The Wrap-Up: Wrest Point TSLW Round 5

Round five of the Wrest Point Tasmanian State League Women’s season saw Launceston keep the Tigers scoreless, Glenorchy defeat North Launceston by 68 points, and Clarence come out on top of Lauderdale. Olivia Clayton looks at the key talking points from each game.


Launceston 14.9 (93) def. Tigers 0.0 (0)

Launceston – B. Rattray 6, C. Haines 4, D. Bannister 3, A. Dickson

Best Players:

Launceston – L. Haines, L. Stevenson, C. Haines, B. Thurlow, N. Ristrom, A. Carey

Tigers – E. Brereton, I. Lovell, M. Neal, C. Brooke, M. Polley, M. Bones


1. Launceston continue their run of wins

Launceston notched their fourth win of the season, defeating the Tigers by 93 points. The Blues stay on top of the ladder, one game clear of Glenorchy who is sitting in second.

Brie Rattray continued her good form, booting six four the Blues, whilst Chloe Haines kicked four.

Libby Haines, Lauren Stevenson and Chloe Haines were Launceston’s standouts on the day as the Blues continue to stake a claim as a premiership fancy in 2019.


2. Tigers take on tough opponent

The Tigers are currently siting fifth on the ladder and are yet to win a game this season.

In round five they took on ladder leaders, Launceston, who kept them scoreless.

Despite going against a tough opponent, Ella Brereton, Isabelle Lovell and Marla Neal shone for the Tigers and were their top three best players on the day.

The Tigers look to have improved from last season, but will be eager to get reward for effort on the scoreboard.



Glenorchy 12.12 (84) def. North Launceston 2.4 (16)

Glenorchy – N. Lynch 2, N. Daniels 2, S. Skinner 2, T. Corrie, M. Sutcliffe, M. Shaw, E. Barwick, M. Jacobs, G. Bailey

North Launceston – E. McKinnell, J. Clifford

Best Players:

Glenorchy – B. Barwick, J. Tate Turvey, T. Corrie, H. Barwick, E. Barwick, S. Skinner

North Launceston – J. Clifford, S. Farrow, C. Farrow, S. Townsend, M. Cuthbertson, M. Carins


1. Glenorchy keep North Launceston at three points for first three quarters

Glenorchy hold second spot on the ladder after defeating North Launceston by 68 points.

The ‘Pies kept North Launceston at three points for the first three quarters before North Launceston came out and kicked two goals one in the fourth term.

Glenorchy had six different goal kickers with Nietta Lynch, Natalie Daniels and Sarah Skinner all booting two each.

Brieanna Barwick, Jasmine Tate Turvey and Thomasa Corrie were Glenorchy’s top three best players, with the reigning premiers continuing to underline their status as a team to keep an eye on.


2. North Launceston took on reigning premiers

North Launceston have made a strong TSLW debut, impressing many who thought that as a new team they would struggle.

Although they went down by 68 points in round five, Emily McKinnell and Jodie Clifford kicked a goal each.

Clifford, Sophie Farrow and Carly Farrow were among North Launceston’s best on a day where the Magpies were successful in locking the Bombers down.



Clarence 14.17 (101) def. Lauderdale 1.0 (6)

Clarence – H. Scott 3, M. Wise 3, J. Williams 2, M. Harper 2, K. Johnson, N. Pearce, S. Reynolds, B. Scott

Lauderdale – O. Hudson

Best Players:

Clarence – M. Wise, K. Johnson, M. Harper, H. Scott, B. Scott, J. Williams

Lauderdale – K. Teders, C. McManus, M. Goldsmith, J. Farrow, C. Kenny, C. Stewart


1. Clarence jump a spot on the ladder

Clarence jump up one spot on the ladder to third place after defeating Lauderdale by 95 points.

Hannah Scott and Melanie Wise were the ‘Roos top two goal kickers, booting three each, while Melanie Wise, Katherine Johnson and Megan Harper were Clarence’s best players on the day.

This was a good response from the ‘Roos after last weekend’s loss to Launceston.


2. Olivia Hudson boots another goal for Lauderdale

After entering the TSLW this year, from competing in the SFL in 2018, Lauderdale have struggled to put their competitive efforts on the scoreboard against some tough opponents.

Round two and three saw them scoreless, and round four saw Olivia Hudson kick their first goal. This week Hudson came out and delivered again booting their only goal and score for the game.

Katie Teders, Claire McManus, Margaret Goldsmith were Lauderdale’s best players in round five as the Southern Bombers continue to look for little wins and improvements as the year unfolds.