Wrest Point TSLW Round 7 Preview

Round seven of the Wrest Point TSLW season will see rematches of the opening round of the season, with the competition’s top two teams set to headline proceedings. TSLW reporter Olivia Clayton takes a look at what the upcoming round has to offer.


Sunday 16th June

Tigers v. Clarence (Twin Ovals) – 12:00pm

Form Guide (most recent first): Tigers – W L L B L L | Clarence – L W L W W B

Last Time They Met: Clarence 13.10 (88) def. Tigers 1.0 (6) – Round 2, 2019 at UTAS Stadium

The Tigers and Clarence return from the bye round to battle it out at the Twin Ovals in round seven.

The Tigers won their first game of the season in round six, defeating Lauderdale by 78 points, to put them in fifth place on the ladder.

Priscilla Odwogo won’t have Maddy Smith to worry about in round seven. IC: Solstice Digital


The Tigers have struggled against some tough opponents this season, but will no doubt have more confidence after their win.

Clarence went down to Glenorchy in round six in the Grand Final rematch by 16 points. The Roos were in the lead at quarter time by five points, down by seven points at half time, equal in the third term but failed to score in the last.

The Roos have been up and down this season, with a very different side to last year, but still remain in third place on the ladder after winning three out of five matches.



Tigers FC

B: E. Brereton, O. McKee,

HB: M. Bones, E. Doyle, T. Clifford

C: S.  Grimsey, C.  Brooke, E.  Kirkwood

HF: T. Darwin, P. Odwogo , R. Roberts

F: P. Flakemore, G. Millar,

R: M. Absolom, M. Neal, H. Baldwin

Int: M. Barr, I. Lovell, M. Wilkinson, M. McBride

Emg: K. Cornish, C. Webster, J. Wynter

In: J. Wynter, H. Baldwin, P. Odwogo

Out: K. Baker,  L. Ellis,  M. Polley



B: L. Standen, A. Hardner,

HB: G. Mitchell, R. Archer, T. Strong

C: T.  Bortignon, N.  Bresnehan, E.  Westland

HF: J. Minifie, G. Blackburn, J. Williams

F: K. Craig, B. McDonald,

R: D. Elliston, B. Scott, B. Oates

Int: N. Garlo, M. Harper, A. Harper, C. MacPherson

Emg: S. Reynolds, S. Webberley

In: J. Minifie, E. Westland, N. Garlo, A. Harper, B. Oates, M. Harper, T. Bortignon

Out: N. Pearce, M. Smith, K. Johnson, M. Wise, H. Scott


Glenorchy v. Launceston (KGV) – 12:30pm

Form Guide (most recent first): Glenorchy – W W W B LW | Launceston – W W W W W B

Last Time They Met: Launceston 9.3 (57) def. Glenorchy 4.3 (27) – Round 2, 2019 at UTAS Stadium

Reigning premiers Glenorchy will host this season’s frontrunners Launceston, in round seven at KGV. Launceston is sitting on top of the ladder – just one game clear of the Pies.

Glenorchy are sitting second on the ladder after winning four games this season. The Pies’ only loss was to Launceston in round two by 30 points.

The Pies have no shortage of talent with players like Macklyn Sutcliffe and Sarah Skinner playing for the side, although Launceston have proven to be the team to beat this season.

The Blues are the only team to have won all their games and the side hosts several players from the under 18 Devils Academy and AFLW.

Coach Ange Dickson says the team has used the week off to its advantage.

“We have used the bye to rest the players and give the team some time away from football. We will hopefully have the U18 Devils Academy players back and will be close to having our strongest team on the park which is exciting for us as a club,” she said.




B: N. Daniels, R. Siely, S. Davis

HB: T. Corrie, , J. Williams

C: H.  Barwick, S.  Skinner, E.  Barwick

HF: H. Ryan, N. Lynch, M. Sutcliffe

F: K. Stanford, J. Tate Turvey,

R: G. Sullivan, J. Webster, B. Barwick

Int: A. Cowen, M. Jacobs , M. Shaw, H. Smith

Emg: H. Cowen, E. Siely

In: H. Smith, R. Siely, J. Webster

Out: G. Allan



B: A. Carey, N. Ristrom, M. Radford

HB: G. Hill, C. Thuringer,

C: C.  Haines, L.  Stevenson, L.  Haines

HF: K. Hill, D. Bannister,

F: M. Hillier, B. Rattray, M. Sinclair

R: A. Green, D. Taylor, A. Dickson

Int: J. Guy, M. King, B. Thurlow, H. Whyte

Emg: S. Beeton, C. Stanley , C. Taylor

In: M. Hillier, K. Hill, M. King, M. Radford

Out: E. Page, M. Smith


North Launceston v. Lauderdale (Invermay Park) – 1:00pm

Form Guide (most recent first): North Launceston – L L W L W B | Lauderdale – L L L L L B

Last Time They Met: North Launceston 16.15 (111) def. Lauderdale 0.0 (0) – Round 2, 2019 at UTAS Stadium

North Launceston and Lauderdale’s debut match in the TSLW was in round two against each other, which saw North Launceston come out on top by 111 points and keep Lauderdale scoreless.

Coach Dean Smith acknowledges that both sides have improved since then.

“It will be interesting to see how we go against Lauderdale second time around as both teams have improved since our first encounter.

“Due to the week off for the bye we should welcome some players back from injury and maybe from State duties but as long as the girls bring the same effort and intensity they showed last week and continue to show improvement in their development we will be rapt.”

The Bombers will battle it out for a second time this season. IC: Solstice Digital


Lauderdale have only kicked three goals this season with Olivia Hudson booting all of their scores.

Hudson says she is sure that the team will start to make a bigger scoreboard impact sooner rather than later, though.

“We will be able to have an input on the score in the coming round – as long as we keep our intensity and our heads up, there should be some consistency.

“North Launceston should be expecting a much stronger and confident team to come up against this time round. The team has learnt a lot so far and continues to adapt to the TSLW level, we improve from every game and the experience is helping build us to become the team we are striving for,” Hudson said.



North Launceston

B: L. Hancock, M. Carins ,

HB: G. Nicolson , H. Grima, R. Wilson

C: A.  Anderson, H.  Breward, C.  Farrow

HF: M. Cornish, S. Radford, B. Farrell

F: E. McKinnell, M. Cuthbertson,

R: S. Townsend, J. Clifford, S. Farrow

Int: B. Hinkley, C. Hooper, E. Maurer, D. Walters

Emg: J. Brain , E. Mckenzie, T. Whitney

In: S. Radford, H. Breward, E. Maurer

Out: E. Jones,  J. Maynard-Jones,  L. Sulzberger




B: M. Goldsmith, C. van Breda , A. Park

HB: C. Edmand, C. Stewart ,

C: C.  Knowles, C.  Kenny, S.  Williams

HF: E. Donnelly, E. Aliendi, E. Johnstone

F: L. Suris, A. Rance

R: B. Dickenson, K. Teders , C. McManus

Int: E. Burrows, L. Czeszek, O. Hudson, M. Hutt,

Emg: P. Farrow, M. Woolley