TSL MRP Round 16

The Bupa Tasmanian State League Match Review Panel sat to assess several incidents from round 16 of the TSL and Mercury Cup. 

One suspension was handed down in the Mercury Cup, while a low-level reprimand was accepted in the TSL.

Bupa Tasmanian State League

Round 16 

1. Oliver Burrows-Cheng (Tigers) was referred for making careless contact with an umpire

The Match Review Panel determined that player Burrows-Cheng made sufficient effort to avoid making contact with the umpire, as did his North Launceston opponent. No further action is required.

2. Heath Thompson (Tigers) was referred for making contact against Zach Burt (North Launceston)

The Match Review Panel determined the contact to be low-level misconduct. Player Thompson has been offered a low-level reprimand.

Player Thompson has accepted the low-level reprimand.

3. Cameron Duffy (Glenorchy) was reported for making contact to the face of Phillip Bellchambers (Lauderdale)

The Match Review Panel determined that the action does not constitute a reportable offence. No further action is required.

4. Mitchell Rainbird (Glenorchy) was reported for striking Robbie McManus (Lauderdale)

The Match Review Panel were unable make an assessment due to the visual evidence being inconclusive. 

This matter was heard by the TSL Independent Tribunal on Tuesday 17th July at 6:00pm.

Evidence was considered as presented by all parties and the tribunal was not satisfied that a sanction was warranted. 

The Independent Tribunal found Rainbird NOT GUILTY

Mercury Cup

Round 16 

5. Kyle Lanham (North Launceston) was reported for striking Cameron Wooley (Tigers)

The Match Review Panel determined the strike to be intentional, with low impact to the head. Player Lanham has been offered a base sanction of two matches, reduced to one match with an early guilty plea.

Player Lanham has accepted a one match suspension.

6. Tigers & North Launceston players were referred for engaging in a melee

No further action is required