Round Seven Teams – Demons receive Garland boost

The teams are in for what promises to be a bumper round seven of Bupa TSL action, with one big name in particular set to provide an almighty boost to his young side. 

After much uncertainty surrounding his immediate playing future with North Hobart, 141-game Melbourne veteran Colin Garland has been confirmed to play for the Demons on Saturday at UTAS Stadium.

Garland is set to provide great assistance structurally, with the young Demons crying out for a big target forward of centre in recent weeks.

Garland has been confirmed by coach Bear Robinson to be fully fit and comes into this Demons outfit alongside a host of others – Joshua Cleaver, Patrick Fisher, Finnian Poke, Samuel Caswell and returning Devil Josh Clifford.

North Hobart’s opponents in the Northern Bombers have made three changes of their own, bringing in the young, talented trio of Jack Lanham, Oliver Sanders and Jaidyn Harris for Ben Elmer, Tom Donnelly and Ben Simpson, with the latter called up for Devils duties this weekend.

The match of the round between Glenorchy and Lauderdale will see the Magpies make four changes, with Sam Hall, Tyler Bowden, Bayley Bester and Trad Duggan all coming into the side for Brayden Webb, Connor Salter Isaac Manson and Jack Stevenson.

The loss of Webb was expected, however interestingly the ‘Pies have named Jaye Bowden and Josh Arnold – two players under serious injury clouds. The presence of this experienced duo on game day will likely be determined by how they get through training on Thursday night.

Returning Magpie, Tim Butterworth, has been named as an emergency, while the inclusions of Trad Duggan and Bayley Bester are both feel-good stories, with Duggan coming in for his first senior game in near-on three years and Bester coming into the side after a delayed pre-season.

Clarence has been dealt a big blow for its clash with the Tigers, losing number one ruck Ryan Bailey (interstate). The ‘Roos will also lose retiring utility Tim Castle but have picked up exciting small forward Tyler Penwright from Devils duties and utility Wade Wall, who will likely assume the number one ruck mantle.

The Tigers have been forced to make one change, with emerging defender Micah Reynolds ruled out through injury. Jakob Lister comes back in after strong Development League performances.




Round 7 – 11/05/2019

2:00PM – UTAS Stadium

North Launceston

B: J. Avent, C. Young, A. Richter-Salter

HB: J. Foon, B. van Buuren, C. Pearton

C: F.  Bennett, B.  Cox-Goodyer, L.  Davies

HF: J. Curran, D. Bannister, S. Egger

F: J. Rushton, B. McCulloch, J. Tepper

R: A. Lee, J. Ponting, T. Whitford

Int: J. Harris, J. Lanham, O. Sanders, K. Wadley

Emg: L. Cocker, T. Foon, K. Hibbs, C. Lowe


In: J. Lanham, O. Sanders, J. Harris

Out: B. Elmer,  T. Donnelly,  B. Simpson

North Hobart

B: K. Mason, B. Walker, F. Poke

HB: C. Kilpatrick, M. Yates, N. McCulloch

C: J.  Clifford, J.  Charlton, O.  Di Venuto

HF: A. Norton, C. Garland, T. Willmott

F: J. Cleaver, B. Midson, B. Tilbury

R: H. Williams, S. Darley, B. Young

Int: S. Caswell, P. Fisher, T. Millhouse, L. Waters

Emg: J. Barwick, W. Cole, A. Keeling, C. Ransom

In: P. Fisher, J. Cleaver, C. Garland, F. Poke, S. Caswell, J. Clifford

Out: A. Moore, N. Butler, T. Reeves, F. Lapham, T. McGinniss, M. Evans



Round 7 – 11/05/2019

2:00PM – KGV Oval


B: J. Arnold, J. Grant, A. Brennan

HB: C. Mcknight, H. Gunther, L. Smith

C: R.  Banks-Smith, S.  Rundle, R.  Mott

HF: J. Bowden, S. Reeves, A. Roberts

F: T. Bowden, A. Grace, C. Daly

R: C. Duffy, B. Kamaric, J. Webb

Int: B. Bester, T. Duggan, J. Geard, S. Hall

Emg: T. Butterworth, I. Manson, G. Millucci, J. Stevenson

In: S. Hall, B. Bester, T. Bowden, T. Duggan

Out: C. Salter,  B. Webb, I. Manson, J. Stevenson


B: W. Francis, E. Trupp, J. Perkins

HB: R. McManus, J. McGuinness, N. Raglione

C: R.  Sutton, P.  Bellchambers, J.  Williams

HF: H. Kerinaiua, J. Gillbee, A. Saunders

F: A. Hill, B. McGuinness, B. Walsh

R: H. Smith, S. Siggins, N. Franklin

Int: S. Burge, M. Elliott, W. Gergel, A. Hevey

Emg: A. Brewster, R. Hill, N. Sneyd, R. Wiggins



Round 7 – 11/05/2019

6:00PM – Twin Ovals

Tigers FC

B: B. Donnelly, B. McCulloch, S. Rice

HB: M. Davies, W. Poland, A. Vincent

C: L.  Griggs, R.  Matthews, B.  Rees

HF: L. Clifford, T. Carter, S. Duigan

F: L. Graham, M. Paul, E. Reardon

R: M. Gardner, A. Bessell, K. Lovell

Int: B. Graham, H. Johnston, J. Lister, L. Watt

Emg: B. Adams, J. Drew, P. Kelly, C. Sawdy

In: J. Lister

Out: M. Reynolds


B: J. Bealey, J. Bailey, A. Butterworth

HB: J. Preshaw, R. Edmondson, J. Webberley

C: K.  Howlett, B.  Jones, O.  Paprotny

HF: J. Cox, J. Harper, O. Preshaw

F: J. Holmes, Z. Buechner, J. Smith

R: W. Wall, C. Riley, M. Ling

Int: G. Chambers, S. Green, T. Penwright, B. Rubock

Emg: H. Burgess, T. Hope, T. Marshall, C. Nield

In: T. Penwright, W. Wall

Out: T. Castle, R. Bailey




Round 7 – 11/05/2019

11:30AM – UTAS Stadium

North Launceston
To be selected from:
J. Lanham, R. Whitney, W. Gibson, O. Sanders, A. Bourne, M. Cossins, A. Potter, T. Praciak, W. Tatnell, J. Kerr, C. Evans, O. Chugg, T. Foon, C. Stuart, A. Jefferies, C. Lowe, T. Eiszele, B. Pearn, L. Cocker, K. Hibbs, J. Harris, W. Hall, D. Headland, G. Tatnell, E. Crossingham, L. Young, J. Mazengarb, W. Edmunds2615145.jpg
North Hobart

To be selected from:
P. Kearney, K. Cobern, W. Splann, J. Appleby, W. Cole, D. White,
S. Becker, F. Keeling, M. Bowerman, H. Allan, J. Caulfield, H. Suhr,
J. Willmott, A. Rogers, L. Payne, J. Barwick, H. Joyce, A. Flack,
J. Barwick, C. Ransom, C. Leek, M. Webb, M. Bidgood, A. Keeling,
H. Barron, W. Mazengarb


Round 7 – 11/05/2019

11:30AM – KGV Oval


To be selected from:
W. Atkin, B. Tucker, D. Brown, K. Richards, J. Deegan, P. Vout,
B. Williams, B. Rowbottom, B. Carr, T. Butterworth, J. Stevenson, B. Patterson,
J. Millhouse, J. Whitford, Z. Webster, S. Deverell, R. Dilger, J. Roberts,
R. Oakley, C. Salter, G. Millucci, I. Manson2408669.jpg

To be selected from:
B. Keiselis, L. Gallagher, B. Steinbauer, T. McKnight, S. Jackson, J. Broom,
L. Wright, C. Brown, L. Arnold, F. Rackett, C. Carr, D. Bransden,
D. Searle, C. Sutcliffe, R. Wiggins, R. Hill, E. Whish-Wilson, P. Hudson,
J. DiIenno, S. Foster, N. Sneyd, T. Ratcliffe, L. Meagher, C. Laoumtzis,
A. Brewster


Round 7 – 11/05/2019

3:30PM – Twin Ovals

Tigers FC

To be selected from:
C. Sawdy, J. Banks – Balding, D. Willoughby, P. Reihana, T. Cornish, A. Webster,
J. Drew, L. Edwards, M. Lister, M. Collidge, J. Gadomski, J. Manix,
P. Kelly, N. Vincent, E. Burrows-Cheng, M. Howell, M. Bigwood, J. Huizing,
W. Dean, B. Adams, J. Keogh, L. Griggs2408663.jpg

To be selected from:
A. Jackman, R. Wright, A. Continenza, D. Howlett, J. Tremayne, R. Stocks,
K. Saward, J. Tilley, J. Ede, W. Wall, J. Gridley, J. Nus,
B. Hayden, J. Young, T. Burgess, H. Burgess, D. Pulford, C. Nield,
T. Marshall, N. Holmes, B. Lewis, J. Jordan, L. Borsboom, K. Wylie,
T. Hope, J. Roberts, J. Young, S. Storic