Wrest Point TSLW Round 6 Preview

Round six of the Wrest Point Tasmanian State League Women’s competition sees the Grand Final rematch between Glenorchy and Clarence, the highly anticipated match between the Tigers and Lauderdale, and the first northern derby between Launceston and North Launceston, writes TSL W reporter Olivia Clayton. 


Friday 31st May

Glenorchy v. Clarence (KGV) – 5:30pm

Form Guide (most recent first): Glenorchy – W W B LW | Clarence – W L W W B

Last Time They Met: Glenorchy 6.1 (37) def. Clarence 5.5 (35) – Grand Final, 2018 at UTAS Stadium

Glenorchy will host Clarence in the Grand Final rematch this week at KGV.

The Grand Final saw an extremely close match with Glenorchy behind by two points in the first two terms. They were one goal short at the end of the third term, but kicked a few late scores in the final quarter to come home and win by two points.

Both teams are coming off the backs of wins after losing just one game each so far this season. The Pies are sitting second on the ladder with Clarence hot on their heels after both teams have won three matches. Whoever wins this week will go one game clear of the other in second place.

Brieanna Barwick has been good for Glenorchy this season. Barwick has kicked two goals and been named in the best players three out of the four matches that she has played.

Katherine Johnson has also been named in Clarence’s best players three out of the four matches that she has played. Johnson has also scored one goal and should definitely be one to watch this week.




B: N. Daniels, E. Siely, S. Davis

HB: T. Corrie, , J. Williams

C: H.  Barwick, S.  Skinner, K.  Stanford

HF: H. Ryan, N. Lynch, M. Sutcliffe

F: M. Shaw, J. Tate Turvey,

R: G. Sullivan, B. Barwick, E. Barwick

Int: G. Allan, H. Cowen, A. Cowen, M. Jacobs

Emg: E. Edwards, S. Wylie

Out: G. Bailey



B: R. Archer, A. Hardner,

HB: G. Mitchell, K. Johnson, M. Smith

C: N.  Pearce, N.  Bresnehan, S.  Webberley

HF: C. MacPherson, H. Scott, J. Williams

F: B. McDonald, G. Blackburn,

R: D. Elliston, M. Wise, B. Scott

Int: K. Craig, S. Reynolds, L. Standen, T. Strong

In: M. Smith, R. Archer, L. Standen

Out: M. Westland, A. Harper, M. Harper


Sunday 2nd June

Tigers v. Lauderdale (Twin Ovals) – 12:00pm

Form Guide (most recent first): Tigers – L L B L L | Lauderdale – L L L L B

The Tigers will host Lauderdale at the Twin Ovals in round five. The Tigers and Lauderdale are the only two teams this season who are yet to win a game.

Ella Brereton and Cara Brooke have both played well so far this season. Brereton and Brooke have both been named in the best players in three out of the four matches that they have played.

Chloe Edmand and Chloe Stewart have kept the opposition’s forwards on their toes in past games and will no doubt do the same this week.

These two sides have never played each other before, so expect an intriguing game as there is no telling which way it will go.



Tigers FC

B: T. Clifford, I. Lovell,

HB: E. Brereton, E. Doyle, O. McKee

C: M.  Barr, M.  Neal, S.  Grimsey

HF: L. Ellis, R. Roberts, P. Flakemore

F: M. Polley, G. Millar,

R: M. Absolom, C. Brooke, M. Bones

Int: K. Baker, T. Darwin, E. Kirkwood, M. Wilkinson

In: K. Baker, L. Ellis, R. Roberts, M. Wilkinson

Out: C. Webster,  J. Murphy



B: M. Goldsmith, C. van Breda , A. Park

HB: C. Edmand, C. Stewart ,

C: C.  Knowles, C.  Kenny, S.  Williams

HF: E. Donnelly, E. Johnstone,

F: O. Hudson, , A. Rance, L. Suris

R: B. Dickenson, K. Teders , C. McManus

Int: E. Aliendi, E. Burrows, L. Czeszek, M. Hutt,

Emg: B. Goward, M. Woolley

In: L. Czeszek, S. Williams, B. Goward, B. Dickenson

Out: J. Farrow, B. Malcolm


Launceston v. North Launceston (Windsor Park) – 12:00pm

Form Guide (most recent first): Launceston – W W W W B | North Launceston – L W L W B

The only two Northern teams in the competition, Launceston and North Launceston, will take each other on for the first time this season.

Launceston have done extremely well so far, winning all their games and defeating reigning premiers Glenorchy.

Dearne Taylor and Lauren Stevenson have both had an impact in past matches and will no doubt continue to do the same in round six.

North Launceston have also impressed, establishing that they are more than capable of winning matches.

Emily McKinnel has kicked six goals in four games for the side, proving she is a reliable target.




B: A. Carey, N. Ristrom,

HB: C. Thuringer, G. Hill, H. Whyte

C: C.  Haines, A.  Dickson, L.  Haines

HF: D. Bannister, M. Sinclair, C. Stanley

F: S. Beeton, B. Rattray,

R: A. Green, D. Taylor, L. Stevenson

Int: E. Page, M. Smith, B. Thurlow

In: M. Sinclair, C. Stanley , A. Green

Out: C. Taylor,  M. Hillier,  M. Clark,  M. Radford


North Launceston

B: L. Hancock, M. Carins ,

HB: B. Farrell, H. Grima, R. Wilson

C: A.  Anderson, M.  Cuthbertson, C.  Farrow

HF: J. Brain , G. Nicolson , S. Farrow

F: E. Jones, E. McKinnell, L. Sulzberger

R: S. Townsend, , T. Whitney

Int: B. Hinkley, C. Hooper, E. Mckenzie, D. Walters

Emg: M. Cornish, J. Maynard-Jones

In: J. Brain , L. Sulzberger

Out: T. Woolley