Round 13 Teams – Bombers skipper, Devils captain and big Tiger headline inclusions

The teams are in for round 13 of the Bupa Tasmanian State League season, with several sides set to welcome back some BIG additions. 

Lauderdale will be bolstered with the return of skipper Bryce Walsh for its top of the table meeting at UTAS Stadium.

The experienced Bomber has been missing in recent weeks due to work commitments overseas. His return will be crucial for a tough midfield battle with the reigning premiers.

North Launceston has made a number of changes, bringing in premiership players Tom Donnelly and Karlton Wadley from injury, as well as midfielder Jordan Tepper, young gun James Curran and forward Cody Lowe – fresh from a bag of eight in the Development League.

The Tigers will likely welcome back key forward Mickey Paul, who was a late withdrawal last week. The strong marking target will be a big inclusion for Trent Baumeler’s side against the Magpies.

Glenorchy has made five changes to the side that lost to Lauderdale, with Zac Webster and James Webb headlining the outs. Experienced duo Clinton French and Sam Rundle return, as do Matthew Joseph and Will Atkin. Young key defender Cameron Goodsell has been named to make his debut.

Tasmania Devils co-captain Oliver Davis and young forward Jacob Smith will both come in for Clarence’s clash with the Blues at Windsor Park, with Keegan Wyllie and Gabby Chambers both out. Toby Lucas, Luke Walsh and Connor Riethoff will all come in for the hosts.




Round 13 – 29/06/2019

1:00PM – Twin Ovals

Tigers FC

B: J. Drew, W. Poland, S. Rice

HB: M. Davies, B. McCulloch, L. Gadomski

C: L.  Griggs, K.  Lovell, B.  Rees

HF: B. Gordon, T. Carter, L. Watt

F: L. Graham, M. Paul, E. Reardon

R: M. Gardner, R. Matthews, L. Clifford

Int: B. Donnelly, S. Duigan, J. Lister, A. Vincent

Emg: B. Adams, A. Bessell, B. Graham, H. Johnston

In: M. Paul

Out: H. Johnston


B: J. Arnold, C. Goodsell, T. Duggan

HB: A. Brennan, H. Gunther, M. Dilger

C: R.  Banks-Smith, J.  Geard, R.  Mott

HF: C. Daly, S. Reeves, A. Grace

F: W. Atkin, J. Bowden, B. Bester

R: C. Duffy, B. Kamaric, S. Rundle

Int: T. Bowden, C. French, M. Joseph, J. Millhouse

Emg: I. Manson, G. Millucci, B. Patterson, C. Salter

In: C. French, M. Joseph, C. Goodsell, S. Rundle, W. Atkin

Out: A. Roberts, S. Hall, J. Bearman, Z. Webster, J. Webb


Round 13 – 29/06/2019

2:00PM – UTAS Stadium

North Launceston

B: T. Donnelly, C. Young, A. Richter-Salter

HB: F. Bennett, B. van Buuren, J. Foon

C: J.  Avent, B.  Cox-Goodyer, L.  Davies

HF: J. Curran, D. Bannister, S. Egger

F: W. Edmunds, B. McCulloch, J. Tepper

R: A. Lee, J. Ponting, T. Whitford

Int: L. Cocker, J. Harris, C. Lowe, K. Wadley

Emg: J. Lanham, O. Sanders, X. Todman, R. Whitney

In: J. Curran, C. Lowe, T. Donnelly, J. Tepper, K. Wadley

Out: J. Mazengarb,  T. Foon,  K. Hibbs,  L. Young, J. Lanham


B: M. Anderton, E. Trupp, J. Gillbee

HB: J. McGuinness, R. Wiggins, J. Perkins

C: A.  Hevey, N.  Franklin, R.  McManus

HF: P. Bellchambers, E. Whish-Wilson, S. Burge

F: A. Saunders, B. McGuinness, B. Walsh

R: H. Smith, H. Kerinaiua, S. Siggins

Int: N. Baker, M. Elliott, M. McGuinness, N. Raglione

Emg: W. Francis, R. Hill, A. Hill, J. Williams

In: B. Walsh

Out: J. Williams


Round 13 – 29/06/2019

2:00PM – Windsor Park


B: J. Tuthill, A. Wright, R. Tyrrell

HB: J. Boyd, J. Smith, C. Brown

C: J.  Donnellan, F.  Seymour, M.  Hodge

HF: B. Killalea, M. Thorp, B. Taylor

F: J. Blackberry, J. Gillow, G. Holt

R: H. Leedham, J. Harper, B. Palfreyman

Int: J. Hinds, T. Lucas, C. Riethoff, L. Walsh

Emg: T. Bristow, J. Chaplin, D. Riley, T. Miller

In: T. Lucas, L. Walsh, C. Riethoff, 

Out: J. Chaplin, S. Vandervelde, I. Chugg


B: J. Holmes, Z. Buechner, M. Ling

HB: J. Bealey, T. Marshall, A. Butterworth

C: S.  Green, J.  Webberley, T.  Hope

HF: K. Howlett, J. Harper, O. Paprotny

F: C. Nield, J. Bailey, J. Preshaw

R: R. Bailey, B. Jones, C. Riley

Int: O. Davis, O. Preshaw, J. Smith, W. Wall

Emg: L. Borsboom, A. Jackman, S. Lewis-Johnson, J. Tremayne

In: O. Davis, J. Smith

Out: K. Wylie, G. Chambers




Round 13 – 29/06/2019

10:30AM – Twin Ovals

Tigers FC

To be selected from:

Z. Adams, B. Adams, J. Banks – Balding, A. Bessell, M. Bigwood, E. Burrows-Cheng,

M. Coad, M. Collidge, T. Cornish, C. Doyle, L. Edwards, B. Graham,

L. Griggs, J. Huizing, H. Johnston, P. Kelly, J. Keogh, J. Lane,

J. Pearce, P. Reihana, M. Reynolds, C. Sawdy, A. Webster, D. Willoughby

To be selected from:

J. Anders, J. Bearman, N. Blowfield , T. Bowden, D. Brown, B. Carr,

J. Deegan, R. Dilger, Z. Evans-fenton, C. French, M. Joseph, I. Manson,

J. Millhouse, G. Millucci, B. Patterson, K. Richards, J. Roberts, B. Rowbottom,

C. Salter, T. Stacey, J. Stevenson, B. Tucker, P. Vout, Z. Welsh,

J. West, J. Whitford, J. Whitney, B. Williams


Round 13 – 29/06/2019

11:30AM – UTAS Stadium

North Launceston

To be selected from:

O. Chugg, T. Coppleman, M. Cossins, T. Eiszele, C. Evans, T. Foon,

W. Gibson, C. Haines, W. Haley, W. Hall, D. Headland, K. Hibbs,

J. Kerr, J. Lanham, E. Mansell, J. Mazengarb, J. McHenry, B. Pearn,

C. Pearton, A. Potter, C. Praciak, P. Reddy, J. Russell, O. Sanders,

J. Smith, X. Todman, R. Whitney, J. Williams


To be selected from:

L. Arnold, D. Bransden, A. Brewster, C. Brown, S. Clayton , T. Daff,

S. Foster, W. Francis, W. Gergel, R. Hill, A. Hill, P. Hudson,

F. Kenny, C. Laoumtzis, F. Rackett, T. Ratcliffe, D. Searle, N. Sneyd,

B. Steinbauer, S. Tilley, J. Welch, J. Williams


Round 13 – 29/06/2019

11:30AM – Windsor Park


To be selected from:

J. Bott, D. Boyd, T. Bristow, S. Bruinewoud, J. Burling, Z. Camplin,

J. Chaplin, K. Chilcott, T. Clark, J. Colgrave, C. Curtis, T. Dwyer,

W. Elliott, B. Gillow, H. Griffiths, J. Hinds, A. Lisson, T. Lucas,

J. Marsden, T. McRobert, T. Miller, O. Reid, C. Riethoff, J. Roberts,

B. Templar, T. Upson, L. Walsh, A. Woods


To be selected from:

T. Bailey, L. Borsboom, T. Burgess, A. Continenza, J. Ede, D. Gardner,

S. Green, J. Gridley, B. Hayden, T. Hope, D. Howlett, T. Hugo,

A. Jackman, J. Jordan, B. Lewis, S. Lewis-Johnson, T. Marshall, J. Nus,

O. Paprotny, T. Penwright, O. Preshaw, D. Pulford, K. Saward, J. Smith,

R. Stocks, S. Storic, N. Thornbury, J. Tremayne, W. Wall, J. Young