Round 11 Teams – Garland, Devils, headline inclusions

The teams are in for round 11, with a number of established stars and young guns set to return to #BUPATSL action. 

North Hobart has been boosted with the returns of star forward Colin Garland.

The former Melbourne Demon is returning from a leg injury sustained in the round eight loss to Glenorchy. With 11 goals from three games, Garland will provide a key target inside 50 and avenue to goal.

Garland will be joined in the team by the likes of Devils Will Peppin, Jye Menzie and promising youngsters Angus Norton and Patrick Walker.

The Demons’ opponents, Tigers, have also been bolstered through the return of key forward Michael Paul, captain Samael Rice and Devils Lachie Gadomski and Bailey Gordon.

Lauderdale welcomes back McGuinness brothers Ben and Matt to ensure a McGuinness trio across half back for its meeting with Clarence, as well as Devils defender Oscar Shaw and co-captain Nic Baker.

The Bombers have been dealt with some big blows, however, losing Alex Hill and Rhys Sutton through injury and Bryce Walsh due to work commitments.

The ‘Roos welcome back Ethan Jackson, James Holmes, Oliver Preshaw and Keegan Wyllie but remain without star utility Jake Cox and key defender Ryan Edmondson.

Key forward Joseph Chaplin, half forward Oliver Chugg and midfielders Brodie Palfreyman and Ben Killalea will come back for the Blues’ Friday night meeting with the Northern Bombers, while North Launceston has turned to youth with Jackson Callow, Lachlan Cocker, James Curran and William Edmunds coming into the team.






Round 11 – 14/06/2019

7:00PM – UTAS Stadium

North Launceston

B: A. Richter-Salter, C. Young, B. Simpson

HB: F. Bennett, B. van Buuren, J. Foon

C: J.  Avent, B.  Cox-Goodyer, L.  Davies

HF: S. Egger, J. Callow, J. Rushton

F: D. Bannister, B. McCulloch, W. Edmunds

R: A. Lee, J. Ponting, T. Whitford

Int: L. Cocker, J. Curran, J. Tepper, K. Wadley

Emg: T. Foon, J. Lanham, C. Pearton, L. Young


In: J. Callow, L. Cocker, J. Curran, W. Edmunds

Out: R. Mansell, T. Foon, O. Sanders, C. Pearton


B: J. Tuthill, S. Vandervelde, R. Tyrrell

HB: J. Boyd, J. Smith, M. Hodge

C: C.  Brown, J.  Harper, B.  Killalea

HF: I. Chugg, J. Chaplin, J. Gillow

F: J. Blackberry, M. Thorp, G. Holt

R: H. Leedham, F. Seymour, J. Donnellan

Int: J. Hinds, B. Palfreyman, B. Taylor, A. Wright

Emg: J. Colgrave, A. Davies, T. Lucas, C. Riethoff

In: I. Chugg, J. Chaplin, B. Palfreyman, B. Killalea

Out: E. Conway, Jake Hinds, H. Griffiths, T. Lucas



Round 11 – 15/06/2019

2:00PM – Skybus Oval


B: N. Baker, E. Trupp, O. Shaw

HB: J. McGuinness, M. McGuinness, B. McGuinness

C: A.  Hevey, S.  Siggins, R.  McManus

HF: H. Kerinaiua, E. Whish-Wilson, A. Saunders

F: M. Anderton, J. Gillbee, S. Burge

R: H. Smith, P. Bellchambers, N. Franklin

Int: M. Elliott, R. Wiggins, J. Williams, N. Raglione

Emg: R. Hill, A. Hill, J. Perkins, T. Ratcliffe

In: O. Shaw, N. Baker, M. McGuinness, B. McGuinness

Out: B. Walsh,  R. Sutton, J. Perkins, A. Hill


B: J. Holmes, Z. Buechner, T. Hope

HB: J. Bealey, K. Wylie, M. Ling

C: G.  Chambers, C.  Riley, O.  Paprotny

HF: S. Green, J. Harper, S. Lewis-Johnson

F: J. Bailey, J. Smith, C. Nield

R: R. Bailey, B. Jones, J. Webberley

Int: A. Butterworth, E. Jackson, J. Preshaw, O. Preshaw

Emg: J. Ede, K. Howlett, T. Marshall, W. Wall

In: O. Preshaw, E. Jackson, K. Wylie, J. Holmes

Out: S. Banks, R. Edmondson, J. Ede, K. Howlett



Round 11 – 15/06/2019

2:00PM – North Hobart Oval

North Hobart

B: J. Cleaver, M. Yates, H. Williams

HB: W. Cole, C. Kilpatrick, P. Walker

C: J.  Clifford, N.  McCulloch, W.  Peppin

HF: S. Caswell, A. Keeling, C. Ransom

F: J. Menzie, C. Garland, A. Norton

R: H. Williams, S. Darley, J. Charlton

Int: J. Barwick, B. Midson, T. Millhouse, F. Poke

Emg: J. Barwick, M. Bidgood, N. Lee, B. Tilbury

In: W. Peppin, P. Walker, A. Norton, J. Menzie, C. Garland,

Out: B. Walker,  K. Mason, J. Barwick, B. Tilbury, M. Bidgood

Tigers FC 

B: J. Drew, W. Poland, A. Vincent

HB: M. Davies, B. McCulloch, L. Gadomski

C: L.  Griggs, K.  Lovell, B.  Rees

HF: S. Duigan, E. Reardon, L. Watt

F: T. Carter, M. Paul, R. Matthews

R: M. Gardner, S. Rice, L. Clifford

Int: B. Donnelly, B. Gordon, H. Johnston, J. Lister

Emg: B. Adams, A. Bessell, B. Graham, P. Kelly

In: M. Paul, S. Rice, L. Gadomski, B. Gordon

Out: B. Adams, A. Bessell, B. Graham, P. Kelly