#BUPATSL Tribunal Results – Round 12

Glenorchy forward Tyler Bowden will be free to play this weekend after being handed a reprimand by the Independent Tribunal. 

1.      Tyler Bowden (Glenorchy) was reported for striking Edward Trupp (Lauderdale)

Due to a lack of visual evidence, this matter was referred directly to the Independent Tribunal, with the case heard at 6pm on Tuesday 25th June.

Player Bowden entered a guilty plea to the charge of striking, but contested the severity of the strike.

The Independent Tribunal, considering all of the evidence presented, found Player Bowden guilty of striking Player Trupp. However, Player Bowden did successfully contest the medium grading of the strike.

Taking Player Bowden’s early guilty plea into account, the Independent Tribunal handed Player Bowden a reprimand.