Wrest Point TSLW Round 4 Preview

Round four of the Wrest Point Tasmanian State League Women’s competition will see an anticipated match between North Launceston and the Tigers, Lauderdale host 2018 premiers Glenorchy, and a battle between the top two teams, Clarence and Launceston, writes TSL W reporter Olivia Clayton. 


Saturday 18th May

North Launceston v. Tigers (UTAS Stadium) – 1:30pm

Form Guide (most recent first): North Launceston – L W B | Tigers – B L L

The Tigers return from the bye to take on North Launceston at UTAS Stadium in a highly anticipated match.

North Launceston has made a strong TSLW debut to start season 2019. Despite their young squad, they kept Lauderdale scoreless in round one and finished the game with 111-points. In round three they played 2018 Grand Finalists Clarence and went down by 41 points in a competitive display.

Coach, Dean Smith, says the team is taking its debut TSLW campaign one week at a time.

“The girls know that they have to re-set this week ready to take on Kingborough. Every week we meet a team that we’ve never played, so our expectation is to play to the best of [our] ability and see if that’s good enough to take home the chocolates”.

The Tigers season opened with a round one clash against Glenorchy on ANZAC Day in which they went down by 67-points. Round two saw them tackle Clarence, but were defeated by 82-points.

Coach, Brad Willis says his side is fully aware of how dangerous North Launceston can be.

“North Launceston certainly sent shock waves through the competition with their demolition of Lauderdale and anybody watching could not have failed to be impressed with their skills and efficiency up forward.

“I think most football pundits were expecting them to struggle for a few seasons, as most developing sides do, but they have certainly thrown the cat amongst the pigeons.

“They have a host of academy players, but talent aside, their structures and cohesion were really sound for such a young side. They are going to present an enormous challenge for us,” he said.



North Launceston

B: C. Hooper, G. Nicolson ,

HB: J. Brain , H. Grima, E. Mckenzie

C: C.  Farrow, M.  Cuthbertson, S.  Farrow

HF: J. Maynard-Jones, S. Radford, T. Whitney

F: E. Jones, E. McKinnell,

R: S. Townsend, J. Clifford, L. Hancock

Int: A. Anderson, M. Cornish, L. Sulzberger, T. Woolley

Emg: F. Cossins

In: E. Jones, A. Anderson, L. Sulzberger

Out: S. Burrows,  B. Hinkley,  M. Carins


Tigers FC

B: I. Lovell, M. Absolom, O. McKee

HB: E. Brereton, , S. Grimsey

C: T.  Clifford, C.  Brooke, E.  Kirkwood

HF: M. Bones, R. Roberts, L. Ellis

F: P. Flakemore, G. Millar, M. Polley

R: M. Wilkinson, , M. Neal

Int: K. Baker, M. Barr, K. Cornish

In: M. Neal, E. Kirkwood, G. Millar, R. Roberts

Out: J. Wynter, H. Baldwin, O. McGow, P. Odwogo , E. Doyle


Sunday 19th May

Lauderdale v. Glenorchy (Lauderdale Oval) – 12:00pm

Form Guide (most recent first): Lauderdale – L L B | Glenorchy – B LW

Lauderdale will host Glenorchy in round four after the Pies had a week off with the bye.

It was a battle between the two new teams in round two with Lauderdale taking on North Launceston. Lauderdale were defeated by 111-points and kept scoreless in their debut match. In round three they hosted Launceston and went down by 140-points. Although Lauderdale continue to apply lots of pressure and endurance, they have failed to score anything so far this season.

Lauderdale player Sophie Williams says that this week offers another challenge, but that the team is starting to bond together.

“This will be another tough game, but with the way we’re continuing to improve our skills, understand the game and gel stronger as a team; we will definitely give the game a real tough shot.”

Glenorchy have had a mixed start to the season. In round one they defeated the Tigers by 67 points, and in round two they went down to Launceston by 30-points.

Glenorchy coach, Peter Barwick, said in round two the team “started very slow and made some poor decisions, were slack around the contests and had some poor skill execution at times. As the game continued we improved in our pressure around the contest and had a larger percentage of the play but failed to capitalise on the scoreboard.

“We had a number of new young players to the side and at times I thought they showed promising signs. It will be interesting to see if we take some of the learnings away from our Launceston game and make improvements in these areas, so for us it’s about continual improvement and maintaining team structure and rules. If this happens I think we will perform ok,” he said.




B: C. Edmand, C. Stewart ,

HB: B. Malcolm, M. Hutt, C. van Breda

C: C.  Knowles, C.  McManus, S.  Williams

HF: E. Donnelly, M. Goldsmith, C. Kenny

F: E. Aliendi, A. Rance,

R: B. Dickenson, B. Goward, K. Teders

Int: O. Hudson, C. O’Neill, L. Suris, M. Woolley

Emg: E. Burrows, P. Farrow, A. Park



B: S. Davis, T. Corrie,

HB: H. Cowen, N. Daniels, J. Williams

C: G.  Allan, S.  Skinner, H.  Barwick

HF: H. Ryan, N. Lynch, M. Sutcliffe

F: M. Shaw, M. Jacobs ,

R: A. Cowen, B. Barwick, E. Barwick

Int: G. Bailey , E. Edwards, K. Stanford, J. Tate Turvey

Emg: S. Wylie

In: E. Edwards, A. Cowen, G. Bailey

Out: H. Smith, R. Siely, G. Sullivan, J. Webster, S. Griffiths


Clarence v. Launceston (Blundstone Arena) – 12:00pm

Form Guide (most recent first): Clarence – W W B | Launceston – W W B

Last Time They Met: Launceston 5.8 (38) def. Clarence 4.4 (28) – Round 15, 2018 at Blundstone Arena

After round three Clarence sit second on the ladder, with Launceston on top by percentage. Both teams are the only sides to have won all the games that they’ve played, but that will all change this week when they take each other on at Blundstone Arena.

Clarence took on the Tigers in round one defeating them by 82-points in a match that saw AFLW player Jessie Williams kick six goals in her debut TSLW match.

Round three saw the ‘Roos come out on top by 41-points against North Launceston.

Vice-Captain Nicole Bresnehan is looking forward to the challenge of facing Launceston.

“Launceston will be a tough hit out, there is no doubt about that, but I think if we stick to our game plan and structures, then we will contest right around the ground.

“A key thing for us this year will be the development of the 11 new players in the squad. We know we’re not going to get everything right in round four, but we want continual improvement each week from the players”.

Launceston have started strong this season with a shock upset, defeating 2018 premiers Glenorchy by 30-points in round two. Round three saw them keep Lauderdale scoreless and finish with a margin of 140-points.

AFLW player, Daria Bannister, is proving to be a major asset for the team, booting eight goals against Lauderdale. Launceston host quite an experienced side with many of their players continuing their good form the 2018 season.



B: A. Hardner, T. Strong,

HB: R. Archer, K. Johnson, H. Scott

C: N.  Pearce, N.  Bresnehan, S.  Webberley

HF: M. Smith, G. Blackburn, M. Wise

F: G. Mitchell, B. McDonald,

R: D. Elliston, M. Westland, B. Scott

Int: K. Craig, M. Harper, C. MacPherson, K. Ogier-Glover

In: K. Ogier-Glover, C. MacPherson, M. Harper

Out: S. Grey,  J. Williams,  S. Reynolds



B: A. Carey, N. Ristrom,

HB: G. Hill, L. Haines, C. Thuringer

C: J.  Guy, L.  Stevenson, M.  Smith

HF: A. Dickson, M. Sinclair, C. Taylor

F: M. Hillier, B. Rattray,

R: A. Green, D. Bannister, D. Taylor

Int: S. Beeton, C. Haines, B. Thurlow, H. Whyte

Emg: E. Page, M. Radford

In: C. Taylor, C. Haines, C. Thuringer, B. Thurlow

Out: A. Halaby, M. Clark, D. Corcoran