Wrest Point TSLW Round 8 Preview

Round eight Wrest Point TSLW action gets underway with Glenorchy and Lauderdale kicking things off at KGV tonight, writes TSL W reporter Olivia Clayton. 


Friday 21st June

Glenorchy v. Lauderdale (KGV) – 7:00pm

Form Guide (most recent first): Lauderdale – L L L L L | Glenorchy – L W W W B

Last Time They Met: Glenorchy 25.11 (161) def. Lauderdale 1.0 (6) – Round 4, 2019 at Lauderdale Oval

Glenorchy will host Lauderdale in round eight at KGV with both sides coming off the back of big losses.

Glenorchy went down to ladder leader Launceston by 53-points last week. The Pies are sitting second on the ladder after winning four out of six games so far.

The only two games that the Pies have lost were against Launceston, who are proving to be a challenge for every side this season.

North Launceston got the better of Lauderdale in round seven, keeping them scoreless in their second encounter and winning with a score of 151-points.

Lauderdale are currently sitting last on the ladder and are yet to win their first game, however they are new to the competition and continue to improve each week.

But with stars across the park, expect the reigning premiers to again be too strong in this one.




B: S. Davis, G. Bailey ,

HB: C. Lovell, H. Smith, K. Stanford

C: H.  Barwick, S.  Skinner, E.  Barwick

HF: H. Ryan, N. Lynch, M. Sutcliffe

F: M. Jacobs , N. Daniels,

R: G. Sullivan, J. Webster, B. Barwick

Int: A. Cowen, P. King, J. Rattenbury, M. Shaw

In: C. Lovell, J. Rattenbury, M. Jacobs , G. Bailey

Out: R. Siely, J. Tate Turvey, J. Williams, T. Corrie



B: M. Goldsmith, , A. Park

HB: C. Edmand, C. Stewart , C. van Breda

C: C.  Knowles, C.  Kenny, S.  Williams

HF: E. Donnelly, E. Aliendi, M. Hutt

F: A. Rance, E. Hayter ,

R: , K. Teders , C. McManus, L. Suris

Int: E. Burrows, O. Hudson,

Out: T. Hudson,  M. Saward


Sunday 23rd June

Tigers v. North Launceston (Twin Ovals) – 12:00pm

Form Guide (most recent first): Tigers – L W L L B  | North Launceston – W L L W L

Last Time They Met: North Launceston 11.10 (76) def. Tigers 2.4 (16) – Round 4, 2019 at UTAS Stadium

The Tigers will take on North Launceston in a highly anticipated match at the Twin Ovals in round eight. North Launceston won their first encounter in round four defeating the Tigers by 60-points.

North Launceston are currently siting in fourth place after wining three out of six matches in their debut TSLW season.

The other two matches that they have won were against Lauderdale whom they kept scoreless and won with 111-point, and 151-point margins.

Even though the Tigers are sitting in fifth place, they have shown vast improvement over the last couple of weeks.

The side won their first match in round six when they defeated Lauderdale by 78-points and in round seven they lost to third place Clarence by 16-points.

Although North Launceston won first time around, both teams are currently in great form and which should make for an interesting match.



Tigers FC

B: E. Brereton, O. McKee,

HB: T. Clifford, E. Doyle, P. Odwogo

C: S.  Grimsey, C.  Brooke, M.  Polley

HF: L. Ellis, R. Roberts,

F: P. Flakemore, G. Millar, L. Reid

R: M. Absolom, M. Neal, M. Bones

Int: M. Barr, E. Kirkwood, I. Lovell, M. Wilkinson

Emg: K. Baker, K. Cornish

In: K. Baker, L. Ellis, L. Reid, M. Polley

Out: J. Wynter,  H. Baldwin,  C. Webster,  T. Darwin


North Launceston

B: G. Nicolson , M. Carins ,

HB: E. Maurer, L. Hancock, E. Mckenzie

C: A.  Anderson, H.  Breward, T.  Whitney

HF: M. Cuthbertson, S. Radford, B. Farrell

F: C. Hooper, E. McKinnell,

R: S. Townsend, J. Clifford, S. Farrow

Int: C. Farrow, B. Hinkley, E. Jones, D. Walters

Emg: J. Brain , M. Cornish

In: E. Jones, J. Brain , E. Mckenzie, T. Whitney

Out: R. Wilson, H. Grima


Clarence v. Launceston (Blundstone Arena) – 12:00pm

Form Guide (most recent first): Clarence – W L W L W | Launceston – W W W W W

Last Time They Met: Launceston 8.9 (57) def. Clarence 2.3 (15) – Round 4, 2019 at Blundstone Arena

Clarence will once again host Launceston at Blundstone Arena this week. The Roos and Blues won both of their matches in round seven.

Launceston is proving a tough opponent this season and are currently sitting on top of the ladder for their efforts.

The Blues defeated 2018 Premier’s Glenorchy by 53-points last week for the second time this year.

Clarence remain in third place on the ladder after defeating the Tigers by 16-points in round seven.

Clarence house lots of talent, just like Launceston, with both teams having players in the AFLW and Under 18 Devil’s Academy. As a result, this promises to be an exciting affair.



B: A. Prokopiec, A. Hardner,

HB: R. Archer, H. Scott, N. Bresnehan

C: E.  Westland, G.  Mitchell, J.  Williams

HF: G. Blackburn, J. Minifie, M. Wise

F: N. Garlo, B. McDonald,

R: D. Elliston, B. Scott, M. Harper

Int: C. MacPherson, S. Reynolds, L. Standen, T. Strong

Emg: K. Cokley, K. Craig, S. Webberley

In: M. Wise, A. Prokopiec, H. Scott

Out: A. Harper,  B. Oates,  T. Bortignon



B: S. Beeton, C. Thuringer, A. Carey

HB: M. Radford, G. Hill,

C: C.  Haines, L.  Stevenson, L.  Haines

HF: J. Guy, D. Bannister, M. Sinclair

F: B. Thurlow, B. Rattray,

R: A. Green, D. Taylor, A. Dickson

Int: K. Hill, E. Page, M. Smith, C. Stanley

Emg: M. Hillier, N. Ristrom, H. Whyte

In: S. Beeton, M. Hillier, C. Stanley , A. Green, M. Radford

Out: C. Taylor, M. King