#BUPATSL Tribunal Result – Round Two

The Independent Tribunal sat tonight to assess one incident from round one, with Glenorchy ruckman Cameron Duffy free to play this weekend. 


1.      Cameron Duffy (Glenorchy) was reported for striking Cooper Best (North Hobart)

Due to a lack of clear vision, this matter was referred directly to the Independent Tribunal and was heard at 6pm on Tuesday 9th April.

The Independent Tribunal found that the evidence presented by Player Best and the nearest officiating umpire was consistent with a strike.

However, considering the evidence presented, the Independent Tribunal found the action to be of a low-level, with Player Best playing out the game without any treatment.

The Independent Tribunal handed Player Duffy a low-level reprimand after considering the evidence presented, meaning Player Duffy is allowed to play this weekend.

VIEW the incident here