BUPA TSL Teams – Round 20

Teams are in for the penultimate round of the Bupa Tasmanian State League season, with this weekend’s action poised to shake up the order of the top five. 

First to the Bingley-Linton Cup clash between Clarence and Glenorchy, where the ‘Roos have been dealt a blow, losing Trent Standen and Fraser Turner, as well as Alex Silver. Billy Sharman, Keren Howlett and Daniel Reimers all come in for the hosts, however, as the ‘Roos look to enter the finals in good touch. Jackson O’Brien will spend another week on the sidelines with a tight hamstring.

Glenorchy has made just the one change, bringing Mariner Jack Stevenson in for the injured Matthew Joseph, with Zac Webster still sidelined with injury.

North Hobart welcome back Nathan McCulloch from a long stint on the sidelines, with debutant Oscar Walker, Bailey Walker, Will Burgess and Kyle Williams all coming into the team for the final match of the season – a clash with Lauderdale at North Hobart Oval.

The Bombers are expected to play Bryce Walsh for the first time since round one, where the Bomber skipper sustained a nasty injury that has kept him sidelined since. Interestingly the Bombers have named Walsh as an emergency, alongside draft prospect Matt McGuinness, utility Alex Hill (who has been sidelined since round 15) and Toutai Havea, who is eligible to return from suspension.

The Tigers will look a touch different this weekend, with Mitchell Cooke, Jakob Lister, Matt Coad and William Poland all coming in for a high profile quartet of Lachie Clifford, Lachie Gadomski, Nic Hutchinson and Oliver Burrows-Cheng.

Launceston will be boosted for the trip to the Twin Ovals with Mariners star Jared Dakin coming in.




Round 20 – 11/08/2018

2:00PM – Blundstone Arena


B: T. Castle, J. Bailey, K. Wylie

HB: J. Holmes, R. Edmondson, O. Paprotny

C: G.  Chambers, B.  Jones, J.  Cox

HF: J. Harper, C. Nield, D. Reimers

F: J. Brenner, T. Williamson, A. Dickenson

R: R. Bailey, J. Webberley, F. Seymour

Int: T. Birchall, T. Cunliffe, K. Howlett, B. Sharman

Emg: J. Bealey, A. Gaul, T. Hope, A. Silver

In: D. Reimers, K. Howlett,  B. Sharman

Out: T. Standen,  F. Turner, A. Silver

B: J. Arnold, J. Grant, A. Brennan

HB: D. Joseph, H. Gunther, C. Mcknight

C: R.  Banks-Smith, J.  Webb, R.  Mott

HF: C. Daly, M. Walker, M. Rainbird

F: B. Bester, C. Salter, A. Roberts

R: C. Duffy, J. Bowden, B. Kamaric

Int: W. Atkin, J. Geard, J. Stevenson, B. Webb

Emg: J. Bearman, C. French, I. Manson, H. Parker

In: J. Stevenson

Out: M. Joseph


Round 20 – 11/08/2018

2:00PM – North Hobart Oval

North Hobart

B: W. Burgess, B. Walker, J. Cleaver

HB: T. Millhouse, H. Williams, C. Ransom

C: S.  Caswell, N.  Lee, B.  Norton

HF: A. Norton, C. Kilpatrick, S. Willis

F: N. McCulloch, W. Peppin, O. Walker

R: J. Steele, M. O’Neill, B. Tilbury

Int: J. Barwick, O. Di Venuto, H. Ireland, K. Williams

Emg: J. Barwick, P. Fisher, F. Lapham, P. Walker

In: B. Walker, W. Burgess, O. Walker, N. McCulloch, K. Williams

Out: T. Reeves,  H. Allan,  M. Woods,  H. Williams, A. Moore


B: M. Anderton, N. Lockyer Jnr, O. Shaw

HB: J. McGuinness, R. Wiggins, R. McManus

C: A.  Hevey, N.  Baker, R.  Sutton

HF: H. Kerinaiua, J. Gillbee, T. Mosquito

F: C. Laoumtzis, T. Boscott, J. Williams

R: H. Smith, P. Bellchambers, N. Franklin

Int: L. Harrison, J. Perkins, N. Raglione, E. Stanley

Emg: T. Havea, A. Hill, M. McGuinness, B. Walsh


Round 20 – 11/08/2018

2:00PM – Twin Ovals

Tigers FC

B: B. McCulloch, M. Reynolds, W. Poland

HB: B. Graham, M. Davies, B. Rees

C: E.  Burrows-Cheng, W.  Campbell, S.  Rice

HF: C. Bryant, M. Carter, M. Coad

F: M. Cooke, L. Graham, L. Watt

R: H. Johnston, S. Duigan, B. Grant

Int: T. Carter, B. Gordon, L. Griggs, J. Lister

Emg: A. Humphrey, J. Keogh, M. Lister, H. Thompson

In: W. Poland, M. Cooke, J. Lister, M. Coad

Out: L. Clifford,  N. Hutchinson,  O. Burrows-Cheng,  L. Gadomski

B: J. Boyce, S. Vandervelde, T. Mundy

HB: R. Kelly-Mansell, J. Harper, R. Tyrrell

C: J.  Hinds, B.  Palfreyman, T.  Sheppard

HF: J. Dakin, M. Thorp, M. Hodge

F: D. Riley, T. Auckland, J. Smith

R: H. Leedham, J. House, S. Rundle

Int: C. Jones, J. Rushton, C. Savage, B. Taylor

Emg: J. Boyd, C. Brown, J. Donnellan, E. Jackson

In:  J. Dakin

Out: E. Jackson




Round 20 – 11/08/2018

11:30AM – Blundstone Arena


To be selected from:

K. Bailey, J. Bealey, C. Berry, T. Cooney, A. Gaul, S. Green,

T. Hanslow, B. Hayden, M. Haydon, T. Hope, K. Howlett, A. Jackman,

B. Latham, B. Lewis, S. Lewis-Johnson, C. Lovell, T. Marshall, A. Morton,

J. Preshaw, D. Reimers, H. Richmond, K. Saward, B. Sharman, A. Silver,

S. Storic, B. Young, J. Young

 To be selected from:

J. Bearman, J. Bearman, S. Berry, N. Blowfield , D. Brown, J. Cooper,

D. Cooper, D. Coppleman, J. Davie, S. Deverell, C. French, B. Kelly,

I. Manson, J. Millhouse, T. Morgan, N. Newman, R. Oakley, B. Patterson,

A. Peach , B. Quinn, B. Rowbottom, J. Whitford


Round 20 – 11/08/2018

11:30AM – North Hobart Oval

North Hobart
To be selected from:

H. Barron, J. Barwick, S. Becker, M. Bowerman, W. Cole, W. Cooper,

L. Curtain, R. Devine, M. Evans, P. Fisher, N. Goss, W. Hodgman,

P. Kearney, A. Keeling, F. Lapham, G. Marshall, L. Paton, J. Richardson,

H. Thomas, P. Walker, B. Walters, J. Willmott, T. Willmott, M. Woods
To be selected from:

C. Best, T. Daff, J. Fisher, M. Ford, W. Gergel, L. Harrison,

R. Hill, J. Hill, R. Hooker, C. Hooker, P. Hudson, B. Keiselis,

R. Kerslake, J. Klok, J. Lewis, M. McGuinness, B. Newell, J. Perkins,

J. Revell, M. Smith, E. Stanley, T. Westbury, J. White


Round 20 – 11/08/2018

11:30AM – Twin Ovals

Tigers FC
To be selected from:

L. Ayliffe, R. Bezzant, M. Bigwood, W. Dean, J. Downie, L. Edwards,

A. Huizing, A. Humphrey, J. Keogh, M. Lister, J. Manix, C. Meades,

J. Pride, P. Reihana, M. Rickards, H. Thompson, J. Wells, M. Wolfert
To be selected from:

M. Blazely, J. Bott, J. Boyd, C. Brown, S. Bruinewoud, J. Chaplin,

C. Curtis, J. Dakin, A. Dickenson, J. Donnellan, C. Downie, J. Edmunds,

J. Gillow, H. Griffiths, G. Holt, E. Jackson, A. Liberatore, T. Miller,

G. Millucci, B. Neil, J. Nunn, Z. Oldenhof, B. Rubock, S. Rundle,

C. Savage, M. Spohn, J. Talbot, B. Taylor, J. Tuthill, A. Wright