TRIBUNAL UPDATE: Lauderdale successfully appeal

Lauderdale FC lodged an appeal application to Bupa Tasmanian State League (TSL) Management (under TSL Rules and Regulations), regarding the TWO match suspension handed to Haydn Smith by the TSL Independent Tribunal, on Tuesday night.

The appeal application was lodged on the grounds that there was ‘an error of law’, as per TSL rule 4.3.

Lauderdale FC’s appeal application referenced inconsistent briefing from TSL management prior to the Tribunal hearing. In considering the club’s appeal application; TSL management met with Lauderdale FC officials this morning and reviewed the process, the hearing and the Club’s appeal application.

Following this meeting, TSL Management referred the club’s application for an appeal to the TSL Appeals board.

In considering the application, the TSL Appeals board upheld the appeal application and reduced the penalty to ONE match.

TSL Management acknowledge the integrity of the competition and that all matters must be adhered to in-line with the competition rules and regulations. TSL Management respects the decision of the Independent appeals board.

Lauderdale player Haydn Smith’s sanction has been reduced through appeal and he is now suspended for ONE match.