Fast starting Tigers put ‘Roos away

Written by Hamish Spence. 


The Tigers have secured their second win for the season, recording a strong 41-point win over Clarence at the Twin Ovals on Saturday night. 

The Tigers win came from a dominant seven goal first quarter and a good finish in the last, to run away 16.15. (111) to 10.10. (70) victors.

Clarence won the second and third quarters, but couldn’t overcome the lead the Tigers established in the first.


The Tigers burst out of the gates, kicking the first three goals of the game, and then after Clarence registered their first, kicking the next four.

The Tigers, dominant in the middle and their pressure immense, could have been even further in front if they’d taken all of their opportunities in front of goal.

Big man Tyler Carter starred in the first with two goals, including a skilful pluck out of the ruck that he hammered between the big sticks.


Clarence stemmed the flow in the second quarter, but couldn’t put a major dent into the Tiger’s lead. They went in at half-time facing a 27 point deficit, reducing the Tiger’s margin by a goal from quarter time. They faced a tough, but achievable task if they could get things rolling the second half.

Clarence started to click during the third term, getting on top in the middle, with their forward line also starting to look lively with five goals for the term.

The game looked over when the Tigers managed to kick three goals in a row, but Clarence responded by kicking the next four goals to be within 16 points on the eve of three quarter time.

Captain Brady Jones was key to lifting his team, he set the tone in the middle and contributed a goal. Clarence looked to have all the momentum, but Tyler Carter got a free and kicked an important steadier just before the siren.


Two goals from Michael Paul and Luke Graham early in the last brought the margin out to 35 points and sealed the game for the Tigers. A big screamer in the goal square and goal from Blair Rubock was the highlight for the Roos’ in the final term.

The Tigers forward line was potent all night; with Luke Graham (four goals), Tyler Carter (four goals), Michael Paul (three goals) and Jacob Lister (three goals) all impacting the scoreboard in a major way.

Carter was particularly impressive, competing well in the ruck and taking some big contested marks.

Ryan Mathews and Lachlan Clifford were also prevalent in the middle, having a massive influence on the contest from the first bounce.

Clarence’s Captain Brady Jones had a great game and started to dominate in the third. He rallied his team as they started to surge during the third quarter.

Matthew Ling tagged Kieran Lovell and was able to negate his influence on the game. Lovell still gathered a lot of the ball and had moments of ascendency, but Ling affected his ball use and arguably got the better of the match-up.


Tiger’s Coach Trent Baumeler was pleased with the way his team started, after a disappointing performance against Launceston last week.

“We knew what we had to bring it tonight and if we didn’t, we knew we were in a bit of strife,” he said.

“A really good start that flowed into the rest of the game.”

He credited the pressure his forwards brought as the reason for their spread of goals.

“I think it starts with those guys with their pressure. If they can come out and have seven tackles in a quarter inside forward 50, you know the goals will flow from that.

“It was a good spread and I thought they looked really dangerous tonight,” he added.

Baumeler was happy with how his team responded when Clarence managed to kick four goals in a row in the third.

“To be able to wrestle that momentum back when they started to come was really pleasing. Good signs of growth for our group.”


Clarence Coach Jeromey Webberley said his team lifted after quarter time, but missed some opportunities to get back into the game.

“Our second and third quarters, you know we were probably on top in the game. We probably missed a few opportunities throughout the second and third quarter.”

Despite their improved second and third quarters’, he stressed how their disappointing first quarter set up the rest of the game.

“It was great we fought back, but you know our first quarter was insipid really. It just wasn’t good enough,” he said.

“If you don’t bring pressure and you know a will for the contest, then the rest of the game feeds of those two things.”


Webberley said the goal from Tyler Carter at the end of the third quarter probably killed their momentum.

“I thought that sort of killed our momentum going into you know three quarter time.”

“Once they kicked one or two goals in that game, then the floodgates are open.”

Webberley described how disappointed his team were heading into the bye, but he expected them to respond against North Launceston.

“We’ve got to you know let this hurt, it’s going to hurt for two weeks. The mood in the rooms after the Glenorchy game was you know pretty sombre, in there just then, was worse than what it was then.”

“I imagine we will come shouting out against North Launie.”


Tigers: 7.5, 8.10, 12.11, 16.15 (111)

Clarence: 2.2, 4.7, 9.7, 10.10 (70)



Tigers: L. Graham (4), T. Carter (4), J. Lister (3), M. Paul (3), L. Clifford, M. Gardner

Clarence: J. Cox (2), J. Harper (2), J. Smith, J. Webberley, J. Preshaw, B. Jones, Z. Buechner, B. Rubock



Tigers: M. Davies, B. Donnelly, S. Rice, L. Clifford, T. Carter, R. Matthews

Clarence: B. Jones, J. Webberley, M. Ling, J. Bealey, K. Howlett, J. Harper


Up Next:

The Tigers head up to UTAS Stadium to play North Launceston at 6:00pm next Saturday.

Clarence have the bye next week and then host North Launceston at Blundstone Arena at 2:00pm on Saturday the 25th.