TRIBUNAL RESULTS – Bupa TSL Preliminary + Grand Finals

Bupa Tasmanian State League

Preliminary Final + Grand Final

1. Zac Webster (Glenorchy) was reported for striking Jacob Gillbee (Lauderdale) in the TSL Preliminary Final

The Match Review Panel determined the strike to be intentional, with high impact to the head. As per the national guidelines, the Match Review Panel gave strong consideration to the potential to cause injury.

This matter was referred directly to the Independent Tribunal and was heard on Wednesday 19th September at 6:00pm.

Player Webster entered a Guilty plea to the umpire’s initial report – that the contact was intentional with low impact to the body.

The officiating umpire saw that Player Webster had made a swinging motion with his arm to Player Gillbee on his way to the interchange bench, following an earlier incident between the two players.

The emergency umpire, who had a clear front-on view of the incident, stated that Player Webster’s arm made contact with Player Gillbee’s upper chest and that Player Gillbee got back to his feet straight after.

Player Gillbee commented that he took a few steps closer to Player Webster as he made his way to the interchange bench and that Player Webster had struck him in the top of the shoulder.

Player Gillbee thought that contact was of a “low-medium” impact and stated that he “put a bit on” as he went to ground before taking his free kick and remaining on the field.

Player Webster stated that he swung his arm at Player Gillbee on his way to the bench, intending to make contact to the chest and argued that the contact made was of a low impact to the shoulder.

Player Webster did not believe that he had struck Player Gillbee in the chin or jaw.

The Independent Tribunal accepted the evidence of the umpires in the instance that it was intentional with low impact to the body.

This carries a one match sanction, but is raised to two due to Player Webster’s poor record. However, Player Webster’s Guilty Plea takes this back down to one match.


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This sanction comes after Player Webster was also handed a TWO MATCH suspension from another incident in the same match, meaning Player Webster is suspended for THREE MATCHES in total.

2. Beau Sharman (North Launceston) was reported for striking Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale) in the TSL Grand Final

The Match Review Panel determined the strike to be intentional, with medium impact to the head. As per the National Guidelines, the MRP have used their discretion and applied a 25% Grand Final loading due to the intentional nature of the incident.

Player Sharman was offered a base sanction of four matches, which can be reduced to three matches with an early guilty plea.

Player Sharman rejected the offer and the matter was heard by the Independent Tribunal on Wednesday 19th September at 6:45pm.

Player Sharman entered a plea of Guilty to striking, but challenged the MRP’s findings that the incident was of a medium impact and head high.

The officiating umpire, who had a clear and unobstructed view of the incident, stated that he saw Player Sharman, as he got up from the ground after being tackled in play, strike Player Walsh with his hand in an upward motion. The officiating umpire also stated that Player Walsh went to ground and then from the field holding his face.

The emergency umpire stated that he saw that contact was made by Player Sharman on Player Walsh and saw the motion of an upwards strike as Player Sharman got up from the ground, but couldn’t be sure of where the contact was made.

Player Walsh stated that after tackling Player Sharman to the ground he went to move into his starting position for the upcoming stoppage and in the process of moving past Player Sharman, was struck by Player Sharman’s hand with an upwards movement to the chin/throat.

Player Walsh stated that his mouthguard was not firmly lodged in his mouth and that contact had made his teeth clamp together, chipping one of his teeth and that the mouthguard had cut the inside of his upper lip.

Player Walsh also stated that he left the field of play to be checked over for a brief period – as is the club’s medical protocol – before returning to the field of play shortly after. 

Player Sharman argued that as he got back to his feet Player Walsh walked towards him, and that he struck Player Walsh in the chest with his forearm to keep Player Walsh away from him.

The Independent Tribunal, considering evidence presented by all parties, found that the incident was intentional with high contact and low impact.

The base sanction for this is two weeks, which is reduced to one week by virtue of the guilty plea. 

The Tribunal, in its discretion, applied a 100% loading for the act being committed in the Grand Final, bringing the total suspension to two matches. 


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