TSL Tribunal Results – Finals Week 1

Bupa Tasmanian State League

Finals – Week 1

1.      Toutai Havea (Lauderdale) was referred for an incident involving Jason Bailey (Clarence)

Due to a lack of visual evidence, this matter was referred to the Independent Tribunal, with the case heard at 6:00pm on Tuesday 28th August.

An incident referral was lodged by the emergency umpire in relation to Player Havea stomping on the arm of Player Bailey in the second quarter of the Elimination Final between Clarence and Lauderdale at Blundstone Arena.

Player Havea entered a not guilty plea, arguing that contact made to Player Bailey’s arm was unintentional and incidental as he went to move away from the area. 

Evidence presented by all parties found that Player Bailey and Player Havea had gone to ground after a stoppage, with Player Havea getting to his feet before the contact was made. 

The Independent Tribunal, considering the evidence presented, determined that the contact made was of an unintentional nature, and part of a normal football incident as Player Havea went to move away from Player Bailey.

The Independent Tribunal found Player Havea NOT GUILTY with no case to answer.