Bupa TSL MRP – Finals Week 1

Bupa Tasmanian State League

Finals – Week 1

1.      Dylan Riley (Launceston) was referred for striking Harrison Gunther (Glenorchy)

The Match Review Panel determined the strike to be intentional, with low impact to the body. Player Riley has been offered a base sanction of one match, reduced to a reprimand with an early guilty plea.

Player Riley has accepted a reprimand

VIEW the incident here

2.      Clarence & Lauderdale players were referred for engaging in a melee

No further action is required

3.      Toutai Havea (Lauderdale) was referred for an incident involving Jason Bailey (Clarence)

Due to a lack of visual evidence, this matter has been referred to the Independent Tribunal, with the case to be heard at 6:00pm on Tuesday 28th August.

Wrest Point Tasmanian State League Women’s

Round 18

1.      Maddison Smith (Clarence) was referred for approaching the umpires at half time

The Match Review Panel has offered player Smith a low-level reprimand for using abusive, insulting or obscene language towards or in relation to an umpire.

Player Smith has accepted a low-level reprimand