BUPA TSL TEAMS – Grand Final


The teams are in for the biggest day of them all, Bupa Tasmanian State League Grand Final Day. 

Lauderdale has made three huge changes for the big dance, bringing in tall timber Ben McGuinness and Ryan Wiggins from injury and speedy utility Corey Laoumtzis.

McGuinness and Wiggins will provide great versatility for Darren Winter’s side with their abilities to play in defence and attack, while Laoumtzis, who had been battling an injured ankle, also slots straight back into the side after a consistent 2018 campaign.

There is always heartbreak come selection for Grand Finals, however, and the Southern Bombers have been forced to make some tough decisions with Matt McGuinness, Ray Hill and Josh Williams all making way.

The omission of the youngest McGuinness brother is a big blow, with the talented utility playing some strong football in recent weeks after breaking back into the team.

North Launceston has made just the one change – albeit a massive one – with Tom Couch coming into the side.

Couch was named for the Northern Bombers’ Semi Final against Glenorchy a fortnight ago, but couldn’t take to the field after pulling up sore earlier in the week.

Couch, who hasn’t played a game since round 12, has played five matches since steering North Launceston to the 2017 Premiership as coach.

Young talent Fletcher Bennett is the unlucky player making way after playing 13 matches throughout the season.

Interestingly, Jay Foon, who suffered a serious neck injury in round 17, had been touted for a return and has been named as an emergency, meaning he is still a big chance to return.

Both Clarence and Glenorchy go into the Wrest Point TSLW decider unchanged in a huge boost to both squads.




Grand Final – 15/09/2018

3:00PM – UTAS Stadium

North Launceston

B: T. Donnelly, C. Young, R. Mansell

HB: J. Avent, Z. Burt, T. Thomas

C: J.  Cousens, J.  Ponting, T.  Whitford

HF: J. Pearce, T. Bennett, B. Sharman

F: T. Couch, B. McCulloch, S. Egger

R: A. Lee, B. Cox-Goodyer, M. Walsh

Int: D. Bannister, B. Simpson, M. Tang, K. Wadley

Emg: F. Bennett, J. Foon, J. Mazengarb, L. Young

In: T. Couch

Out: F. Bennett


B: M. Anderton, A. Hill, O. Shaw

HB: J. McGuinness, R. Wiggins, R. McManus

C: A.  Hevey, T.  Boscott, R.  Sutton

HF: N. Baker, J. Gillbee, T. Mosquito

F: H. Kerinaiua, T. Havea, B. Walsh

R: H. Smith, N. Franklin, P. Bellchambers

Int: C. Laoumtzis, B. McGuinness, N. Raglione, E. Stanley

Emg: J. DiIenno, R. Hill, M. McGuinness, J. Williams

In: C. Laoumtzis, R. Wiggins, B. McGuinness

Out: R. Hill, M. McGuinness, J. Williams



Grand Final – 15/09/2018

12:30PM – UTAS Stadium


B: R. Long, K. Johnson

HB: R. Archer, D. Elliston, G. Pennicott

C: T.  Ford, N.  Bresnehan, J.  Minifie

HF: J. Limbrick, S. Pennicott, M. Smith

F: B. Goward, L. Ochayi

R: C. Wells, N. Heggie, H. Scott

Int: S. Hinks, G. Mitchell, N. Pearce, B. Scott

Emg: T. Bortignon, J. Farrow


B: J. Williams, R. Siely

HB: T. Corrie, H. Smith, N. Daniels

C: Z.  Manjerovic, S.  Skinner, G.  Terry

HF: G. Allan, N. Lynch, M. Sutcliffe

F: J. Tate Turvey, S. Eaton

R: G. Sullivan, B. Barwick, E. Barwick

Int: S. Davis, M. Jacobs , H. Ryan, K. Stanford



Grand Final – 15/09/2018

9:45AM – UTAS Stadium


To be selected from:
J. Tuthill, J. Nunn, C. Curtis, C. Downie, M. Blazely, L. Gee, J. Edmunds, M. Dikkenberg, H. Griffiths, J. Bott, J. O’Donnell
J. Boyd, T. Miller, J. Chaplin, S. Bruinewoud, C. Brown, J. Dakin, G. Holt, A. Wright, Z. Oldenhof, J. Donnellan, B. Neil, A. Liberatore, E. Conway, M. Spohn, G. Millucci, A. Dickenson, B. Rubock, J. Gillow​

North Launceston

To be selected from:
X. Todman, R. Whitney, O. Sanders, M. Cossins, A. Potter, J. Callow, J. Kerr, C. Praciak, T. Foon, C. Stuart, C. Haines, A. Jefferies, C. Lowe, L. Jones, J. Harris, B. Ronken, D. Baker, F. Bennett, N. Jackson, K. Lanham, C. Harrison, C. Pearton, L. Young, J. Mazengarb, J. Curran, M. Donnelly, J. Lanham, K. Curtis