#BUPATSL Tribunal Result – Round 3

Lauderdale ruckman Haydn Smith has been handed a two-match suspension after an incident with Tigers player Jakob Lister in round three. 

1.      Haydn Smith (Lauderdale) was referred for an incident against Jakob Lister (Tigers)

This incident was brought to the attention of TSL Management after the completion of the Match Review Panel for Round 3 and as a consequence was heard by the Independent Tribunal at  6pm on Tuesday 16th April.

Player Smith entered a not guilty plea to the charge of rough conduct for this incident in the second quarter of Saturday’s game between Lauderdale and Tigers.

The Independent Tribunal found that vision of the incident and the evidence presented by Player Lister was consistent with high contact being made to the head of Player Lister by Player Smith.

The Independent Tribunal, considering all of the evidence presented, found that the incident was of a low-impact and high, and as Player Smith intended to bump, intentional.

As a result, the Independent Tribunal found Player Smith guilty of rough conduct and handed Player Smith a two-match suspension.


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