Z. Camplin,
J. Donnellan, B. Taylor, T. Lucas, M. Hodge, C. Walker-Russell, B. Pearce

North Launceston
To be selected from:
J. Curran, B. Lowe, R. Whitney, R. Sanders, M. Stingel, B. Sulzberger,
A. Bourne, M. Cossins, A. Potter, H. Bayles, J. Kerr, O. Chugg,
J. Laskey, T. Foon, W. Haley, J. Williams, D. Chugg, A. Jefferies,
C. Lowe, B. McCulloch, L. Cocker, N. Parkin, L. Ryan, D. Withers,
J. Rushton, N. Pearce, L. Young, J. Carlson


Round 2 – 18/07/2020 – 11:45am at Twin Ovals

To be selected from:
B. Graham, J. Banks – Balding, L. Sulzberger, P. Reihana, A. Bessell, W. Clifford,
T. Wright, A. Webster, J. Downie, S. Dickson, R. Ashlin, M. Lister,
M. Collidge, Z. Adams, J. Gadomski, B. Rees, T. Keep, P. Kelly,
A. Graham, E. Burrows-Cheng, J. Doran, A. Heald, J. Lister, J. Keogh

North Hobart
To be selected from:
H. Barron, R. Morgan, K. Cobern, K. Ryan, T. Clark, A. Moore,
W. Splann, N. Butler, W. Cole, N. Lee, D. White, J. Cleaver,
F. Poke, G. Mcleod, L. Payne, F. Lapham, W. Collins, H. Ireland,
T. Willmott, T. Millhouse, J. Barwick, J. McCulloch, C. Ransom, C. Leek,
M. Bidgood, B. Tilbury, N. Hardy, B. Young, A. Keeling


Round 2 – 18/07/2020 – 11:45am at Skybus Oval

To be selected from:
B. Lamprell, P. Fehoko, S. Tilley, J. Lehman, J. McDonald, L. Gallagher,
K. Glinada, B. Kingston, B. Steinbauer, L. Wright, L. Arnold, W. Gergel,
F. Rackett, J. Perkins, C. Carr, J. Lewis, T. Pyke, D. Searle,
H. Richmond, B. McGuinness, B. Tonks, S. Perkins, S. Foster, T. Ratcliffe,
T. Steele, L. Freeman, C. Laoumtzis, M. Anderton

To be selected from:
I. Manson, L. Brown, L. Nicholson, C. Hills, T. Turner, B. Rowbottom,
B. Simpson, Z. Kelly, J. Saavedra, B. Oates, L. Crennan, C. Thompson,
B. Carr, C. Meredith, J. Tapp, Z. Evans-fenton, K. Dean, R. Gavan,
D. Coppleman, S. Deverell, D. Joseph, J. Roberts, R. Oakley