Round Six Teams – Bart’s back for Bombers, Castle’s farewell

The teams are in for a bumper round six of Bupa Tasmanian State League action, with a star forward returning for the reigning premiers and a Clarence stalwart set for his final game. 

North Launceston has been bolstered for its showdown with Glenorchy this Saturday by the return of key forward Bart McCulloch.

McCulloch, a veteran goalkicker for the Northern Bombers, will boost the Bombers’ potency inside forward 50 against the undefeated Magpies, who have named young gun Jack Stevenson and debutant Isaac Manson for Tim Butterowrth (suspended) and Riley Oakley.

Clarence stalwart Tim Castle will play his final game in the red and white against North Hobart, with Castle’s storied 10-year career coming to a close.

A premiership player and rock of the ‘Roos defence for many years, Castle returns to the senior side for one last game alongside experienced duo Matt Ling and Keren Howlett. Returning Devil Sam Green and injured utility Chris Nield have both been named as emergencies, while North Hobart has welcomed back Devil Tyler McGinniss, with the young tall set to provide the Demons with greater stability forward of centre.

Launceston has made the one change, bringing back Simon Vandervelde after he was a late withdrawal in round five, with his replacement Jack Colgrave making way. Skipper Jay Blackberry has again been named as an emergency after making his long-anticipated return to the Development League last week. The Blues’ opponents, Tigers, have also made one change with promising duel athlete Alex Vincent coming in for Patrick Kelly.





Round 6 – 04/05/2019

2:00PM – Blundstone Arena


B: J. Bealey, J. Bailey, T. Castle

HB: A. Butterworth, R. Edmondson, J. Holmes

C: K.  Howlett, B.  Jones, O.  Paprotny

HF: E. Jackson, J. Harper, O. Preshaw

F: J. Smith, J. Cox, J. Webberley

R: R. Bailey, Z. Buechner, C. Riley

Int: G. Chambers, M. Ling, J. Preshaw, B. Rubock

Emg: H. Burgess, S. Green, T. Hope, C. Nield

In: T. Castle, M. Ling, K. Howlett

Out: J. Ede, T. Hope, H. Burgess

North Hobart

B: A. Moore, B. Walker, M. Yates

HB: C. Kilpatrick, H. Williams, K. Mason

C: M.  Evans, N.  McCulloch, T.  Millhouse

HF: A. Norton, T. McGinniss, T. Reeves

F: O. Di Venuto, B. Midson, B. Young

R: N. Butler, S. Darley, J. Charlton

Int: H. Barron, F. Lapham, B. Tilbury, T. Willmott

Emg: J. Caulfield, P. Fisher, A. Keeling, L. Waters



Round 6 – 04/05/2019

2:00PM – Windsor Park


B: J. Tuthill, S. Vandervelde, R. Tyrrell

HB: C. Brown, E. Conway, J. Smith

C: M.  Hodge, B.  Taylor, B.  Killalea

HF: T. Bristow, A. Wright, J. Harper

F: J. Gillow, M. Thorp, G. Holt

R: H. Leedham, J. Donnellan, B. Palfreyman

Int: J. Boyd, T. Lucas, T. Miller, F. Seymour

Emg: J. Blackberry, J. Colgrave, H. Griffiths, J. Hinds

In: S. Vandervelde

Out: J. Colgrave

Tigers FC

B: B. McCulloch, W. Poland, B. Rees

HB: M. Davies, M. Reynolds, S. Rice

C: L.  Clifford, R.  Matthews, B.  Donnelly

HF: S. Duigan, H. Johnston, L. Watt

F: L. Graham, M. Paul, E. Reardon

R: M. Gardner, K. Lovell, L. Griggs

Int: A. Bessell, T. Carter, B. Graham, A. Vincent

Emg: B. Adams, P. Kelly, J. Lister, C. Sawdy

In: A. Vincent

Out: P. Kelly



Round 6 – 04/05/2019

5:30PM – UTAS Stadium

North Launceston

B: J. Avent, C. Young, A. Richter-Salter

HB: J. Foon, T. Donnelly, B. van Buuren

C: F.  Bennett, B.  Cox-Goodyer, L.  Davies

HF: J. Curran, B. Elmer, B. Simpson

F: D. Bannister, B. McCulloch, J. Tepper

R: A. Lee, J. Ponting, T. Whitford

Int: S. Egger, C. Pearton, J. Rushton, K. Wadley

Emg: L. Cocker, J. Harris, C. Lowe, X. Todman

In: B. McCulloch

Out: C. Lowe


B: J. Arnold, C. Salter, C. Mcknight

HB: A. Brennan, H. Gunther, L. Smith

C: R.  Banks-Smith, B.  Webb, R.  Mott

HF: J. Bowden, J. Grant, A. Grace

F: C. Daly, S. Reeves, A. Roberts

R: C. Duffy, B. Kamaric, J. Webb

Int: J. Geard, I. Manson, S. Rundle, J. Stevenson

Emg: J. Deegan, G. Millucci, R. Oakley, J. Millhouse

In: J. Stevenson, I. Manson

Out: T. Butterworth, R. Oakley




Round 6 – 04/05/2019

11:30AM – Blundstone Arena


To be selected from:

T. Bailey, L. Borsboom, H. Burgess, A. Continenza, J. Ede, D. Gardner,

S. Green, J. Gridley, B. Hayden, N. Holmes, T. Hope, D. Howlett,

T. Hugo, A. Jackman, J. Jordan, T. Marshall, C. Nield, J. Nus,

J. Roberts, K. Saward, R. Stocks, S. Storic, J. Tilley, J. Tremayne,

W. Wall, R. Wright, J. Young

North Hobart

To be selected from:

J. Appleby, J. Barwick, J. Barwick, S. Becker, M. Bidgood, M. Bowerman,

J. Caulfield, J. Cleaver, W. Cole, W. Cooper, P. Fisher, A. Flack,

H. Joyce, A. Keeling, F. Keeling, N. Lee, C. Leek, A. Marathis,

L. Payne, F. Poke, C. Ransom, A. Rogers, H. Suhr, L. Waters,

M. Webb, J. Willmott


Round 6 – 04/05/2019

11:30AM – Windsor Park


To be selected from:

J. Blackberry, J. Bosveld, J. Bott, J. Boyd, S. Bruinewoud, J. Burling,

Z. Camplin, K. Chilcott, T. Clark, J. Colgrave, C. Curtis, A. Davies,

T. Dwyer, W. Elliott, B. Gillow, H. Griffiths, J. Hinds, A. Lisson,

S. Lucas, T. Lucas, J. Marsden, T. McRobert, T. Miller, O. Reid,

C. Riethoff, J. Roberts, B. Templar, T. Upson, L. Walsh, A. Woods

Tigers FC

To be selected from:

B. Adams, J. Banks – Balding, M. Bigwood, E. Burrows-Cheng, M. Collidge, M. Cooke,

T. Cornish, J. Dean, L. Edwards, J. Gadomski, L. Griggs, P. Kelly,

J. Keogh, M. Lister, J. Lister, J. Manix, J. Newton, P. Reihana,

C. Sawdy, L. Sulzberger, N. Vincent, D. Willoughby


Round 6 – 04/05/2019

3:00PM – UTAS Stadium

North Launceston

To be selected from:

W. Birchmore, A. Bourne, O. Chugg, L. Cocker, M. Cossins, T. Eiszele,

C. Evans, T. Foon, W. Gibson, W. Hall, J. Harris, D. Headland,

K. Hibbs, A. Jefferies, J. Lanham, C. Lowe, E. Mansell, J. Mazengarb,

B. Pearn, A. Potter, C. Praciak, H. Rand, O. Sanders, W. Tatnell,

G. Tatnell, X. Todman, R. Whitney, L. Young

To be selected from:

W. Atkin, J. Bearman, B. Bester, T. Bowden, D. Brown, J. Davie,

J. Deegan, S. Deverell, R. Dilger, T. Duggan, S. Hall, J. Millhouse,

G. Millucci, R. Oakley, B. Patterson, K. Richards, J. Roberts, B. Rowbottom,

B. Tucker, P. Vout, Z. Webster, J. West, J. Whitford, B. Williams