Round 20 Teams – Boost for Bombers, Devils delight for Demons

The teams are in for round 20 of the Bupa Tasmanian State League season, with some handy additions coming in across the board. 

Lauderdale has received a big boost for its huge clash with Glenorchy at KGV, with skipper Bryce Walsh, midfield bull Phil Bellchambers and livewire forward Henry Kerinaiua all coming into the side.

Walsh and Bellchambers were both late withdrawals – and subsequently sorely missed – last weekend, while Kerinaiua returns from spending time in the Northern Territory. Versatile targets Alex Hill and Matt Elliott also return, adding even greater flexibility to this Lauderdale outfit.

The Bombers do lose some strong players, though, with Devils Matt McGuinness and Oscar Shaw both missing as well as leader Robbie McManus (injured) and young players Corey Laoumtzis and Lincoln Arnold.

Glenorchy will welcome back two experienced heads, with Clinton French and Liam Smith returning from injury for the KGV blockbuster. Brodie Rowbottom (ill) and Matt Joseph both make way.

North Launceston’s clash with North Hobart at Invermay Park has also received an injection of star power, with running defender Arion Richter-Salter returning for the Bombers, on top of Devils duo Jackson Callow and Oliver Sanders. Rhyan Mansell (rested), Dakota Bannister (suspended) and Will Haley make way.

The Demons have also received a big Demons boost, with the likes of Jake Steele, Will Peppin, Jye Menzie and Patrick Walker all coming into the side.

The Tigers have made four changes for Saturday’s Gadomski-Riewoldt Trophy clash, with forward targets Tyler Carter and Elijah Reardon both returning after being late withdrawals last weekend. Devils Oliver Burrows-Cheng and Lachie Gadomski both come in to add further excitement to this Tigers side.

Clarence has made one change, bringing back defender Sam Green from school duties for Aiden Jackman.




Round 20 – 17/08/2019

2:00PM – KGV Oval


B: J. Arnold, S. Hall, Z. Webster

HB: A. Brennan, C. Goodsell, B. Patterson

C: R.  Mott, J.  Geard, J.  Whitford

HF: J. Bowden, S. Reeves, C. Daly

F: B. Bester, A. Grace, A. Roberts

R: C. Duffy, B. Kamaric, J. Webb

Int: W. Atkin, R. Banks-Smith, C. French, L. Smith

Emg: N. Blowfield , B. Carr, R. Dilger S. Rundle

In: C. French, L. Smith

Out: B. Rowbottom,  M. Joseph



B: J. Perkins, E. Trupp, E. Whish-Wilson

HB: M. Anderton, A. Hill, R. Wiggins

C: A.  Hevey, B.  Walsh, R.  Sutton

HF: A. Saunders, N. Baker, S. Siggins

F: S. Burge, B. McGuinness, H. Kerinaiua

R: H. Smith, P. Bellchambers, N. Franklin

Int: M. Elliott, J. Gillbee, N. Raglione, J. Williams

Emg: L. Arnold, W. Gergel, R. Hill, R. McManus

In: B. Walsh, H. Kerinaiua, A. Hill, P. Bellchambers, M. Elliott

Out: O. Shaw, C. Laoumtzis, M. McGuinness, L. Arnold, R. McManus



Round 20 – 17/08/2019

2:00PM – Invermay Park

North Launceston

B: J. Avent, C. Young, A. Richter-Salter

HB: F. Bennett, B. van Buuren, J. Foon

C: L.  Davies, B.  Cox-Goodyer, B.  Simpson

HF: S. Egger, J. Callow, K. Wadley

F: T. Donnelly, B. McCulloch, W. Edmunds

R: A. Lee, J. Ponting, T. Whitford

Int: J. Rushton, O. Sanders, J. Tepper, X. Todman

Emg: J. Curran, B. Elmer, C. Pearton, R. Whitney

In: A. Richter-Salter, J. Callow, O. Sanders

Out: R. Mansell,  W. Haley,  D. Bannister

North Hobart

B: W. Cole, B. Walker, H. Williams

HB: P. Walker, H. Williams, M. Yates

C: A.  Norton, S.  Darley, W.  Peppin

HF: J. Barwick, A. Keeling, J. Menzie

F: S. Caswell, J. Steele, C. Garland

R: H. Ireland, N. McCulloch, J. Charlton

Int: M. Evans, N. Lee, T. Millhouse, T. Reeves

Emg: H. Barron, J. Barwick, M. Bidgood, P. Fisher

In: P. Walker, W. Peppin, J. Menzie, J. Steele

Out: C. Ransom, J. Cleaver, L. Waters, H. Barron



Round 20 – 17/08/2019

2:00PM – Twin Ovals

Tigers FC

B: J. Drew, W. Poland, S. Rice

HB: B. Donnelly, M. Davies, L. Gadomski

C: L.  Griggs, R.  Matthews, A.  Vincent

HF: B. Adams, T. Carter, L. Watt

F: L. Graham, M. Paul, E. Reardon

R: M. Gardner, S. Duigan, K. Lovell

Int: A. Bessell, O. Burrows-Cheng, H. Johnston, B. Rees

Emg: C. Bryant, J. Lister, B. McCulloch, J. Pearce

In:, T. Carter, E. Reardon, O. Burrows-Cheng, L. Gadomski

Out: B. Graham,  B. Gordon, J. Pearce, J. Lister


B: J. Bealey, J. Bailey, J. Holmes

HB: B. Jones, Z. Buechner, J. Webberley

C: S.  Lewis-Johnson, E.  Jackson, M.  Ling

HF: J. Cox, S. Green, J. Harper

F: C. Nield, N. Holmes, J. Smith

R: R. Bailey, K. Howlett, C. Riley

Int: B. Hayden, T. Hope, J. Preshaw, K. Wylie

Emg: L. Borsboom, A. Jackman, O. Paprotny, B. Rubock

In: S. Green

Out: A. Jackman




Round 20 – 17/08/2019

10:30AM – KGV Oval


To be selected from:

J. Anders, J. Bearman, B. Bester, N. Blowfield , T. Bowden, T. Butterworth,

J. Davie, J. Deegan, L. Deegan, S. Deverell, R. Dilger, Z. Evans-fenton,

C. French, M. Joseph, I. Manson, C. Mcknight, J. Millhouse, K. Richards,

J. Roberts, B. Rowbottom, C. Salter, L. Smith, T. Stacey, J. Stevenson,

C. Walker, Z. Welsh, J. West, J. Whitney



To be selected from:

L. Arnold, D. Bransden, A. Brewster, C. Brown, C. Carr, S. Clayton ,

T. Daff, M. Elliott, S. Foster, W. Francis, L. Gallagher, W. Gergel,

R. Hill, A. Hill, P. Hudson, F. Kenny, B. Kingston, T. Martin,

L. Meagher, B. Newell, F. Rackett, T. Ratcliffe, N. Sneyd, B. Steinbauer,

C. Sutcliffe, S. Tilley


Round 20 – 17/08/2019

11:00AM – Invermay Park

North Launceston

To be selected from:

W. Birchmore, A. Bourne, O. Chugg, L. Cocker, M. Cossins, J. Curran,

T. Eiszele, B. Elmer, T. Foon, W. Gibson, C. Haines, W. Haley,

J. Harris, K. Hibbs, J. Kerr, J. Lanham, C. Lowe, J. Mazengarb,

B. Pearn, C. Pearton, A. Potter, C. Praciak, H. Rand, J. Smith,

C. Stuart, G. Tatnell, R. Whitney, L. Young
North Hobart

To be selected from:

J. Barwick, S. Becker, M. Bidgood, M. Bowerman, N. Butler, J. Caulfield,

J. Clifford, K. Cobern, W. Cooper, O. Di Venuto, P. Fisher, P. Kearney,

F. Lapham, C. Leek, A. Marathis, K. Mason, W. Mazengarb, B. Midson,

A. Moore, R. Morgan, L. Payne, F. Poke, C. Ransom, A. Rogers,

H. Suhr, O. Walker, L. Waters, M. Webb, T. Willmott, B. Young


Round 20 – 17/08/2019

11:00AM – Twin Ovals

Tigers FC

To be selected from:

Z. Adams, R. Ashlin, J. Banks – Balding, M. Bigwood, H. Bradburn, C. Bryant,

E. Burrows-Cheng, M. Coad, M. Collidge, C. Doyle, L. Edwards, J. Gadomski,

B. Graham, L. Griggs, J. Huizing, P. Kelly, J. Keogh, J. Lane,

M. Lister, J. Lister, B. McCulloch, J. Pearce, P. Reihana, M. Reynolds,

C. Sawdy, L. Sulzberger, A. Webster, D. Willoughby


To be selected from:

L. Borsboom, T. Burgess, A. Butterworth, S. Colley, A. Continenza, J. Ede,

J. Gridley, R. Hapka, D. Howlett, A. Jackman, J. Jordan, B. Lewis,

T. Marshall, J. Nus, O. Paprotny, T. Penwright, O. Preshaw, D. Pulford,

B. Rubock, K. Saward, B. Smith, R. Stocks, S. Storic, N. Thornbury,

J. Tilley, J. Tremayne, J. Young