Wrest Point TSLW Round 5 Preview

Round five of the Wrest Point Tasmanian State League Women’s competition sees Launceston take on the Tigers, Glenorchy host North Launceston, and Lauderdale battle it out against Clarence, writes TSL W reporter Olivia Clayton. 


Sunday 26th May

Launceston v. Tigers (Windsor Park) – 12:00pm

Form Guide (most recent first): Launceston – W W W B | Tigers – L B L L

Last Time They Met: Launceston 17.12 (114) def. Tigers 1.1 (7) – Semi Final, 2018 at Windsor Park


Launceston will host the Tigers in round four at Windsor Park. The Blues are currently sitting on top of the ladder having won all their matches so far.

The Blues have had a strong start to the season, defeating reigning premiers Glenorchy by 30 points in round two, keeping Lauderdale scoreless and winning by 140 points in round three and overcoming the ‘Roos by 42 points at Blundstone Arena last week.

Daria Bannister, Brie Rattray and Chloe Haines have all had major impacts on the game this season and are definitely going to pose a challenge for the Tigers this week.

Although the Tigers are sitting second last on the ladder and have so far lost all their games, they have improved from last season and continue to show ongoing potential.

Paige Flakemore kicked the Tigers first two goals of the season, the first in round one against Glenorchy and the second in round two against Clarence.

Ellie Doyle, Maci Polley and Marla Neal have all had great starts to the season and will no doubt attempt to keep the Blues on their toes.




B: A. Carey, N. Ristrom, C. Thuringer

HB: G. Hill, H. Whyte,

C: L.  Haines, A.  Dickson, L.  Stevenson

HF: C. Haines, D. Bannister, M. Smith

F: E. Page, B. Rattray, C. Taylor

R: B. Thurlow, D. Taylor,

Int: S. Beeton, M. Clark, D. Corcoran, M. Hillier

Emg: M. Radford

In: M. Clark, D. Corcoran

Out: J. Guy,  M. Sinclair,  A. Green



B: E. Doyle, O. McKee, I. Lovell

HB: E. Brereton, G. Millar,

C: M.  Barr, C.  Brooke, M.  Bones

HF: T. Clifford, , M. Polley

F: T. Darwin, P. Flakemore, E. Kirkwood

R: M. Absolom, S. Grimsey, M. Neal

Int: J. Murphy, C. Webster, A. Phillips, B. Phillips

In: C. Webster, J. Murphy, E. Doyle, A. Phillips, B. Phillips

Out: K. Baker, L. Ellis, R. Roberts, M. Wilkinson


Glenorchy v. North Launceston (KGV) – 12:30pm

Form Guide (most recent first): Glenorchy – W B LW | North Launceston – W L W B

North Launceston will take on Glenorchy at KGV in round four.

Glenorchy is currently sitting second on the ladder, above North Launceston and Clarence, who are below by percentage only.

Reigning premiers, Glenorchy, defeated the Tigers in round one on ANZAC Day by 67 points. Round two saw them go down to Launceston by 30 points. They had the bye in round three but returned a week later to notch their second win of the season when they defeated Lauderdale by 155 points.

Gennaveve Sullivan won the ANZAC Day medal in round one, and Sarah Skinner, Nietta Lynch, Macklyn Sutcliffe and Elise Barwick all continue to dominate play each week.

North Launceston shocked in their debut match in round two after they kept Lauderdale scoreless and finished with a score of 111 points. Round three saw them come up against their first experienced side, Clarence, but went down by 41 points. Round four saw them defeat the Tigers by 61 points.

Jodie Clifford, Sophie Townsend and Maggie Cuthbertson have been standouts for North Launceston.

Despite the Northern Bombers being new to the competition, they have shown in every match to date that they have what it takes to compete with the best sides in the competition.

A meeting with the reigning premiers looms as a great way to see exactly where this North Launceston team is at early in the season.




B: N. Daniels, T. Corrie, S. Davis

HB: H. Cowen, , J. Williams

C: H.  Barwick, S.  Skinner, K.  Stanford

HF: H. Ryan, N. Lynch, M. Sutcliffe

F: M. Shaw, J. Tate Turvey,

R: G. Sullivan, B. Barwick, E. Barwick

Int: G. Allan, G. Bailey , A. Cowen, M. Jacobs

Emg: E. Edwards, E. Siely


North Launceston

B: M. Carins , C. Hooper,

HB: E. Mckenzie, R. Wilson, G. Nicolson

C: A.  Anderson, M.  Cuthbertson, C.  Farrow

HF: J. Maynard-Jones, E. McKinnell, T. Whitney

F: T. Woolley, B. Farrell,

R: S. Townsend, J. Clifford, L. Hancock

Int: S. Farrow, H. Grima, B. Hinkley, D. Walters

Emg: E. Jones

In: R. Wilson, B. Farrell, B. Hinkley, M. Carins , D. Walters

Out: S. Radford, M. Cornish, J. Brain , L. Sulzberger


Clarence v. Lauderdale (Lauderdale Oval) – 12:30pm

Form Guide (most recent first): Clarence – L W W B | Lauderdale – L L L B

Clarence play Lauderdale at Lauderdale Oval this week. Clarence sit fourth on the ladder after winning two out of three matches.

The ‘Roos won their first two games of the season, defeating the Tigers by 82 points, and then North Launceston by 41 points in round three. Last week they went down to Launceston by 42 points.

Nicole Bresnehan and Bronte Scott have had a major impact on the game through the midfield in recent weeks, while Jessie Williams – despite missing last week’s game – has shown her knack for hitting the scoreboard and will once again be a key figure for Clarence moving forward.

Lauderdale have struggled to score so far in their first TSLW season. The Southern Bombers were kept scoreless in round two against North Launceston and round three against Launceston. Although they went down by 155 points to Glenorchy last week, Olivia Hudson kicked their first goal of the season.

Claire McManus, Katie Teders, Bella Goward and Charlotte Kenny have all done well in past games and are definitely not players to be overlooked as the Bombers continue to acclimatise to the competition.




B: A. Hardner, T. Strong,

HB: D. Elliston, K. Johnson, H. Scott

C: S.  Webberley , N.  Bresnehan, J.  Williams

HF: G. Blackburn, B. McDonald, M. Wise

F: G. Mitchell, N. Pearce,

R: K. Craig, M. Westland, B. Scott

Int: M. Harper, A. Harper, C. MacPherson, S. Reynolds

In: A. Harper, J. Williams, S. Reynolds

Out: M. Smith,  K. Ogier-Glover,  R. Archer



B: C. Edmand, C. Stewart ,

HB: M. Goldsmith, A. Park, C. van Breda

C: C.  Knowles, C.  Kenny, S.  Williams

HF: O. Hudson, B. Goward, B. Malcolm

F: E. Donnelly, E. Johnstone,

R: J. Farrow, K. Teders , C. McManus

Int: E. Aliendi, E. Burrows, C. O’Neill, M. Woolley

Emg: M. Hutt, L. Suris

In: A. Park, E. Johnstone

Out: B. Dickenson