#BUPATSL Tribunal Results – Round 15

North Hobart will be without Ollie Di Venuto for three weeks after tonight’s Independent Tribunal hearing. 

1.      An incident was referred involving Josh McGuinness (Lauderdale) & Ollie Di Venuto (North Hobart)

The Match Review Panel determined that Player Di Venuto elected to bump, and as a result is liable for the ensuing head clash. The bump was assessed as careless, with high impact and high contact. Player Di Venuto was offered a base sanction of three matches, reduced to two matches with an early guilty plea.

Player Di Venuto rejected the offer and the matter was heard by the Independent Tribunal on Tuesday 16th July.

Player Di Venuto entered a not guilty plea to the charge of rough conduct laid by the MRP.

The Independent Tribunal upheld the MRP’s assessment in finding Player Di Venuto guilty.

The Independent Tribunal’s findings supported the MRP’s assessment in that the contact was high and that the action was careless.



VIEW the incident here