Round Two Teams – ‘Roos blood joeys, star Magpie returns

The teams are in for round two, with key inclusions and fresh faces headlining what’s emerged from the selection table. 

Lauderdale has received a big boost ahead of its clash with rival Launceston, with classy wingman Rhys Sutton and emerging young defender Mitch Anderton both coming in.

Sutton , a late withdrawal last weekend, and Anderton – a member of the Devils Academy who has had a rough run with injuries – add plenty of zip and dare to this side, with Jeremiah Perkins and Ray Hill making way.

Launceston have also made two changes, with Harvey Griffiths (suspended) and Sam Bruinewoud going out for experienced duo Tim Bristow and Ben Killalea.

Bristow has returned to the club as a playing assistant coach in 2019 after a stint in the WAFL, where he moved to after a stellar initial career with the Blues. Named in the centre, Bristow will add plenty of experience to the Blues’ midfield group against the hard-edged brigade at Darren Winter’s disposal.

Clarence, as expected by many, as named a relatively young side for its first match of the year, with familiar names Clint Riley, Ethan Jackson, Blair Rubock and Zac Buechner either returning or debuting for the club, as well as the likes of youngsters Sam Banks, Adrian Butterworth, Tyler Penwright, Jacob Smith and Oliver Preshaw.

A road trip to face the reigning premiers will be a big initiation for this young group, with how these ‘Roos respond set to tell us plenty about what the group is made of.

The Northern Bombers’ arsenal has only been strengthened for this one, with key forward Bart McCulloch and key recruit Jordan Tepper both coming into the team for Devils player Rhyan Mansell and last week’s late inclusion Thomas Foon.

Glenorchy’s heritage game against North Hobart will see the Magpies bring back two key figures in 2018 RACT Insurance Player of the Year Daniel Joseph and Devils over-ager Ryan Banks-Smith.

Joseph was a big out last weekend but as a proud Glenorchy person will be licking his lips at the prospect of representing the Magpies in a Heritage clash.

The Demons have wielded five changes for the Saturday night clash, with veteran Ollie Di Venuto, Michael Bidgood, Josh Clifford, Finn Lapham and Hamish Barron all coming in.

Barron drew the praise of coach Bear Robinson on Thursday, with the Demons boss making mention of Barron’s elite work rate at training and willingness to give himself a chance at playing senior football.




Round 2 – 06/04/2019

2:00PM – Lauderdale Oval


B: M. Anderton, A. Hill, W. Francis

HB: J. McGuinness, E. Trupp, N. Raglione

C: R.  Sutton, S.  Siggins, J.  Williams

HF: H. Kerinaiua, J. Gillbee, A. Saunders

F: S. Burge, M. Elliott, B. Walsh

R: H. Smith, P. Bellchambers, N. Franklin

Int: T. Boscott, A. Hevey, R. McManus, L. Meagher

Emg: R. Hill, C. Laoumtzis, B. McGuinness, J. Perkins

In: R. Sutton, M. Anderton

Out: R. Hill, J. Perkins

B: J. Boyd, S. Vandervelde, J. Tuthill

HB: J. Smith, E. Conway, R. Tyrrell

C: C.  Brown, T.  Bristow, M.  Hodge

HF: J. Gillow, M. Thorp, B. Taylor

F: J. Donnellan, J. Harper, G. Holt

R: H. Leedham, F. Seymour, B. Palfreyman

Int: B. Killalea, T. Lucas, T. Miller, L. Walsh

Emg: S. Bruinewoud, I. Chugg, J. Hinds, J. Talbot

In: T. Bristow, B. Killalea

Out: H. Griffiths, S. Bruinewoud


Round 2 – 06/04/2019

2:00PM – UTAS Stadium


North Launceston

B: J. Foon, T. Donnelly, B. van Buuren

HB: L. Davies, C. Young, A. Richter-Salter

C: J.  Avent, J.  Ponting, B.  Simpson

HF: S. Egger, B. Elmer, J. Rushton

F: C. Lowe, B. McCulloch, J. Tepper

R: A. Lee, T. Whitford, B. Cox-Goodyer

Int: F. Bennett, J. Lanham, K. Wadley, L. Young

Emg: J. Curran, K. Curtis, T. Foon, C. Pearton

In: B.McCulloch, J. Tepper

Out: R. Mansell, T. Foon


B: T. Castle, J. Bailey, J. Holmes

HB: S. Banks, J. Webberley, E. Jackson

C: Z.  Buechner, J.  Cox, O.  Paprotny

HF: G. Chambers, K. Wylie, O. Preshaw

F: C. Nield, J. Smith, B. Rubock

R: R. Bailey, B. Jones, C. Riley

Int: A. Butterworth, J. Harper, T. Penwright, W. Wall

Emg: J. Bealey, K. Howlett, J. Preshaw, J. Tilley


Round 2 – 06/04/2019

6:00PM – KGV Oval


B: J. Arnold, T. Butterworth, A. Brennan

HB: L. Smith, H. Gunther, B. Webb

C: R.  Banks-Smith, R.  Mott, D.  Joseph

HF: C. Daly, J. Grant, A. Grace

F: J. Bowden, S. Reeves, C. French

R: C. Duffy, B. Kamaric, J. Webb

Int: J. Geard, C. Mcknight, A. Roberts, S. Rundle

Emg: G. Millucci, R. Oakley, C. Salter, J. Stevenson

In: D. Joseph, R. Banks-Smith

Out: G. Millucci, C. Salter
North Hobart

B: A. Moore, B. Walker, H. Williams

HB: N. McCulloch, C. Kilpatrick, M. Yates

C: J.  Charlton, B.  Tilbury, O.  Di Venuto

HF: A. Norton, C. Garland, T. Reeves

F: H. Barron, C. Best, J. Barwick

R: O. Angerstein, S. Darley, N. Lee

Int: M. Bidgood, J. Clifford, F. Lapham, C. Ransom

Emg: J. Barwick, S. Becker, W. Cole, H. Ireland

In: M. Bidgood, O. Di Venuto, F. Lapham, H. Barron, J. Clifford

Out: L. Waters, S. Caswell, T. Millhouse, H. Williams, H. Ireland




Round 2 – 06/04/2019

11:30AM – Lauderdale Oval

To be selected from:L. Arnold, D. Bransden, A. Brewster, C. Carr, J. DiIenno, S. Foster,

L. Gallagher, W. Gergel, T. Havea, P. Hudson, B. Keiselis, C. Laoumtzis,

B. McGuinness, T. McKnight, J. Perkins, F. Rackett, T. Ratcliffe, D. Searle,

N. Sneyd, B. Steinbauer, C. Sutcliffe, S. Tilley, L. Wright
To be selected from:

J. Bosveld, J. Bott, S. Bruinewoud, J. Burling, Z. Camplin, K. Chilcott,

I. Chugg, T. Clark, J. Colgrave, C. Curtis, A. Davies, T. Dwyer,

W. Elliott, B. Gillow, J. Hinds, B. Killalea, A. Lisson, T. Lucas,

S. Mayne, T. McRobert, T. Miller, O. Reid, J. Roberts, W. Robinson,

J. Talbot, T. Upson, L. Walsh, A. Woods D. Boyd, S. Sherriff


Round 2 – 06/04/2019

11:30AM – UTAS Stadium


North Launceston
To be selected from:

D. Bannister, O. Chugg, L. Cocker, M. Cossins, E. Crossingham, J. Curran,

K. Curtis, T. Eiszele, C. Evans, T. Foon, C. Haines, W. Haley,

W. Hall, J. Harris, D. Headland, A. Jefferies, J. Kerr, J. Mazengarb,

B. Pearn, C. Pearton, A. Potter, C. Praciak, H. Rand, J. Smith,

W. Tatnell, G. Tatnell, X. Todman, R. Whitney

To be selected from:

J. Bealey, H. Burgess, A. Continenza, R. Cowie, J. Ede, J. Gridley,

N. Holmes, K. Howlett, A. Jackman, J. Jordan, B. Lewis, T. Marshall,

J. Nus, J. Preshaw, D. Pulford, K. Saward, R. Stocks, S. Storic,

N. Thornbury, J. Tilley, J. Tremayne, R. Wright


Round 2 – 06/04/2019

3:30PM – KGV Oval


To be selected from:

W. Atkin, J. Bearman, T. Bowden, D. Brown, J. Deegan, S. Deverell,

T. Duggan, C. Goodsell, S. Hall, I. Manson, J. Millhouse, G. Millucci,

R. Oakley, B. Patterson, K. Richards, J. Roberts, B. Rowbottom, C. Salter,

J. Stevenson, J. Tapp, B. Tucker, P. Vout, J. West, J. Whitford,

B. Williams

North Hobart

To be selected from:

L. Andrews, J. Barwick, S. Becker, M. Bowerman, N. Butler, J. Caulfield,

K. Cobern, W. Cole, M. Evans, P. Fisher, H. Ireland, H. Joyce,

A. Keeling, F. Lapham, A. Marathis, K. Mason, B. Midson, L. Payne,

A. Rogers, H. Suhr, M. Webb, J. Willmott, T. Willmott