#BUPATSL Tribunal Results – Round 8

There is good news for Launceston tonight, with Casey Brown free to play this weekend after tonight’s Independent Tribunal hearing. 


1.      Casey Brown (Launceston) was referred for rough conduct against Ryan Wiggins (Lauderdale)

The Match Review Panel determined that the bump was intentional, with low impact to the head. Player Brown was offered a base sanction of two matches, reduced to one match with an early guilty plea.

Player Brown rejected the high contact aspect of the incident, as well as the MRP offer and the matter was heard by the Independent Tribunal tonight at 6:00pm.

The Independent Tribunal, considering video evidence and the evidence presented by the officiating umpire, Player Wiggins and Player Brown, concluded that no high contact was made.

As a result the Independent Tribunal determined that the incident, without high contact, did not constitute a reportable offence, meaning Player Brown is free to play this weekend.

VIEW the incident here