RACT Insurance Player of Year – how your team fared

With the 2019 #BUPATSL season done and dusted, the RACT Insurance Player of the Year award has been claimed by North Launceston skipper Brad Cox-Goodyer.

In a thrilling race to the finish, Cox-Goodyer polled 21 votes to sit one ahead of Launceston bull Fletcher Seymour and five clear of teammate Josh Ponting.

Catch up on all of the vote-getters from each club!


21 VOTES: Brad Cox-Goodyer (North Launceston)

20 VOTES: Fletcher Seymour (Launceston)

16 VOTES: Josh Ponting (North Launceston)

14 VOTES: Haydn Smith (Lauderdale)

12 VOTES: Sam Darley (North Hobart), Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale)

11 VOTES: Sam Siggins (Lauderdale), Mitch Thorp (Launceston)

10 VOTES: Ben Kamaric (Glenorchy), Ryan Matthews (Tigers FC), Taylor Whitford (North Launceston)



6 VOTES: Ryan Bailey, Brady Jones

5 VOTES: Jake Cox

3 VOTES: Jeromey Webberley

2 VOTES: Ethan Jackson

1 VOTE: Jarrod Harper, Matt Ling, Oscar Paprotny, Oliver Preshaw


Ryan Bailey impressed in the back half of the year with three-vote efforts in rounds 18 and 20. IC: Solstice Digital



10 VOTES: Ben Kamaric

9 VOTES: Callen Daly

8 VOTES: Jaye Bowden, Rhys Mott

7 VOTES: Aiden Grace

4 VOTES: Zac Webster

3 VOTES: Josh Arnold, Ryan Banks-Smith, John Geard

2 VOTES: Cameron Duffy, Harrison Gunther, Sam Rundle

1 VOTE: James Webb

Ben Kamaric enjoyed a breakout season, polling votes in five matches. IC: Solstice Digital



14 VOTES: Haydn Smith

12 VOTES: Bryce Walsh

11 VOTES: Sam Siggins

8 VOTES: Josh McGuinness

3 VOTES: Nat Franklin, Alex Hevey

2 VOTES: Phil Bellchambers, Sam Burge, Matt Elliott, Jacob Gillbee, Ben McGuinness, Robbie McManus, Nick Raglione, Rhys Sutton

Haydn Smith had a dominant campaign to remain in contention for the award for most of the season. IC: Solstice Digital



20 VOTES: Fletcher Seymour

11 VOTES: Mitch Thorp

9 VOTES: Jobi Harper

8 VOTES: Tim Bristow

4 VOTES: Miller Hodge, Dylan Riley

3 VOTES: Jay Blackberry, Jack Donnellan, Alec Wright

2 VOTES: Hamish Leedham

1 VOTE: Grant Holt, Brendan Taylor, Jack Tuthill

Fletcher Seymour, Jay Blackberry, Tim Bristow and Alec Wright all polled in 2019. IC: Solstice Digital



12 VOTES: Sam Darley

9 VOTES: Colin Garland

5 VOTES: Nathan McCulloch

2 VOTES: Samuel Caswell

1 VOTE: Thomas Reeves

Sam Darley was the Demons’ leading light. IC: Solstice Digital



21 VOTES: Brad Cox-Goodyer

16 VOTES: Josh Ponting

10 VOTES: Taylor Whitford

9 VOTES: Alex Lee

4 VOTES: Sherrin Egger, Arion Richter-Salter

3 VOTES: Dakota Bannister, Jay Foon

2 VOTES: Ben Elmer, Bart McCulloch, Jordan Tepper, Connor Young

1 VOTE: Fletcher Bennett, Liam Davies, Jack Rushton

Brad Cox-Goodyer added another accolade to his already sparkling football resume.



10 VOTES: Ryan Matthews

8 VOTES: Kieran Lovell

5 VOTES: Jarryd Drew

4 VOTES: Lochie Griggs

3 VOTES: Tyler Carter, Lachy Clifford, Marcus Gardner

2 VOTES: Sam Duigan, Michael Paul

1 VOTE: Blake McCulloch, Elijah Reardon, Brady Rees

Ryan Matthews caught the eye of the media in 2019 with 10 votes. IC: Solstice Digital